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We look forward to meeting you and are eager to help you find items on your wish list! We aim to please our customers around the globe and work very hard to give you exceptional service.

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Ich spreche, lese und schreibe deutsch.

Je lis et écris le français.
About Us
Ours is a small second-generation family business, which first grew out of our opportunities to live in Europe and Asia and from our love of their people, their cultures and history and those of other countries we came to know over the years. I am retired from a career in psychology ( college counseling and teaching), with the aim of focusing this part of my life on world travel, beauty and joy.

About Mezzetin Antiques:

In case you wonder, Mezzetin is the French name of one of the characters of the Italian Commedia dell' Arte (Mezzetino in Italian). Our logo is based on the painting titled "Mezzetin" by the 18th century French artist, Watteau. I chose the "bilingual" nature of the name to reflect our love of the Italian Comedy, French antiques and our mix of other international interests. One of the first things we began collecting was a group of porcelain Commedia figures designed by the great Bustelli of Nymphenburg, in what is now southern Germany, not far north of Italy. We have also collected Meissen's large animal figures, inspired by our visit to the Zwinger porcelain museum in Dresden soon after the Berlin Wall came down, with its collection of the huge figures from the porcelain zoo of Augustus the Strong, King of Saxony and founder of the Meissen factory. We have since trekked further afield, to visit museums all over Europe, including small museums specialized in early porcelain and faience. But, we mainly collect... and sell ... French antiques. Eighteenth century French silver, faience and porcelain are particular interests there, though it has become increasingly difficult to find good examples, with most of those now in museums.

I have studied porcelain for over twenty years - first German, then French - with the rare treat of being privately tutored by one of France's leading experts in French ceramics who has cataloged many of the French museums' ceramics collections. My interests grew to include early French silver after a chance encounter with an exhibit at MFA in Boston. I guess you could say that I specialize in the French "arts de la table." But, you will also find here some of the finest German porcelain and the occasional antique French glass & crystal (including opaline and scent bottles), fine European antique boxes and "objets de virtue," plus a bit of gilded bronze and original 18th - 19th century French drawings, paintings and miniature portraitsï¾… and, yes, even some Japanese and Chinese ceramics and antiques, now and then.

"Ever the academic..." I really enjoy doing research for each of our items. I have also enjoyed teaching new collectors who have asked me to expand their knowledge about their treasures. I will treasure those experiences for a long time, and I hope you do too.

A word about authenticity: recognizing that the world experts themselves are often in disagreement regarding the origin of many antiques (particularly early ceramics!), mine is no simple task, and some things simply cannot be identified with complete certainty. I try my best to pin down what I can and to point out what I cannot identify. But, if you think me mistaken about something, please contact me before purchase, so we don't run into a conflict later!

I can't go without mentioning my indebtedness to my wonderful husband, who shares my passions for world travel and art and antiques. Among the latter, painting and sculpture are his first loves, followed by early porcelain. Over the years, he has adopted many of my interests as his own. (Actually, I think he married me to have a live-in tour guide!) He enjoys and gives me full support for this business as the vital head of our technology and shipping "departments." Our customers tell us that he does a wonderful job of packing! We have become very experienced with international shipping and always offer a hearty welcome to our international buyers.

We especially welcome International customers!

Ich spreche, lese und schreibe Deutsch.

Je lis et écris du français.

If language difficulties arise, please try one of the internet translators, such as those at Bing or Free Translation, for translations of our item descriptions, e-mail communications and any other texts on this site.

Travel and foreign languages are in my blood: over the years I have enjoyed using five different languages. So, I especially enjoy my contacts with collectors and dealers on other parts of the globe. My friends of numerous nationalities are scattered all around the globe and we still return to visit them and tour those regions at every opportunity. Our most recent travels included our first trips to Argentina, Korea, Greece and Turkey. A few years ago we made our first trips to China and Taiwan. We have since been back twice to Hong Kong. A month of exploring deep into China a few years ago, followed by a short stay in Japan and a separate trip to Hawaii finally returned me to an Asian island-culture in the Pacific, like one I lived in many years ago. I could not have enjoyed anything more, anywhere else on the planet, than FINALLY being back in Asia! It was like going home again! But then, so was a trip a few years before that, when we were in France, Germany and Austria with family and old friends, which included a French couple who sell faience near Lyon. What a lucky gal I have been of late!

The last language I learned has "stuck" the best, so, my best language is German: I speak, read and write German. I also still read and write French. I am hoping to soon be refreshing my Español with an eye to seeing more of South America during future travels with my husband. (The lucky man was on business in Argentina, Venezuela and Peru, in just this past year!) Given their similarities to my other languages, I can often understand a bit of Nederlandse and Italiana. Sad to say, my Japanese is now extremely limited: I have not had much chance to use it since my teens; and my Chinese is purely touristic. But, I always consider as very special our customers from the Asian countries! They were my first introduction to the world beyond, and I still cherish every minute of those years and my exposure to their ancient cultures.


Under our eBay user name, Mezzetin, I was an eBay Power Seller with excellent feedback 2003 - 2009. Ruby Lane is now our primary venue, so, please bookmark this page and check back here as I list new items! Remember that you can save any searches within my shop to your Ruby Lane Wish List, to receive an automatic e-mail anytime something new arrives that matches your category or key words. To set up e-mail notifications for each search, just do the search within Mezzetin Antiques and click on the Add to Wish List link at the bottom of your search results.

"Collectors are not born... they are taken hostage!"

I thank all of you who have made this venture such terrific fun! And I hope you enjoy the thrill of the hunt with Mezzetin!
Linda Perry
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