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May have to close my shop, please look at my other items and feel free to make an Offer and I will respond!

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Vintage Designer Beauty Lives on Forever!

About Porcelain Rose

Our Service Pledge
We love to purchase items as well as sell items. We are committed to providing a smooth wonderful experience. We will do whatever we can to satisfy our customers. We package our pieces with the care needed to value their worth. We reuse packing products to honor our environment.
About Us
Welcome to our Designer Boutique full of beautiful fine porcelain, handbags, jewelry, designer couture accessories and antiques. We hope as you relax while enjoying our precious items that you imagine yourself visiting a high end designer shop commonly found on a brick boardwalk. We hope you find a piece that fills your home with history and beauty.

We have been collecting fine porcelain and designer items for over fifteen years. We have been offering many of our items for sale on Ruby Lane for over five years. We have an exemplary record from our patrons. Our customers satisfaction is our first concern! We pride ourselves on repeat patrons.

When one of our "Couture Designer" items is purchased you will receive the item packaged as a gift. It will be wrapped in paper and placed within a gift bag. When you open the box you will uncover the special present you have ordered and be delighted with the packaging!

If you choose to purchase a "Precious Porcelain" item it will be packaged with the utmost of safety materials. We take every precaution to ensure your precious items arrive safely.

We hope these pieces bring the same joy and happiness to the people that purchase them as they move from our shop to your home. They are wonderful items of history and offer fantastic investment opportunities.

Please communicate with 2 days of creating a purchase order as to the means of payment. We reserve the right to cancel any order in which there has been no communication as to expected payment.

We value the environment and the world ahead for our children and grandchildren. For this reason, we will reuse packing materials, such as boxes, foam peanuts and bubble wrap. Your lovely porcelain will be packaged expertly and safely. We will always package with the love of the history of each and every piece.

We hope you find a piece you can cherish.