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Linda Hanover, SanDiego, CA   

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About Tata Lane Vintage Clothing and Costume

Two major areas of interest for this shop Vintage Clothing and Entertainment/Costume.
For those of us who treasure vintage clothing in all it's incredible variety and flair, the attractions include great cut, style, fabric, design and fabrication - of a caliber no longer seen much outside of high end designers.But there is also the emotional investment of the people who wore and used these things. The wonderful vintage pieces that come down to us intact have, in some way, been cherished or they would have not survived.
Costuming is my second great and favorite area. Open to both the public and the trade for over 15 years - now just to the trade - Tata Lane costumes a wide range of current events. But the real thrill are vintage costumes, it's too fun.

Hope you enjoy my shop. If you are looking for anything in particular, just let me know and I'll check about.
Thanks, Linda