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I have always been very interested in edged weapons from around the world and the history relating to them. I have been fortunate to have traveled around the world and spent a good bit of time in Asia and the Middle East and have always wondered at the wide variety and history of these knives and swords, their exceptional workmanship. I find it very exciting to find these treasures and pass them on. I really enjoy the Kris or Keris knives from Southeast Asia and EDO Period Japanese Sword parts and I also find Indo Persian knives and German Solingen knives of great interest. I do hope to offer knives and swords from other areas of the world. Most of the Japanese sword parts are purchased from Japan, but occasionally from US collectors.

My interest in knives and swords has led me to learn to make my own hand made knives. Each knife I make is an individual piece. None are made in a factory setting. Each blade is hand ground by me from one of several types of high carbon steel, heat treated, tested and guard and handle attached. Steels used are D2 and 5160 mostly, but occasionally other high carbon or stainless and tool steels. Then the handle is shaped and finished. Most knives will come with a sheath or scabbard made and finished by me, I prefer to use exceptional wood for handles, but I will also use stone such as jade, Lapis, Agate or other quality stone. I am also setting up to do Silver work to be included on some knives. Each knife has many hours of handwork to complete.

I will also be selling other fine collectables as I find them