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Doll Clothing, Accessories
Baby Bottle Etc On Card
Blue Velvet Coat
Bonnet With A Peak
Box And Bag Ff Doll
Clothes For China Shoulder Plate Doll
Dress And Bonnet Hand Made
Early Basket Pin Cushion With Roses
Early Bead Workdolls Bag
Early Cotton Dress For Bisque Head Doll
Early Cotton Print Dress
Early Doll Boots
Early Doll Coat
Early Pink Print Dress
Early Shoes With Rosettes
Early Tape Lace Bonnet
Early Woolen Doll Dress
Easter Egg Cats
Fashion Dolls Dress
French Dog Pyjama Case
Green Bonnet Large Doll
Hand Knitted Socks
Hand Painted Button
Hand Stitched Cream Doll Dress
Hand Stitched Doll Dress
Hand Stitched Leather Shoes
Lace And Ribbon Trimmed Doll Dress
Lace Trimmed Pink Dress
Lacey Socks And Garters
Large Fancy Red Socks
Long Pink Doll Socks
Miniature Basket/Hamper
Miniature Box
Miniature Chest For Fashion Doll
Oil Skin Doll Shoes
Old Dress Jacket And Bonnet Cherry Red
Old Silk Lined Doll Bonnets
Pink Dress And Underclothes 36" Doll Size
Pink Silk Embroidered Shoes
Pomeranian Dog For Ff Doll
Red Wollen Coat
Shell Thimble Case Bag
Silk Baby Bonnet
Silk Covered Shoes
Small Brown Fancy Socks
Small Brown Leather Shoes
Small Rabbit
Smocked Top And Matching Bonnet
Soft Brown Leather Baby Shoes
Soft Leather Boots
Tiny Bead Work Bag With Swan
Velvet Child's Muff
White Lace Trimmed Dress F Doll
Wooden Rocking Crib

Doll Houses, Miniatures
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Early small beaded pin cushion
Early small beaded pin cushion
$60 USD

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