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I am a full time worked architect based in London. I love collecting antiques in my spare time, my family is also doing antique business in China and UK. Most items in the shop now are Chinese antique jade carving and Old Shoushan Stone seal carving.
All of these items are careful selected and picked up, they are all in very good condition.
My aim is to make your shopping satisfied and I would like to answer your questions as fast as I can, as I still work as full time now, I will try to respond your enquiry within 48 hours.
More items are coming soon.
Hope you enjoy shopping at Pear Tree Antiques!

If you are interested about the Shoushan Stone and its history and value, please see below.

The King of Stone

The poem “Shoushan” by Huang Gan, a scholar of the Song Dynasty, is the first known poem about the Shoushan Stone. In the first line, he mentions that “the rock suffers from the hatchet and chisel for its beautiful veins”. The Shoushan Stone was excavated, cut and polished by the people who loved its veins. Since at least as early as Song Dynasty, the beautiful and natural veins of Shoushan Stone have been appreciated.
The Shoushan Stone has many varieties. Divided according to origin, the main categories are Tiankeng (Field Stone), Shuikeng (Water Stone) and Shankeng (Mountain Stone). Tiankeng is produced beside the stream or in the wet field. It is the rarest, but also of the best quality. Shuikeng is produced in mountain streams or water holes. Shankeng is produced in the mountains or wild fields. Tiankeng is also called Tianshi. Its texture is warm and moist, and the color turns to light from outside to inside. According to the color of Tiankeng Stone, it can be divided into Tianhuang (yellow), Tianhong (red), Tianbai (white), Tianhei (black) and other varieties. Among them, Tianhaung has the color of loquat, and the quality is tensile and firm. Thus it is given the reputation of “the King of Stone”. When the emperors of Qing Dynasty worshiped gods at the Temple of Heaven, the Tianhaung stone would be laid on the altar, because the name of Tianhuang is very auspicious. It is said that the great seals of the first emperor of Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty emperor Qianlong were made of Shoushan Tianhuang stone.
Source: culturechina