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About Us
Malibu Jewelry Art’s new studio is located in the wilderness of west Malibu, exactly where the mountains of the Santa Monica Mountains Reserve meet the crashing waves of the Pacific.

I have been a sculptor and an artist for a lifetime, and a jewelry designer and manufacturer for thirty years. Our jewelry designs have been marketed, with my mother at the helm, since 1968, under the Fantasia Design Label in San Francisco, California. In 2010, we decided to change our emphasis and produce special designer and small limited edition handmade jewelry and accessory pieces under our own Malibu Jewelry Arts, LLC, brand.

I am very fortunate that my beautiful and multi-talented partner, Lucia Marmolejo Mireles, is also my daughter. Born in southern Mexico, she has the soul of an angel and the artistic talent of Chagall. Infinitely patient, her designs and creations reflect her inner truth and the gentle manner with which she approaches life.

I like to think that our designs today reflect the women we have become; diverse women with choices, with intelligence and emotions that we may decide to express---or not. Is your person today in need of humor or confidence, comfort or unbridled joy, healing or shelter? Do you need to close an important deal or negotiate a fragile situation? Perhaps you just need to go to the beach, look great and have fun.

Lucia and I think that jewelry can be relevant and useful in how we interact, on many levels, with the world that surrounds. It definitely has a voice and it is able to comfort and massage the soul. Given as a gift to others, it can express emotions as diverse as love, sorrow, celebration and remembrance.

Our jewelry also allows all of us, as artists and human beings, to interact with diverse and emerging artisan populations worldwide. It is to our enrichment to be able to participate in linking the artistry of talented craftsmen and women to a better economic environment and future. To that end, and to the California Wildlife Foundation and our Kiva Projects For Women, we are pleased to share 10% of all profits. We currently also support ongoing educational programs in Nepal, Bali and Thailand. For more information on how you help us participate in sharing, please see our new website due to preview summer, 2016.

Our work is an ever changing endeavor of beauty and design, but our steadfast commitment to the high quality of workmanship and materials we use in our pieces remains constant. We greatly value our relationships and the enduring client satisfaction our collection offers.

Our new larger studio now sits on the same property as our home, which allows us the joy of constantly having the children and the grand-children joining us with the dogs, cats and other animals of the family never far behind. Deer, bob-cat, red tailed hawk, and two wild tortoises that lumber happily about are not unusual companions here in our somewhat wild, beautiful section of Southern California.

Ours is a blessed and unusual blended family, coming together with love, laughter and purpose. It is from here that our pieces are made with pure intent and gentle emotions.

The working studio of Malibu Jewelry Arts is open to the public twice a year, and by appointment to wholesale buyers and private clients.

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Lucy Marmolejo-Mireles Stephanie Fisher-White
Malibu, California 90265
Malibu, CA 90265
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