Left Hand Louis

Emilie Marie, Palm Beach, FL   
Member since 2008

A collection dedicated to those in search of Elegance and Magic in daily life.

Antiques, Jewelry and Home Decor...

About Left Hand Louis

Our Service Pledge
We do our best to respond as quickly as possible to customer's inquiries and purchase orders.

We have been in business for quite some time and pride ourselves in great customer service because we strive for repeat business. Our happiness comes from past customers who return with their friends and family.

We are very appreciative of our new found customers. They have been so wonderful to email us and let us know how thrilled they have been with their purchases! It is really a joy to receive those emails and some of them have come from far and away places! Thank you all!
About Us
A collection of all that we love; Furniture, Jewelry, Decorations and more. Mid-Century and European Antiques. Selling to Dealers, Collectors, Decorators and Designers for over 20 years.