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About Sudie Ledford's

I fell in love with fine furniture at my first "real" job at a furniture store in 1974 and in one way or another have been dealing with it ever since. My interest evolved to include antiques and collectibles which I collected through my life. About 10 years ago, I decided to try my hand at selling some of my own collections because there simply was no more room for my own collections to grow.
I began my business renting about 50 square feet in an antique mall in Louisville, KY. The very first month I sold enough to cover rent, commissions, the costs of the goods sold and made a tiny, but ever so rewarding profit. I continued my business in antique malls since my small start. By reinvesting my profits back into the business I up-graded the quality and expanded the size of my inventory. What started as a side business grew into a full time occupation. For the past several years my sales accounted for 10 to 15% of the total mall sales while my space was less than 2% of the mall space. At the end of February 2014, the antique mall I had been prospering in for five years was shuttered so the property could be redeveloped. After a brief stint in a friend's new mall I opened my own shop, Sudie Ledford's, in Louisville, KY. Simultaneously I expanded my potential customers by opening my own shop on Ruby Lane. While selling via the internet is certainly not a new way to do business, it is new to me. I'm finding that the internet customers are no different than the antique mall shopper. They are seeking the same thing I promote - a quality product ready to be used, a reasonable price and prompt and professional service for the buyer Thank you for visiting my shop and I hope you return soon and often!