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About Red Lion Collectibles and Gifts

Our Service Pledge
I want your on-line shopping experience with me to be gratifying! Your time is valuable; I try to respond to all order requests or questions within 24 hours.

I realize you,the customer, rely on the photos of the items for your decision to purchase, so I WILL post photos of the little flaws that so many older items have. Don't be alarmed: I strive to present accurate photos and descriptions of all the items in Red Lion Collectibles and Gifts. There is nothing more frustrating than tapping on a picture only to find it is no larger (and sometimes smaller!) than the Basic Item page. I take pride in the fact that my photos are large and allow you to see everything UP CLOSE, so I encourage you to tap in and see it "Larger than Life"!

If unhappy after receiving your purchase, just let me know for a hassle-free refund! (Please refer to our Terms of Sale for more information) Your satisfaction is paramount!
About Us
Thank You for stopping by Red Lion Collectibles and Gifts!

I got my inspiration by trekking through Salvation Army stores as a toddler and watching my mom find wonderful things for our home with tiny bits of money as her decorating budget. As merchant's children during the Victorian era, my grandmother and my (great) Auntie Mae were taught an appreciation for value, quality, and fine craftsmanship in all kinds of things. This sense of value, quality and knowledge was passed along to me!

"The Good Old Days": Some things are crafted from Materials that are no longer available, with Technologies no longer used. Many items just aren't Crafted as well today as they once were! Sometimes, things are collectible simply because of their Charm & Beauty!

I have a keen eye, discriminating taste, and I pay attention to my "gut instincts". This is my knack. I fervently study everything I like, I love reading reference material. I believe that some things are valuable because they capture the technology of an era; an interesting "time capsule" of sorts.

Let's face it, it' FUN to imagine an era when these items were preferred and popular!

Sometimes we collect things because they will never be preferred again. Sometimes we collect it because it is such a Great Thing that it has been reproduced and imitated, and nothing is more desirable than the Original! Oftentimes, we purchase a Special Find for the Peaceful Feeling one gets while experiencing the sentiment and nostalgia it brings. Perhaps most often, we want a Special Item because we want to USE it and ENJOY it just as it was intended!

If you are interested in finding something, I always have Items which are waiting to be listed. So, I may have something for you! I invite you to share in, and take advantage of my enthusiasm for finding Neat Stuff!

I look forward to earning your trust and building a mutually fulfilling relationship. Happy Collecting!

--- Comments from a few of my Satisfied Customers!!

~~"... arrived safely this afternoon. I love them. Thank you for taking such care in the packing."
M.V.B. Holyoke, MA

~~"Thank you so much for your kindness! I'm looking forward to all my goodies!...Thank you especially for the vintage box! That was sweet of you." & "Thank you for remembering the refund!"
B.F.B. Glen Allen, VA

~~"... it is really lovely..... again thank-you for your patience with the order..."
D.B. Edmonton, Canada

~~"... just as lovely as the picture. Thanks for the great communication and wonderful packing!"
K.S. Ridgefield Park, NJ

~~" Thanks for making this an easy transaction."
D.M. Riverview, FL

~~"I really appreciate you took the time out to send me such nice emails :) --a rarity in today's world", also "...arrived safely and well-packaged. Thanks again for your great customer service!"
S.L. San Francisco, CA

~~"...This has been a very positive shopping experience. Thank you for your care and attention."
E.D. Jericho, NY

~~"...a smooth, fast, problem-free transaction."
B.B. Fayetteville, AR

~~ "It has arrived safe and in mint condition. Thank you very much. Beautiful!" ~~
R.A. Irvine, CA