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I guarantee the authenticity of all items in my shop and want my customers to love their purchases as much as I love them.
About Us
I have been selling antique and vintage jewelry since the late '90's at shows throughout the San Francisco Bay Area: the Art Deco Show, the Hillsborough Antique Show, the Vintage Clothing Expo and several others. However, I've been collecting vintage jewelry and clothing for decades, since I was teenager combing vintage clothing stores in New York City (where I grew up).

With a background in architecture and archeology I select items based on their design and the talent of their makers, whether or not they are signed "designer" pieces. I also look for pieces that speak of the era in which they were created. Because of this my merchandise is eclectic and ranges from Georgian through the 1970's. I try to provide pieces at many different price points because good design isn't limited to just expensive items.

I use my background in identifying the age of jewelry: styles, motifs, and historical revivals were used in both buildings and the other decorative arts, including jewelry. I love to study how a piece of jewelry has been constructed; this, combined with its style, helps me determine its age. I spend a great deal of time researching my pieces and love to delve into a style, material, manufacturer, or design puzzle and learn more about it. I also welcome feedback from dealers and collectors. I have a website, Lisa Kramer Vintage, which I use as a forum for writing about jewelry history, travel (with a focus on antiquing), design, and other subjects that interest me. A link to it can be found on my "Our Favorite Links" page.

I am a member of the Association for the Study of Jewelry and Related Arts (ASJRA), Costume Jewelry Collectors International, the Art Deco Society of California, and the Art Jewelry Forum. I recently completed the Accredited Jewelry Professional program of the Gemological Institute of America.