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Antique, French, France, Jules Steiner, Bebe
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Antique, Sfbj, French, France, Bisque, Character
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Artist, Helen Bullard, Wood, Wooden, Niada
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Artist, Kathy Redmond, Alice Roosevelt, Ufdc Convention Souvenir
Artist, Kathy Redmond, Columbus, Isabelle, Historical
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Becky Thatcher, Artist Doll , Porcelain, Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer
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Cloth, Uncle Wiggily, Georgene Novelties
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Composition, Ethnic, China, Chinese, Character
Composition, Freundlich World War Two
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Dewees Cochran, Artist, Composition, Latex, Character
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Folk Art, Black, Nut Head
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Hard Plastic, Arranbee, Nanette Walker
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Vinyl, Artist, Sabine Esche, Sigikid, German, West Germany
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Wax, Ooak, Artist, Character Baby
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Wood, Wooden, Schoenhut, Character
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SALE Boy & Girl Pair of German Hermsdorfer Dolls 1920s
SALE Boy & Girl Pair of German Hermsdorfer Dolls 1920s
$365 USD Sale

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