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Angel, Violin, Bass, Music, Religion
Antique, Japan, Asia, History
Art, Fashion, Mode, Paris, France
Arts And Crafts, Wood,Victorian
Australia, Children's Books
Baby, Child, Piano, Music
Bastin, Mother's Day, Baby, Shower, Daughter
Beer,Advertising, Clydesdale,Men's Fashion,Father's Day
Bird, Hummingbird, Spring, Flower Pot
Bird,Songs, Spring Song Birds
Birds,Bluebirds, Robin,Blue Jay,Cardinal,Parrots
Birds, Bluebirds, Cottage, Christmas
Birds, Eagle, Americana, Ornithology
Birds, Mother, Son, England
Birds, Roosters, Country
Birds,Salt & Pepper
Bluebird, Art,Artist,Paint
Book, Miniature, Collectible, Calendar, Stamps, Doll Accessory, Philatelist
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Book, Bird, Watching, History
Book, Birds, Women's Fashion, Hats, Bonnets, Nature
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Books,Foreign Language
Bronco, Rodeo, Southwest, Western, Cowboy
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Cards,Cigarette, Calling Cards
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Comic, Cartoon, Spanish, Buenos Aires, Political
Cooking,Cook Book,Vegetarian
Denmark, Blue, Christmas, Holiday, Porcelain
Dining, Hostess, Costume
Dog, Scottie
Doll Bottles
Doll House, Deer,Forest,Doe,Fawn
Dolls, Hallmark, Children's Book
Elephant,Wall Pocket,Planter
Enamel Ware,Kitchen,Red & White
England, Castle,Engraving
England, Porcelain, China, Bird, Staffordshire
Europe, Germany, Gnome
Fan,Ostrich,Mardi Gras,Costume
Fashion, Hat, Snood, Purse, Bag, Crochet
Firefighter, Valentine, Fireman, Hero
Germany, Dresden, Porcelain
Germany, History, Hitler, Curious George, Wwii
Greenaway, Artist,Baby,England
Hawaii, Kon Tiki
Heisey,Cut Glass,Salts
Historical,United States,Kennedy,Civil Rights
Holiday, Seasonal
Kitchen, Vanity, Powder Room
Lantern, Lamp, Hurricane
Military, Marines, Port Royal, South Carolina
Mother's Day, Holiday,Birthday
Mother's Day, Holiday, Birthday, Daughter
Music, China
Perfume,Vanity, Yves Rocher
Picture Frame,Window,Decor ,Display
Picture, Cabinet, Village
Plate, Calendar, Zodiac, England
Porcelain, 2000, Calendar
Porcelain, China, Canada
Porch, Veranda, Wicker, Scarf
Postcards, Dog, Scottie, Persian, Cat
Religion. Catholic, Rome, Vatican, Italy, Book, Clergy, Pope
Risque, Naughty, Kitty, France, French
Roses, Miniature,Porcelain, Vase
Salt, Pepper Shakers
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Sewing,Tin Box
Shirley Temple Songs, Movies, Hollywood,Actress
Snoopy, Cartoon, Peanuts, Charlie Brown, Dolls, Toys
Spain, Cervantes, Windmill
Squirrel, Woods, Forest,Park, Garden
Squirrel, England, Artist, Postcard
Tea, Men, Coffee, Hostess
Teddy Bear,Child,Chamber Stick
Tobacco,Advertising, Humidor
Tobacco, Cigarette, Calling Cards
Toy Dish,Tea Pot
Toy, Bank, Cowboy, Movies
Train, Railroad
Valentine, Holiday,Spanish
Vanity Items
Vanity, Doll Accessories, Decor, Flowers
Vanity,Powder Room, Cat, Kittens
Velvet Painting
Victorian, Doll, Costume, Chalkware
Wedding, Bride, Children
Wedding,Bride,Girl, Flower,Porcelain
Wedding, Bride, Southwest, Western
Wind-up Toy
Women's Accessories, Fashion,Italian
Writing Instruments
Yiddish, Jewish, Folklore
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Miniature Fan for Doll  with Birds
Miniature Fan for Doll with Birds
$12 USD
Only 8" Long!  Pretty Doll Apron/Cape
Only 8" Long! Pretty Doll Apron/Cape
$14 USD
Vintage Doll Cape & Hat --Just Fabulous with Cape Clips!
Vintage Doll Cape & Hat --Just Fabulous with Cape Clips!
$24 USD
Pretty Doll Veil for Christening or Bride
Pretty Doll Veil for Christening or Bride
$15 USD
Dolly Shoes and Socks
Dolly Shoes and Socks
$12 USD
Sweet Early Century Purse for Doll with Vanity Section
Sweet Early Century Purse for Doll with Vanity Section
$30 USD
Enchanting Christening / Baptism  Veil for Doll or Infant
Enchanting Christening / Baptism Veil for Doll or Infant
$15 USD
Pretty Doll Bonnet with Net and Ribbon and Fully Lined
Pretty Doll Bonnet with Net and Ribbon and Fully Lined
$20 USD

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