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Japanese Antique and Vintage Pottery, Porcelain, Netsuke, Masks, Okimono & Now Jewelry, More!

About The Many Faces of Japan

Our Service Pledge
We promise we will always be honest, and answer questions as soon as we can. We stand behind our products 100%. As such, lease remember that all of our items are used, vintage or antique. As such, there will almost always be some time of age wear to the items we sell. We try our best to identify any major flaws. If you feel or see that I, Sharon have made an error in posting an item or overlooked something, we would really appreciate you letting us know so I can correct any errors, or research further and update as appropriate. We are still learning. And sometimes, will just totally overlook something.
About Us
Japanese Antique and Vintage Porcelain and Pottery, Okimono or statues, Koro and Kogo or incense burners and small lidded containers, Netsuke, Jewelry and more

Announcements and About our Family

How may we help you? Please feel free to contact us with your questions! If you use the "Email Shop" icon found on any page, your message will page Sharon's phone and I will almost always respond right away! We are always open to reasonable offers as our return customers can tell you and when we have not marked down the entire store. Please see the link to Ruby Lane's Site Wide policies that may answer some question, our store policies are under "Terms of Sale" on any item page to the right, as is information about 'Shipping'. If you have problems with shipping or something seems wrong with pricing, please feel free to wait to pay until an item is packed. We just made updates, please see important note below about increases.

We have finally ended the 30% off sale as promised, it was to end Saturday night midnight CST. If you are like me and thought I meant Sunday 1/31 because I said end of the month, we will honor the 30% off prices through midnight Sunday night.
After we ended the sale, because of the following reasons we updated all items with a 20% discount for now:
-Because we have had such a huge response to the sale this week!
-Because many items were close to our cost, although we do not mind sharing
-Because Sharon will need to go one by one to each item to determine most appropriate pricing, and it is going to take about a week, and I will not be able to get to it this week.
- Lastly, we do not want the shipping costs to prevent you from making a purchase. All items are Combinable for shipping discounts. Please see shipping info under 'Terms of Sale' on any item page,

USPS Rate increase: Effective January 17, USPS has increased their rates 10-12%, for the services we most commonly use. Please see the USPS website for more information. While we previously found that using First Class did not save our customers much, we did a mass update to add that now called "Retail Ground" to all items. Not sure yet how it is working along with our combined shipping rates. Keep in mind it cost extra for tracking with Retail Ground, and we require it.

Thank you for your feedback! We Love your emails and would appreciate it if you would take the time to complete the Feedback process which was just recently put into place, it has come to our attention that the Trust Pilot Feedback process is not very clear. How to: Please go to your "My Account" then to the Purchase Order. On the bottom left of the Purchase Order, there is a little red square which says Provide feedback for my order- . This is where you can provide feedback for your experience with us and service, and your items. We really really appreciate you taking the time to do this We removed some of our email notes from this page from the last two years, and have left just this one:

"For over 40 years of I have collected Japanese antiques in New Zealand from local and overseas sources, For the last year The Many Faces of Japan has been and will continue to be my "go to" online store for Japanese collectibles. This store deserves to be internationally renowned for its exceptionally high quality and reasonably priced stock. One may find something of similar quality and price elsewhere but it is only with this family run store that I have totally and invariably experienced over multiple purchase orders, each of several items, such high standards of knowledgeable expertise and advice and truly excellent service. My last order arrived in New Zealand four days after despatch and took about the same time (including a weekend) to clear Customs. The combination of the store's use of USPS linked to NZ Post means that consignments arrive securely at my PO Box. The goods are always more than adequately protected in the packing. When unpacked, one always find the pieces to be exactly as photographed and described. The descriptions reveal a depth of knowledge of their stock by the store. Pieces are always of high quality, usually rare or exceptionally refined to make them stand out from other stores' stock and of reasonable price including freight. In case you haven't got the message, I highly recommend that you make your next purchase of a Japanese collectable item - even better several items".

About our Family

Brent, Sharon and our daughter Adriane Meredith, are 30-year residents of Austin, Texas. We are a family of three lovers of the arts; musicians and artists. For myself- Sharon, I believe that collecting, researching and learning about Japanese art and antiques-filled a long time void after 30 years of focusing on my healthcare career and family. I get goosebumps when I have the opportunity to hear the 200 year and older stories related to some Japanese Arts, so forgive my long stories but part of the reason we opened the store was to share.

We updated this post for the first time since we opened in the summer of 2015, and today one day before the beginning of a new Year. I cannot apologize for the length of this or our posts, that is just the way I am. We have enjoyed reading and learning so much, we just wish to share and pass this on to those of you who wish to learn more. The Idea to open a store started in the fall of 2013, after years of struggling with the job market for both of us. We have taken turns with our careers and building and managing our collection, and servicing our customers.

Now the below being said, Brent worked out of town for almost a year and we are now happy to have him home but his time to help is limited. Still, he does what he can and helps Sharon identify pieces using his background in restoration of old buildings with all type materials. And he loves looking at pieces through the loupe. While we may not have years of experience in antique dealing, we try our best and do put our heart and soul into it. With still, much to learn.

Sharon had the fortunate experience of growing up in Japan as a child and the opportunity to see and learn many very special things about the Japanese culture and arts. My family brought back many beautiful items when we came home in the 70's after being there for ten years. My mother has shared them with us three daughters over the years. Other store items have been collected through auctions, stores, and individuals from all over the world.

We are not experts but do try to understand as much as possible with a lot of help from books and people. Through this new adventure, I have had the fortune to meet people from all over the world who are also passionate about Japanese and other Asian antiques, very knowledgeable, and willing to share their knowledge and information. Of course I always try to collect information from the private sellers and dealers in as much as possible and always pass this all on to you. Please see our 'Favorites' Links from our homepage, for links to great websites.

I encourage you to read and learn more about the pieces you purchase and their related Japanese history. Or, if you just like it because it's cool and pretty, that's totally ok too. We try to give as much information as we possibly can about each item. Whenever we found we were given or interpreted wrong information, we have changed and updated posts. This learning is always an ongoing process about Japanese art.

We are just your average hard working folks, who just happen to love Japanese culture and arts both new and old, and find it all, and the history, so very intriguing. We have learned a lot since we opened, and there are probably many posts that could use some editing, which I am working on. We are fortunate to have people who are willing to help us that do have the expertise in both antiques and the language.

We are proud to have achieved a Platinum store status, as well as a fluctuating yet ongoing top standing in the Ruby Lane ‘Porcelain and Pottery’ Category. All of these categories and stores can be viewed by choosing the last of the three 'Shop, Sell and Relax' drop down boxes at the top of any Ruby Lane page, under ‘Relax’, choose ‘Top 50’, then you will see the choices from there.

Please feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions at all.

Thank you for visiting,
Brent, Sharon. and Adriane
The Meredith Family
Austin, Texas