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16" Pink Tint Bathing Baby Also Called Frozen Charlie
24" China With Alice Hairstyle
27" Blond Male China With Youthful Expression
All Bisque Made In Germany
All Bisque
Alt, Beck & Gottschalk Male China
Alt, Beck And Gottschalk Character Toddler
Alt, Beck And Gottschalk Tinted Bisque
C. M. Bergmann/ Simon And Halbig Child
Early China With Delicate Features And Unusual Hairstyle
French Type All Bisque With Unusual Slippers
Georgene Averill Bonnie Babe
German Shoulder Head Doll Marked "Special"
Heinrich Handwerck 109
Kammer And Reinhardt 126 Character Baby
Kestner Character Child 143
Kestner Shoulder Head
Life Size Baby Doll
Male Pink Tint China
Miniature French Cl Own With Character Face
Molded Hair Bisque And China Lady Dolls
Molded Hair Bisque With Painted Features
Pair Of Blond China Dolls
Paper Mache
Papier Mache With Unusual Lower Legs
Philadelphia Baby
Schoenau & Hoffmeister Hanna Hawaiian Child
Schoenhut Carved Hair Child
Sfbj 301 Native Lady
Simon & Halbig/ C.M.Bergmann Child
Tiny A B & G German Character Baby
Two German Ethnic Dolls In Elaborate Original Outfits
Unusual German Character Baby

Black Vintage Leather Doll Shoes
Bluette By Nada Christensen
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Doll Clothing, Accessories
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Colorful Felt Native From Brazil
Colorful Felt Native From Brazil
$35 USD
SALE PENDING Pair of Peg Wooden Dolls
SALE PENDING Pair of Peg Wooden Dolls
Sale Pending

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