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I will try to respond to all orders and questions within 24 hours. I stand behind all of my work, and am sure you will be pleased with my products.

About Us

Good news/Bad news. The good news: I now have my work displayed in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to coincide with their new Beijing exhibit, opening October 18, 2014 and running through mid January, 2015. I think my jewelry will be in the main gift store on the first floor. For more information on the show visit: http://vmfa.museum/exhibitions/exhibitions/forbidden-city/

Now the bad news: my anodized aluminum supplier has closed their business and I am having difficulty finding a replacement for many of my parts. I can source some things, but not all, so I hate to say that when some of these items sell out, I will not be able to replace them. A few of things I am sad to say will be gone are the washer line (earrings, bracelet, anklet and necklace) and the spring line (earrings, bracelet, necklace). These are two of my most popular lines so I am very sad to not be able to continue making them. I will continue my quest, but if these are some of the things you were hoping to add to your collection, I wouldn't wait any longer to purchase them.

In addition, Ruby Lane has instituted new rules which require items in the jewelry 'Lane' to be priced at $20 or above. Some of my items do not cost that much. Please take special note at the last sentence of each item description, which many indicate that the price is for TWO items. If you only want one, then email me and I will adjust the price accordingly.

I also have items that do not 'fit' into any 'Lane' on this site, so I will have to post some of my creations on the Etsy website. For instance, I have whimsical wall hangings or Christmas ornaments, and mobiles, that are adorable, but have no place to be posted on this website. They are listed on Etsy under tjmerohr. If you do a seller search for tjmerohr, you will find my items. Please check them out if you like my work.

Check out the following stores that have carried my line in the past:
The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA
The Fuller Craft Museum, located in Brockton, MA
Bright Fun Gifts, Tucson, AZ
Elements For Style, Millburn, NJ

I hope to be adding more stores soon.



Join my group for upcoming show information, special discounts, and one never knows what else I'll post...



I have always had a creative side to my life, even as a youngster. I sculpted the entire Philadelphia Flyers hockey team our of clay, including Kate Smith singing the national anthem. I also dabbled in wreath designing, weaving baskets, sewing quilts, and numerous other short lived crafts. I slowly learned that I was better suited to items with instant gratification - making a king size quilt entirely by hand is tedious and takes way too long (7 months, almost full time)!

Jewelry became my main focus, as I could whip out great pieces in hours, not days or weeks. I started out beading, like most other people, but quickly discovered it was hard to differentiate myself from the masses. I was looking for something different. One day while skimming a crafters journal, I discovered a company selling anodized aluminum. Viola. A new business was born.


(Don't forget the message above - some pieces will not be able to be created once my supply of parts is exhausted. If you are waiting to order something special, please order it now before it is too late...)

Every time I sit down to create new pieces using this medium, I fall in love all over again. The colors are so vibrant and the aluminum is so lightweight that I can put a lot of it together without fear of wearing the piece down. I also love using the different textures and components, and combining them to make unique jewelry and accessories.

A note about colors: as you peruse my jewelry, note all of the different colors that are available. I will do my best to help you with custom creations, but depending on the stock I currently have on hand, that may not be a viable option. I will always email you photos of what I have already created and ready to ship, so that you can choose which one best fits your needs. If you are not in a hurry, I will do my best to create a special piece just for you.

Anodizing is an electro-chemical process that adheres the color to the aluminum. It is a smelly and disgusting job, and since I still have children at home I am very happy to have someone else do the anodizing for me. While the color is permanent (I have had a piece sitting in soapy water for over three years now, and it has not tarnished or changed at all. Yes, you can wear these pieces in the shower...) It will, however, scratch if mistreated. Wipe with a soft cloth to keep your pieces looking their finest and to remove dust or oils.

After applying to a prestigious gallery it was ever so gently suggested to me that I take some metal jewelry classes to 'refine' my skills. Great call! I learned so much in my very first class and now my creative world has just bloomed! I began buying sheets of anodized aluminum and cutting out my own shapes and designs. (Check out my mobiles and wall hangings on Etsy under tjmerohr.) I have also learned the necessity of owning the proper tools, and I think my work has evolved as I have learned new skills. I am thoroughly enjoying my newest creations, and I hope you will as well.


I finally learned how to solder and fell in love with the concept of combining different metals into one piece. I also learned what a great tool the hammer can be, and how many different styles of hammers are out there. (If my husband uses one of mine to bang in a nail he knows he will be in trouble!) By using different hammers you can texturize metals, creating visual interest in the jewelry. I am also learning about patinas and how they can create a different look on metals. Copper, in particular, is a 'live' metal in that it reacts the most to air and the elements. I love the natural look of aged copper, and you will begin to notice a lot of it showing up in my new designs. (I took apart an old bird feeder because I loved the color of the copper.)


The newest technique I am trying to master is enameling. It brings together two of my loves - color and copper. Enamel is a process of sifting fine glass powder onto metal, usually copper, and then heating it with either a torch or in a kiln to melt and fuse the glass to the metal. You can continue to add glass powder or glass fragments onto the metal and reheat the pieces, coming up with some very unusual work. Unfortunately, I have yet to discover how to 'recreate' some of my pendants - they were mistakes that turned out beautifully! I am also beginning to use millefiori glass beads to create mini masterpieces, if I do say so myself. I am really loving my new work, but still having fun working with the aluminum.

So take a journey with me and discover a whole new world of jewelry options open to you and your family and friends. If you have any questions about my work, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you soon. tracy


Haven't had the guts to pierce your ears yet? Most of my earrings can be converted to the clip on style - just let me know that is what you would prefer. Most of my earrings can also be converted to posts instead of the french wires.


Please remember that each piece offered on this website, or Etsy, is hand made by me, so each piece may be slightly different than what is pictured. As always, I will email you a photo of what I intend to send to you before accepting payment or shipping the item.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! Thanks for taking the time to look at my work!


Some customer comments:

"The earrings arrived today....wow, that was quick!! I absolutely love them!! Thanks so very much!! I look forward to purchasing from you again :)" MH - Virginia

"Thanks, Tracy. Cathy got the watch yesterday and she was thrilled!
It was a pleasure to work with you." BP, Texas

"The earrings arrived and they are perfect. Thanks for your kind note that was enclosed. You are so creative. I'm so thrilled with my pieces." SG - Illinois

"I just got home & my present was here waiting for me! GORGEOUS!!! All three are absolutely perfect! The designs and the colors are spectacular! It is a very good Christmas for me indeed! Thanks for all your talent and creativity! I will be wearing them constantly! Have a great and prosperous season, and thanks SO much!" DT -Washington

" You have a gift of putting colors together. I am sure that Sara will love them. She wears the other multi color necklace all the time. "DA-California

"I LOVE LOVE MY NEW EARRINGS THAT YOU CREATED! Thank you soooo much! I am wearing them now. Loved your note and special gift. Thank you again!!!!! It's all been so fun!" AR - Florida

I just wanted to let you know that my wife really loved the jewelry.
Great job!
Paul" New Jersey

"Tracy, I could not be happier! They are so lovely, and fit perfect! I was so excited when I read your note, when I saw them!! Wow!! I love to match & you did it!! You are so talented & very quick! It has been a pleasure to work with such a nice person. I will give out the business cards!! I am sure people will be asking about my new bracelets! Thanks again for all you did to make me one Happy customer. I will be shopping again soon I am sure!" HI - Michigan

"My sister received the bracelet last Monday and only takes it off when she sleeps... in fact, her husband noticed that she puts it on before her wedding ring in the morning. She called to tell me how much she loved it on Tuesday because she said that she was too emotional to call on Monday. In short... I think you did an awesome job on it!" JD - Virginia

"Well I got my anklet today and it's so very pretty!!!!!! I just love it and it fit perfectly! Thanks for all your help and I'll be keeping your website in my favorites so that I can visit again!" TR - Texas

"Received the watch. Absolutely love it. Another one will be on the top of my Christmas list. " PK - Florida

"It came today and I LOVE it!! You did a wonderful job- I couldn't be happier." KH - Virginia

"The bracelet came and it is even better than we hoped." BB - Virginia

"I received the jewelry you made for me (especially for me), today. It is too cool!! I can't wait to wear it and show it off to my friends. I'm sure that they'll want some pieces of their own. My sister, who lives in South Carolina will love it when she sees it! It's so very original! Thanks for bearing with me and creating my wearable art! I especially love the watch! I'm sure I'll be doing more business with you in the future. What a great idea for gifts! " VS - Florida

"Hello Tracy,
I just want to let you know that I got the package today. They are gorgeous!!! The most perfect wedding jewelry EVER!!! Once again, thank you. They look perrrrrrrrrrrfect!
It's been pleasure to work with you." EM - New York

"Today was our anniversary - she loves the bracelet! Thanks!!" jim

"The eye glasses holder arrived in today's mail. Of course I LOVE it! They're wonderful -- thank you so much." Pat

"Tracy, I just got your package. The eye leashes look great! But you outdid yourself on the spring bracelet!! It is beautiful! Thanks so much for all your patience!
I will pass the cards out with joy." CH - Georgia

"The bracelet is beautiful. I love it. It is so light weight I hardly know I have it on! I will be wearing it a lot! Thank you so much!!!!" SW - Wisconsin

"Tracy -
I just got home from work, opened the earrings, and had to email you right away! They are fantastic! The colors are even better "in person" - they are just the right size, and they are so light-weight that I can't even feel them in my ears. More importantly, though, your craftsmanship is beautiful.

I looked again at your web-site, and believe me they are worth every penny (at $20 or $25 - a great value).
Thank you, too, for including some of your business cards, as I work with a few women who will want to take a peek at your web-site!
Joanne" NJ


Also, if you live in the Richmond area and are interested in learning about my beading parties, suitable for ages 4 through adult, please e-mail me for further information. This is perfect for birthday parties, girl scouts, moms night out, or just if you want to learn how to make bracelets, necklaces and earrings for yourself and for gifts. I supply everything, and do my own clean up!

Thanks again for looking at my work.
Tracy Rohr
9136 Sycamore Hill Place
Mechanicsville , VA 23116
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