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About Sweet Repeats

Our Service Pledge
We are known for our great communication skills so if you have any questions we will be very happy to respond through Rubylane messaging service. We will always acknowledge any messages within 24 hours. We will be professional, courteous and we pride ourselves in being among the easiest and friendliest people to work with online & in person.

All our items are guaranteed to be authentic. We never list reproductions! We take pride in our honesty & knowledge of every item we list. All items have been researched & each gemstone and all metal will be thoroughly tested.

Please remember, all items are used/pre-owned and loved. Please expect age appropriate wear. If we find any problems it will always be listed in our item descriptions.

Please be sure to read our "Terms of Sale" & our 'Return Policy' prior to purchasing & please read each individual listing carefully.

Please note we do not respond through private email & due to the nature of what we sell being high-end.. our address is available with Purchase Order only.

As always, we would like to say 'Thank You' to all our customers, domestic & abroad. We look forward to always having a positive working transaction with each & every single one of our customers!
About Us
Welcome to our store SWEET REPEATS~

We have been in the antique business for several years, specializing in vintage & antique high-end jewelry. We are finally retiring and closing our physical store location and we have decided to open an online venue to sell are vast collections and are very Happy to be a part of Rubylane.

Over the years we have learned our passions in collecting fine jewelry and as always they were ever changing. Here we will offer the best of what we have found and gladly offer these amazing things to you. Each of our many items have been hand selected from around the U.S. as well as overseas and abroad & in some of the most obscure places on the map!

We pride ourselves on customer service and loyalty to the people who have crossed our stores' thresh-hold over the years, we hope to have a fabulous opportunity to meet even more new friends here, online.

Please read our 'terms of sale' & 'return policy', they are simply stated so we have an easy & smooth transaction.


*Buyer is aware that vintage and antique items are sold as is. Some of these items are very old and any unusual conditions to items will be noted in listing.

*All gemstone and metal information such as measures, gem & metal gram weights, gem clarity & conditions are approximate and estimated to the best of our ability. Items do not come with appraisals or certifications as it ends up being a bit too cost prohibitive. All items offered are from estates or on consignment for private individuals. Each item will be individually assessed and evaluated by our team & are guaranteed as stated in each listing. Any certification or appraisals will be the responsibility of the buyer/new owner as this is essential for your own insurance purposes. If any of the jewelry we list comes with a 3rd party appraisal or certification..we will be happy to send it along with your item.

*We gladly accept Layaways for most purchases over $250, however, please see individual listing details as some items do not have layaway available. Please remember layaways are a courtesy. Layaway payments are non refundable. When layaway is complete the item is shipped. Please read all listings thoroughly. Lay-away items are not eligible for return or refund. Please read our layaway terms before purchase.

*We accept International orders from Australia/New Zealand & Canada only. Please be prepared to pay any custom fees incurred as it is your responsibility. We do not alter 'package contents', we declare exactly what is shipped. Packages will be shipped via priority Mail International unless otherwise stated... **International shipments are non-refundable and non returnable. If your package is returned by the your country's postal service due to non-pick-up or for not paying customs fees, you are not eligible for a refund as we have completed and upheld our side of the contractual agreement.

*We do not resize/alter and jewelry we list. Any repair work done to a piece (sizing or conversions) upon purchasing cannot be returned.

*We do not ship to unconfirmed addresses or unconfirmed paypal addresses or accounts. We do not ship to any other address other than what your confirmed paypal address states. If you need us to ship to an alternate or "other" address please add this address to your paypal account and make it your "ship to" address. If this is not done, we will have no choice but to ship to the address you have on file with paypal. If your paypal address or account is unconfirmed your payment will be refunded, the transaction will be canceled & item will be relisted.

*We strictly adhere to Rubylane's return policy. We accept returns for ANY reason up to 5 days after documented delivery except for International/Overseas or Outside the U.S. transactions. We believe 5 days domestic, is long enough to assess the item and decide whether it will be kept or returned. We do not accept any returns regardless after 5 days of delivery. No exceptions. We do not accept returns on any altered or re-sized items. No exceptions.

*We accept personal checks. check will be held for a minimum of 10 days to clear our bank.

Please take some time to browse & enjoy, we will always be available to answer any questions you may have.

Please note: we do not answer messages through our private email, if you have any questions or need to correspond during our transaction please use Rubylane messaging, we will answer promptly, all you need to do is ask!

The Staff at Sweet Repeats


GIA Clarity Grades:
• FL/IF Diamonds: Flawless: No inclusions under 10x magnification.
Internally Flawless: No or only insignificant surface blemishes and no inclusions when examined under 10x magnification. Normally, most blemishes can be removed by minor polishing. Very rare, beautiful and expensive diamonds.

• VVS1/VVS2 Diamonds: Very Very Slightly Included: Contain minute inclusions that are extremely difficult for an experienced grader to locate under 10x magnification. VVS diamonds are considered very rare and beautiful.

• VS1/VS2 Diamonds: Very Slightly Included: Contain minor inclusions that range from difficult to somewhat easy to see under 10x magnification. Typical VS inclusions are small crystals, feathers or distinct clouds. In some rare cases, a VS stone can contain an eye–visible inclusion. Excellent quality diamonds.

• SI1/SI2 Diamonds: Slightly Included: Inclusions are easily visible under 10x magnification to an experienced gemologist and may be visible with the unaided eye. A great value.

• I1/I2/I3 Diamonds: Included: Diamonds with significant inclusions. Commercial grades.