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Even as a small child I was fascinated with pretty rocks. Then in Junior High we went on a field trip to Cranbrook Museum of Natural History in Michigan. There I saw some of the most beautiful rocks and gems on display. The brick sized piece of Amber with hundreds of ants suspended for millions of years in perfect condition I have not forgotten and that was 60 years ago. When I went into the 'dark room' and experienced the display of rocks, minerals, flowers, insects, butterlies and birds in natural light and then under ultraviolet (fluorescent) light I was hooked.

After High School and one year at Michigan State University I went to work for a jewelry store and started my studies with the Gemological Institute of America becoming the youngest Registered Jeweler of the American Gem Society. After 5 years we moved to Toledo,Ohio to work for the Broer-Freeman Co. which was very fortuitous for my education. I say that because the owner was Carlton G. Broer, Sr. who was one of the founding members of the GIA Diamond Grading Standards Committee. And one of the most revered members of the Gemological Institute. He was very helpful in teaching me and I owe my career to him and his tutelage.

I earned my Graduate Gemologist degree in 1977.

Diamond grading came easy for me since God granted me excellent vision and Colored Gems came even easier because I was so fascinated with their variations.

Frequently a local jeweler or Antique dealer will ask me to identify a gem or grade a diamond for them.

Most fine jewelers have sold a fine Alexandrite of about a carat but I had the privilege of selling a 7.30cts Gem Quality Alexandrite ($150,000)in 2005 and it is now worth $240,000 based on one that I saw recently of same quality. Also rare colors of Sapphire, Demantoid Garnet, Precious Topaz and many other rare gems.

But in the past few years my new passion is older Antique, Estate and Vintage jewelry. While I am not an authority on Antique jewelry I am very well versed in the age of cut diamonds. So many times an Antique dealer will come in with a 'new' find and ask me to evaluate it. Unfortunately we find newer cut diamonds set in old jewelry pretending to be original. This does effect the integrity of the piece and should be noted prior to sale.

I have also done Insurance Replacement work for over 20 Insurance companies.
Plus I am an approved Court and IRS appraiser as well as an appraiser for Insurance purposes. All my items will come with an appraisal for the current replacement cost of that item. Not an inflated value just to make you feel good and I will stand behind all my items authenticity as represented.
Jack Schatzley
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