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All our items are genuine antiques and are all in excellent condition.
About Us
Hello and welcome to Robert Bush Antiques. We are a husband and wife team based in London, England and we have been in the English antique trade for more than 30 years. We work hard to find the nicest things and we make sure everything is in excellent condition before we offer it to our customers. Our main speciality is antique silver and collectibles and all silver items carry the English silver hallmark.

A few words of explanation about the British hallmarking system for silver. This system is unique and offers the clearest and easiest way to ascertain every possible detail about an article of silver.

The first mark is a lion, this tells you that the item is of sterling 925 standard. The minimum quality for British silver is 92 1/2% pure silver, and all items hallmarked with the lion must be at least this standard.

The second mark is for the assay office - a leopard's head for London, an anchor for Birmingham etc. There are a number of assay offices all with different marks - an assay office is where the silver item has to be taken by the maker for it to be tested and then stamped with the lion.

The third mark is the date letter and from this you can look up the year that the item was made. In this way you have irrefutable proof of the year of manufacture.

The fourth mark is the maker's mark, usually just initials, but these enable you to look up all sorts of information about the silversmith who made the item, where they worked and for how long.

On Georgian and Victorian silver you sometimes get the sovereign's head mark as an addition to the hallmark, and this makes the piece extra desirable.

Where possible we provide as much information on the maker as we have but if you need any further information on makers or more pictures of the item - in fact if you want to know more about any aspect of our items please don't hesitate to ask, it's no problem.