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I do my best to describe the assets and flaws of the items I sell. Look at all pictures and expand them to see details, as they are part of my descriptions, and text me any further questions before you buy if I missed anything important to you. I want you to be happy with your purchase and hopefully come back again. Nancy

About Us

Welcome to Nancy's Dolls and Antiques.
I live in a small rural town in North East Ohio. Growing up I was only able to receive a doll on Christmas and my birthday. In our area there were no doll shops and our stores were limited to Sears and Strouss's where luckily they had a small toy department that included an array of Ginny dolls. I remember going there with my mom occasionally and was in awe of these cute little girls. I got my favorite little girlfriend to collect them too. We would ride our bikes to each others house with our dolls in their case hanging from the handle bars and play for hours. My dad put up a shelf in my room for me to display my treasures. I kept them in beautiful condition not wanting to harm their pretty hair and clothes.
When I grew up I forgot about them and my mom let my little nieces ,who she babysat, play with them and evidently did not monitor their play. So years later mom gave me a shoe box. When I opened it there were 3 little, pitiful dolls, nude, hardly recognizable as my precious Ginnys. They were all that was left of my collection.
As I questioned mom about how she could have let this happen, she reminded me of how when I was a very young child I was warned not to touch her only doll in the closet. But of course, curious as I was, I tried to check her out by myself. I found it to be a Bye Lo Baby from the 1920's. I DROPPED HER !! She broke. So I guess we were even.
Years later I went to a local church antique show and there I found a Bye Lo baby. This was in the 1980's so before the internet. I could not believe my eyes, that I could have ever found such a hard to find early doll and talked the seller, a local doll dealer, into letting me do a layaway so I could afford to buy it for my mom. Mom cried when I gave it to her.
That dealer and I became very good friends and still are today. That friendship started me on my path to buying and selling dolls.
I really enjoy helping other girls and ladies find that special long lost doll that they have been searching for and seeing the joy on their face when they find it in my booth.
At antique shows customers always say my booth is the Happy Booth because it always brings back so many memories.
I do doll and antique shows in Ohio and Michigan and have been selling since 1995.
I have hundreds of dolls of different eras so let me know what I can help you find! Nancy
Nancy Meeker
1325 Housel Craft Rd
Cortland , OH 44410
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