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We specialize in sterling silver, estate diamonds and precious gems at a fair price

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We will respond to all inquiries, purchases, or questions within 48 hours. We guarantee the authenticity of all our items.
About Us
We specialize in estate diamonds, precious gems, semi-precious gems, sterling silver, and specific types of vintage items and antiques. I have had 20 years experience in the gem field by working in antique and pawn shops. I've had 5 years of hands on training by a certified gemologist and goldsmith. Everything we sell as far as jewelry or precious metals, goes through all types of testing before listed. All gems are inspected for problems, flaws and checked for authenticity. All metals are acid tested to assure they are the purity stated. If a grading system is used as far as diamonds, even though I've had the proper training, I always have a certified gemologist take a second look to confirm my opinion. Even though I'm in the process of getting my GIA certification, I want someone who already has one, confirm what I state. We want our customers to be completely satisfied that what they receive is as stated.