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(。⌒∇⌒)。4/20 Over the next few days as I can, I will be removing (SOME) items from our current sale that ends today, to the Ruby Lane RED TAG Sale. (50% off)This will bring some items to our cost, and below. Please note if you have an item on a WISH List, and notice that I remove the Free Shipping and the "Make an Offer"; this is why! Thanks so much for your Patronage, The Meredith Family

Please make sure to email me through Ruby Lane, as it will page my phone. I appreciate your help with this as I get many emails in my regular email. You are also welcome to text or call me!

3/24 I am currently in the process of re categorizing about 50% of the items We have antiques listed under "Antiques"; but, most are listed under the main category such as Porcelain and pottery. A work in progress.

(。⌒∇⌒)。 Please subscribe to our shop so you can view and not miss important shop announcements! (Usually about once a month) We may learn more and change Info about items, or change info on items you are not watching. . Also accept offers and layaway requests! (。⌒∇⌒)。

(。⌒∇⌒)。 About our Family (。⌒∇⌒)。
The Meredith's are 30 year residents of Austin, Texas. A group of three lovers of the arts; musicians and artists, including our 20 year old daughter, also a student of music and the arts. For myself- Sharon, I believe that collecting Japanese antiques filled a long time unused artistic void after 30 years of focusing on my healthcare career and family. I have also been told I have a good eye for awesome Japanese pieces of many types, and hope I can pass this on to you.

My husband using his background in restoration of old buildings with all type materials, thoroughly inspects all aspects of each item with a jeweler's loupe and other methods, confirming ages and materials in as much as possible. So, while we do not have years of experience in antique dealing, we are well studied and put our heart and soul into it. With still, much to learn.

I encourage you to read and learn more about the pieces you purchase and related Japanese history. Or, you might just like it because it's cool and pretty! That's totally ok too. We try to give as much information as we possibly can about each item. If you ever find I have said something wrong or have a question about an item, please contact us.

I had the fortunate experience of growing up in Japan as a child and the opportunity to see and learn many very special things about the Japanese culture and arts. My family brought back many beautiful items when we came home in the 70's after being there for ten years. My mother has shared them with three daughters over the years. Other items have been collected through auctions, (including well known people and collections); stores and individuals from all over the world. In addition to the U.S, our antiques and vintage items have come from Japan, the U.K., and Europe, and more.

I research to understand as much as I can about our Japanese items and their background, history and fair market values; through books, Japanese art specialists and other collectors, other stores and auctions, and internet resources including websites and dealers in Japan. Through this new adventure, I have had the fortune to meet people from all over the world who are also passionate about Japanese and other Asian antiques, and very knowledgeable, willing to share the information they have learned. Of Course I always try to collect information from private sellers and dealers as much as possible and pass this on to you, including any stories and history about the items..

Pricing: We will set our prices based at a combination of the fair market value and our actual cost as reasonably as possible. Don't be afraid to reach out and make an offer. I do think you will find our pricing very competitive. If you subscribe to our shop, you will receive all of our announcements, such as the one about our new LAYAWAY plan. And, we would like to be able to continue in this business throughout our retirement.

After much research and thought we chose Ruby Lane as our first shot at sharing some of our collection and opening and on line store. The Idea to open a store started this year after years of struggling with the job market, especially for my husband. Reentry has been an ongoing challenge in the construction business. I have had the good fortune of working at home for almost two years now and this is something we can do together as a family.

Because we have many items not yet posted including our collection of Japanese masks and Ruby Lane legal netsuke, please let us know if you are looking for something in particular. If we do not have it, we can and will, do our best to find it.

We are honest, hard working people just like you, who just happen to love Japanese culture and antiques and find it so very intriguing. (Oh and shopping!) Please feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions at all.

Sharon Meredith
Austin, Texas