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Akro Agate
Anchor Hocking
By Function
By Maker
Anchor Hocking Grease Jar
Anchor Hocking Luncheon
Anchor Hocking Pink Pineapple Vase
Anchor Hocking Rain Flower
Anchor Hocking Ruby Red
Anchor Hocking Wexford Pitcher
Anchor Hocking Wexford
Anchor Hocking
Blenko Plum
Blenko Sea Green Crackle Vase
Blenko Teal Pinched Vase
Cambridge Allegro
Cambridge Candelabra Base
Cambridge Caprice Mayonaise Bowl
Cambridge Card Tray
Cambridge Chantilly Goblets
Cambridge Rose Point Relish
Cambridge Stems
Corning Visions Casserole
Corning Visions Dutch Oven
Federal Luncheon Set
Federal Refrigerator
Fenton Basket
Fenton Carnival Amethyst Compote
Fenton Cranberry Swirl
Fenton Milk
Fire King
Fostoria American Sherbets
Fostoria American Tray
Fostoria American Wine
Fostoria Coin
Harvest Grape
Hazel Atlas Cloverleaf
Hazel Atlas Ribbon
Hazel Atlas
Heisey Victorian Goblets
Hobbs Brockunier Dewdrop
Hofbauer Bydes
Imperial Bee Hive
Imperial Candlewick Candle Holders
Imperial Candlewick Candleholders
Imperial Candlewick Cups
Imperial Candlewick Goblets
Imperial Candlewick Salver
Imperial Candlewick Set
Imperial Candlewick Tray
Imperial Candlewick
Imperial Carnival
Imperial Carnival Cracker Jar
Imperial Open Lace
Imperial Purple Slag Owl Container
Indiana Harvest Grape
Indiana Madrid Recollections Teal Bowl
Indiana Recollections Madrid Blue Butter Dish
Indiana Vintage Blue Carnival
Le Smith
Lg Wright
Macbeth Evans
Mount Washington
Mt Washington
New Martinsville
Paden City
Pyrex Refrigerator
Tear Drop
Utility Glass Works
Viking Basket
Westmoreland English Hobnail Rose Bowl
Westmoreland English Hobnail, Milk Tumblers
Westmoreland Lotus Candle Holder
Westmoreland Nut Dish
Wheaton Carnival Presidential Bottles

By Type
Cambridge, Caprice, Torte, Serving
Canary Yellow Drinking Tumblers, Tableware, Barware
Canary Yellow, Goblets, Stems
Candlewick, Imperial, Nappy Bowl
Candlewick, Imperial, Relish
Candy Jar
Caprice Cambridge Cruet
Carnival, Fenton, Green, Leaf Chain, Beaded Berry
Carnival, Fenton, Vintage, Cobalt Blue, Bon Bon Bowl
Carnival, Fenton, Whimsey, Nut Dish, Open Edge
Carnival, Vintage, Blue Indiana Glass
Carnival,Holly Fenton Compote Dish
Celery Vase, Early American Pattern, Hartley, Us Glass
Cherry Blossom, Pink,Jeannette, Depression
Clown, Milk Glass, Circus, Drink Tumbler, Child
Corning,Gemco, Spice Of Life, Salad, Oil, Vinegar Bottles, Sears
Corset Wheel Cut Glass Vase
Crinkle Lido Aquamarine Sherbet, Dessert
Czecho,Reeded, Threaded Pitcher Set
Depression Napkin Holder, Fan Fold
Depression Snack Relish Tray
Duncan Miller, Sylvan Bowl, Candle Holders
Eames Era, Kitchenware, Glass, Sputnik, Retro
Eames, Centerpiece, Fruit, Decorative
Eapg Early American Pattern, Butter Cheese Dish
Eapg Pattern Punch Bowl, Cups, Horseshoe, Us Glass
Eapg, Colorado, Lacy Medallion, Jewel, Souvenir, 1900
Eapg, Dewey, Greentown Mug
Eapg, Early American Pattern, Antique Glass, Bryce Higbee,, Fleur De Lis
Early American Pattern, Higbee, New Era, Yoke Circle
Early American Pattern, Thistle
Federal Amber
Federal Hospitality Snack Set
Federal Rosecrest Snack Set
Fenton Basket, Thumbprint
Fenton Basketweave Custard Satin, Open Edge
Fenton Bell, Glass, Shell Pink, Hand Painted, Signed
Fenton Carnival Basket, Peacock Feathers, Flowers
Fenton Custard Cameo Bell, Hand Painted
Fenton Custard Satin Candy Dish
Fenton Diamond Lace Epergne, Milk Glass
Fenton Epergne, Hobnail Milk Glass
Fenton French Opalescent Hobnail Plate
Fenton Hobnail Milk Glass Banana Fruit Stand
Fenton Hobnail Milk Glass Candle Holder
Fenton Hobnail Milk Glass Spoon Holder, Tableware
Fenton Peach Crest
Fenton Poppy Basket
Fenton Spiral Optic French White Opalescent
Fenton, Carnival Coin Dot Rose Bowl, Marigold
Fenton, Hobnail Basket, Milk Glass
Fenton, Hobnail, Milk Glass
Fenton, Satin Custard Bowl
Fenton, Spanish Lace Bell, Milk Glass
Fenton, Thumbprint Bowl
Fenton, Violets In The Snow, Bell, Hand Painted, Artist Signed
Fenton,Rose, Milk Glass
Fire King, Hocking, French Casseroles
Fire King,Hocking Grease Jar,Kitchenware
Fire King,Hocking, D-handle Mug, New York, Hoosick
Flintstone Mugs,Drink, Mcdonalds Promo Advertising, Movies, Animated, Comic
Fostoria American Cups Saucers
Fostoria Captiva Blue Shell Goblets, Stems
Fostoria Corsage Creamer Sugar
Fostoria Glass, Baroque, Yellow, Console Bowl, Art Deco, Depression, Eames
Fostoria Jamestown Wine Goblet
Fostoria Jamestown, Sherbet Champagne Goblet
Fostoria Relish Dish
Fostoria, Lido Etch Pattern, Baroque, Elegant Bowl
Fostoria, Lido Etch Pattern, Baroque, Elegant Candle Stick Holders
Fostoria, Lido Etch Pattern, Baroque, Elegant Compote
Fostoria, Lido Etch Pattern, Baroque, Elegant, Creamer Sugar
Hazel Atlas Roly Poly Cobalt Cocktail Tumblers, Bar Ware, Barware
Hazel Atlas, Bar Ware, Barware, Cocktail Shaker Set, Coach, Horses
Hazel Atlas,Cobalt Blue, Chevron
Heisey Crystolite Conserv Dish
Hocking, Colonial Punch Set
Hocking, Colonial, Knife Fork, Pink, Shot Whiskey
Imperial Candlewick Crystal, Tableware
Indiana Daisy Button Snack Set, Amber
Kitchenware, Crazy Daisy Glass Tumblers, Drink, Tableware
Kitchenware, Fire King Hocking, White
Kitchenware, Hocking Fire King Ivory Batter Bowl, Mixing
Kitchenware, Mixing Bowl, Federal, Blue Cornflower
Kitchenware, Pyrex, Butterfly Gold, Coffee Mugs, Drink
Kitchenware, Pitcher, Turquoise, Eames Era, Retro, Mid Century
Lg Wright Blue Opalescent Tumbler
Lg Wright, Daisy Cube, Green Glass Compote
Libbey Silver Leaf Brandie Liqueurs, Hostess Set, Barware Bar Ware
Manhattan, Hocking, Depression Candle Holders, Art Deco
Moderntone Platonite, Cone Tumblers Glasses
Northwood White French Opalescent Diamond Point Vase, Eapg, American Pattern
Northwood, Blossom Time, Blossomtime Compote
Northwood, Victorian, Opalescent, Art Glass, Klondyke, Jackson, Fluted Scrolls
Paden City, Vermilion, Tray
Paperweight, Millefiori Murano Canes
Patrician, Spoke, Federal Glass, Plates
Pink Depression Compote
Pink Lace Edge, Open Lace, Hocking, Depression
Pink Manhattan, Depression, Hocking
Pyrex Corning Serving Sauce Pitcher, Gravy Boat
Pyrex Old Orchard Refrigerator
Ripley, Minor Block, Mascotte, Two Panel, Eapg, Early American Pattern, Etched, Cake Basket
Riverside, Jersey, Persian Shawl, Lacy Valence, Early American Compote Dish
Rose Point, Cambridge
Royal Ruby Red, Anchor Hocking Bowl
Rubina Motto Pitcher,Peace Happiness, Etched
Ruby Amberina Basket, Indiana, Sunset Red, Fruit
Ruby Hocking Boopie Goblets
Sharon, Cabbage Rose, Amber, Federal Tumblers
Siesta Ware, Cowboy Western, Southwestern, Mugs
Smurf Character Glass
Smurf Character Hardee's
Smurf Character
Southern Belle, Silhouette, Cocktail Shaker, Ice Bucket, Barware, Bar Ware, Martini, Mixed Drink
Tear Drop Candy,Duncan Miller
Toothpick, Early American Pattern, Swirl Panel, Bryce Higbee
Trophy Console Bowl, Fostoria American
Turquoise, Kitchenware,Mid Century Pitcher
Versailles, Dithridge,Butter Cheese,Opaque, Milk Glass
Viking Epic, Modern Mid-century, Eames Era
Viking Glass, Elephant, Bookend, Eames Era
Westmoreland English Hobnail,Milk Glass
Westmoreland Lacy Doric, Golden Sunset, Lace Edge Bowl
Westmoreland Paneled Grape, Milk Glass Vase
Westmoreland Ring Petal Candle Holders
Westmoreland, Grape, Milk Glass, Tray,Serve
Westmoreland, Paneled Grape Bowl
Westmoreland, Roses, Hand Painted, Milk Vase
Show All Porcelain & Pottery
1930's Fruits, Dinnerware, Ws George, Country Gentlemen
Advertising, Stoneware, Western Stoneware
Art Deco, Mythology, Lustre, Lusterware
Art Porcelain & Pottery
Art Pottery
Birdhouse, Bird House Wall Pocket, Morton
Blue Ridge China, Southern Pottery, Dinnerware, Verna, Hand Painted,Cake Tray
Buffalo Porcelain & Pottery, Souvenir, Niagara Falls
Buffalo, Souvenir, Commemorative, Insurance Company, Advertising, Modern Woodman
By Function
By Maker Or Type
By Maker
By Place Of Origin
By Type
California Ceramic Box, Johannes Brahm, Flower Rose
Ceramics, Freeman Leidy, Porcelain & Pottery, Fruit
China, Haviland Dinnerware
China, Haviland, Forever Spring
Cleminsons, Diaper, Baby,Pink
Coors Rosebud, Rose Bud Cookie Jar
Currier Ives Calendar Plate
Decorative & Figurines
Dinnerware, Royal, Currier Ives, Pie, Serve
Dragonware, Dragon Ware, Teapot, Plates, Cups Saucer, Serving Set, Tableware, Japan
England, Allerton's Blue Willow Serving Bowls, Blue White
Fiesta Kitchen Kraft
Florence Ceramics
Flow Blue, Maastricht, Petros Regout, Commemorative, Political, State Capital, Springfield Illinois
Frankoma Planter,Yellow, F33
Fruits,Dinnerware, Ws George, Serving Bowls
Germany, Souvenir, Commemorative, Notre Dane Church, Religion
Haviland Bavaria Dinnerware, Forever Spring
Haviland China Dinnerware, Forever Spring
Haviland France, Vanity, Hand Painted, Dresser Set, Art Deco, Nouveau
Hostess Ware, Porcelain & Pottery Guild, Calico Fruit Serving Dish, Tableware, Dinnerware
Japanes, Oriental, Geisha, Hand Painted, Jug, Mugs Cups, Set
Japanese Japan, Oriental, Marulon Serving Condiment Set
Japanese, Enameled, Oriental, Lacquered Box
Kitchenware, Spatter Ware Porcelain & Pottery Mixing Bowls, Nesting, Morton, Cookware
Kitchenware,Fruits, Juice Pitcher Tumblers, Ceramic, Japan
Kutani, Japan
Lefton Hand Painted Roses, Compote, Comport Dish
Lefton Renaissance, Cherub, Putti, Angel
Limoges France, Cidar Jug Pitcher
Majolica Jardiniere
Majolica, Beer Stein, Breweriana, Character
Majolica, Germany Plate
Mccoy Pink Vase, 1950's
Mccoy Porcelain & Pottery Garden Frog
Mid Century, Eames Era, Durnan, Wall Plaque Plate
Nemadji Pitcher
Niloak Porcelain & Pottery
Raggedy Ann, Children Dishes, Creamer Sugar,Royal Sealy
Red Wing Porcelain & Pottery Vase 1174
Royal Copley, Gold Fish, Goldfish, Tropical, Eames Era, Mid Century
Royal Haeger, Umbrella Stand
Schafer Vator Hat Pin, Hatpin
Shaving Mug, R&V, Barber, Hand Painted
Shawnee Handle Vase
Stoneware Inkwell
Stoneware, Bean Pot Jar
Tea Leaf,Meakin England, Copper Bowls
Transferware, English, Ironstone, Vase, Jardiniere
Tv Lamp, Gazelle, Light, Eames Era, Mid-century
Usa Vase
Usa, Fern Vase, Porcelain & Pottery
Usa, Urn, Porcelain & Pottery
Vanity, Wedgwood, Wedgewood Green Jasperware, Cherub, Putti, Maiden,Tray, Platter
Watt Nesting Mixing Bowl Set, Bands, Rings, Pink Blue
Wedgwood Jasperware England
Wedgwood, Jasperware, England
Yellow Fern Vase, 1940, Monmouth Western Stoneware Usa
Yellow Ware, Yelloware, Sponge Ware Custards
Yelloware, Yellow Ware Ring Ball Pitcher
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1939 World's Fair
Alabe Crafts
Animation Characters
Apothecary, Medical, Pharmacy Jars
Art Deco
Art Nouveau
Barware, Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Shot Glass,Advertising
Barware,Liquor Decanter, Figural, Distillery Kentucky
Basket, Oak Woven Splint, Handles
Box, Pyrography
Brass Spigot
Candy Container
Cast Iron Sad Iron, Laundry, Pressing
Chicago Road Map, Automobile, 1940's
Clocks, Timepieces
Cookie Jars
Daher Bowl
Decorative Arts
Decorative Wall Plaques
Dog Tax Tag, Knox Illinois, Metal
Flemish Art
Flower Frog
Folk Art
Fraternal Groups
Glass Lamp
Holiday, Seasonal
Incolay,Romantic Poets Series, Decorative, Wall Plaque Plate
Incolay,Romantic Poets Series, Decorative,Wall Plaque Plate
Advertising Stoneware Jar, Illinois
Anchor Hocking
Appliance, Waffle Iron, Manning, Cookware, Cook Ware
Biscuit Cutters,Italy, Bake, Utensil
Bread Box
Cabbage Cutter
Cake Pan, Bake, Cookware, Tin, Angel Food, Bundt, Dessert
Canister, Glass Anchor Hocking, Green Depression Jar
Cook Ware
Currier Ives, Casserole, Royal, Dinnerware
Donut Utensil, Press
Egg Cup, Worchester England, Porcelain,Poach, Cuddle
Flour Sifter
Gingham Red White Drink Juice Pitcher, Carafe
Glass Canister Jar, Sellers, Hoosier, Coffee, Storage
Glass Carrier
Glass Fire King Hocking Grease Jar
Glass Pyrex Yellow Casserole,Cookware, Cook
Glass Refrigerator Federal Dish, Fruits
Glass, Butterfly Gold, Corning Salt Pepper
Glass, Canister Jar, Storage
Glass, Crazy Daisy, Spring Blossem Butter
Glass, Crazy Daisy, Spring Blossom Mugs, Federal
Glass, Federal Refrigerator Dish, Cookware, Oven
Glass, Refrigerator Round Lid, Jeannette
Granite Ware, Enamelware, Colander, Strainer
Granite Ware
Guardian Ware Hostess Salt Pepper Shakers, Cookware
Happy Face
Hoosier Salt
Meat Cleave, Knife, Cutlery
Mixing Bowl
Pink Boonton Melmac Bowls
Pottery, Kitchen Cleanser Sprinkle Figural Bottle
Pottery, Mixing Bowl, Blue
Recipe Library
Red Tulips Flour Sifter
Refrigerator Dish
Sears Roebuck
Southern Belle
Spice Containers
Spice Jar Wall Set
Spice Tin
String Holder
Thermo Serv Insulated Drink Glasses, Tumblers, Gingham, Checked
Visions Corning Skillet, Cook Ware, Cookware, Stove Top
Waffle Iron
Wire Cooking Utensil

Lamps, Lighting
Lock, Brass, Key, Slaymaker
Luggage, Train Case, Travel Joy
Lunch Box Thermos
Magazines, Periodicals
Mid Century,Eames Era, Modern, Cypress Root Wood
Mid Century
Optical, Eames Eye Glasses, Chrome
Paintings, Prints
Paper Cutter
Picture Frame, Photo, Double, Metal, Decorative
Picture Photo Photograph Frame, Antique, Art Nouveau
Salt, Pepper Shakers
Sterioview, Perfecscope, Worlds Fair, Paris France
Tea Pots
Telephone, Phone
Tie Backs
Vanity Items
Victorian Clothes Hanger, Wire, Laundry, Clothing Accessories, Bath, Bedroom
Wall Shelf
Wood Wall Shelf, Gallery, Acanthus, Clock, Decorative
Writing Instruments
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Dazzling Weiss Rhinestone Brooch,Earring Set, Emerald Green, Aurora Borealis
Dazzling Weiss Rhinestone Brooch,Earring Set, Emerald Green, Aurora Borealis
$48 USD
Shimmering Ruby & Aurora Rhinestone Clip Earrings
Shimmering Ruby & Aurora Rhinestone Clip Earrings
$10 USD
Black Glass, 27" Flapper Necklace
Black Glass, 27" Flapper Necklace
$55 USD
Leru Blue Lucite Necklace,Clip Earring Set
Leru Blue Lucite Necklace,Clip Earring Set
$22 USD
Bethlehem Mother of Pearl Brooch
Bethlehem Mother of Pearl Brooch
$15 USD
Black Glass 22 1/2" Flapper Necklace
Black Glass 22 1/2" Flapper Necklace
$55 USD
Lovely 3 1/2" Aurora Borealis Wavy Leaf Brooch
Lovely 3 1/2" Aurora Borealis Wavy Leaf Brooch
$24 USD
Lovely 3" Rhinestone Brooch
Lovely 3" Rhinestone Brooch
$45 USD
Lovely D&E Juliana Rhinestone Brooch, Clip Earring Set
Lovely D&E Juliana Rhinestone Brooch, Clip Earring Set
$48 USD
Pretty Enameled Egyptian Motif Brooch,C Closure
Pretty Enameled Egyptian Motif Brooch,C Closure
$19 USD
Lovely D&E Juliana Rhinestone Brooch
Lovely D&E Juliana Rhinestone Brooch
$56 USD
Sterling Heart Photo Locket
Sterling Heart Photo Locket
$24 USD
Pretty Gold Filled Cameo Necklace,Marked with Box
Pretty Gold Filled Cameo Necklace,Marked with Box
$19 USD
Celluloid Bird on Branch 2 3/4" Brooch
Celluloid Bird on Branch 2 3/4" Brooch
$25 USD
Sterling Football Charm
Sterling Football Charm
$12 USD
Avon Pekingese Dog Brooch with Box
Avon Pekingese Dog Brooch with Box
$15 USD
Fantastic Insect,Mushroom,Flower Cufflinks
Fantastic Insect,Mushroom,Flower Cufflinks
$68 USD
Pretty Japan 3 Strand Necklace,Clip Earrings
Pretty Japan 3 Strand Necklace,Clip Earrings
$20 USD
Mens Barlow Horse Head Tie Clip with Box
Mens Barlow Horse Head Tie Clip with Box
$20 USD
Art Nouveau 3 3/4" Brooch,Blue Stone,C Clasp
Art Nouveau 3 3/4" Brooch,Blue Stone,C Clasp
$45 USD
Amazing Large Crystal Rhinestone Clip Earrings
Amazing Large Crystal Rhinestone Clip Earrings
$25 USD
Lovely Lady Watch Fob
Lovely Lady Watch Fob
$25 USD
Art Christmas Wreath, Rhinestone Brooch
Art Christmas Wreath, Rhinestone Brooch
$12 USD
Tara Necklace & Bracelet Set
Tara Necklace & Bracelet Set
$16 USD
Photo Charm Locket
Photo Charm Locket
$10 USD
Emmons Necklace, Tassel Drop Clip Earrings
Emmons Necklace, Tassel Drop Clip Earrings
$15 USD
Paris France,Les Creations Celluloid Bear Brooch with Tag
Paris France,Les Creations Celluloid Bear Brooch with Tag
$95 USD
North & Judd Compass Belt Buckle, Anchor Mark
North & Judd Compass Belt Buckle, Anchor Mark
$125 USD
Sarah Coventry Circle Pin Brooch, Clip Earrings
Sarah Coventry Circle Pin Brooch, Clip Earrings
$10 USD
Pretty Coro 3 3/4" Flower Brooch, Blue Rhinestones
Pretty Coro 3 3/4" Flower Brooch, Blue Rhinestones
$12 USD
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