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Antique Dolls
Armand Marseille Character Doll
Art Fabric Mills Doll Cloth
Black Langs Of Wellington Catholic Missionary Doll
China Head Pet Name Ethel
China Parian Bawo Dotter
Chinese Gesso Over Wood Hand Puppet
Cloth Arnold Print Company Soldier
Cloth Art Fabric Mills Arnold Print Works
Cloth Babyland Rag Usa
Clothing For China, Wax Or Papier Mache
Conta Boehme Fairing Box
Doll Clothing For China Papier Mache Or Wax
Factory Made Baby Chemise
French Bisque
German All Original Man
German Bisque
Goebel Character Doll
Half Doll Bisque Germany
Half Doll Germany Bisque
Half Doll
Happifats All Bisque Miniature
Jenny Lind China Head Doll
Kestner Miniature Dollhouse Bisque Germany
Limbach Bisque Dollhouse Miniature Germany
Limbach German Miniature All Bisque
Miniature German Hygiene Set
Miniature German Soft Lead Baby Buggy
Miniature Shaving Mirror
Parian With Molded Shoulder Plate

Artist Dolls
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By Type
Doll Clothing, Accessories
Antique Doll Hat Pin
Artist Made
Boots Mary Hartline Oil Cloth
Candy Container Tin
Celluloid Pin Back Portrait
China Dolls Tea Set
Cow Boy Boots
Crystal Butter Dish
Dress Bisque Head Dolly Face
Dress For Baby Doll Or Bisque Doll
French Fashion China Head Wax Or Papier Mache
German China Basin And Pitcher
German Doll Size Chamber Pot
German Dresser Set
Japan Tea Set China Vintage
Japanese Bear Motif China Doll Dishes
Miniature Doll Rattle
Miniature German Horse
Miniature Suitcase
Old French Fashion Leather Gloves
Old Store Stock Premier Doll Accessories
Sewing Basket
Small Dress
Soft Metal German Tea Set
Staffordshire Tea Set Plate
Umbrella Oriental Japan Chinese Silk
Victirian Baby Rattle
Victorian Portrait Celluloid Pin
Vintage Baby Bootees
Vintage Bedroom Set Grand Rapids
Vintage Celluloid Doll Rattle Miniature
Vintage Hand Made Bootees
Vintage Metal Safe Box England
Vintage Miniature Stationery
Vintage Old Store Stock Premier
Vintage Paper Cardboard Kitchen Set
Vintage Wicker Hats
Vintage Wicker Hats Japan

Doll Repair
Dollhouse Furniture / Miniatures
Vintage Dolls
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Antique German Half Doll
Antique German Half Doll
$20 USD

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