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Doll Clothing, Accessories
1985 Barbie Clothes, Astronaut Suit
1992 Barbie Accessories, Fashion Extras-beauty Basics Set
Collection Of Mid 1980's Accessories For Barbie
Mid 1980's Barbie Accessories, Hangers, Brushes, Combs
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, 2 Bright Beautiful Pink Party Dresses
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, 2 Glow In The Dark Gowns
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Astro Fashions, Galaxy A-go-go, And Starlight Slumbers
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Bathing Suits And Cover-ups
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Fantasy Evening Gold Gown
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Fantasy Evening Pink Gown
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Fantasy Evening Rainbow Gown
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Fashion Avenue Pink Gown
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Fashion Avenue Wedding Gown Set
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Gold Sparkling Angel Dancer
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, My First Barbie Outfit, Ballerina
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Oscar De La Renta Series Iv, Red Sheath With Ruffle Jacket
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Oscar De La Renta Series Ix, Red Bubble Skirt, Jacket
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Oscar De La Renta Series V, Blue Gown With Cloak
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Oscar De La Renta Series Vi, 1984,Purple And Gold Dress, Cape
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Oscar De La Renta Series X, Purple With Gold Glitter Leaves
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Oscar De La Renta Series Xi, 1985, Purple And Gold Set
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Pink Sparkling Ballerina
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Pretty Party Dress, Purple With Yellow Flowers
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Sports Wear Collection
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Sports Wear Of All Types
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, White Fuzzy Apres Ski Suit
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, White Satin Gown With Gold Trim
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Windsurfer And Snorkeling Set
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes, Yellow Beach Fun Outfit
Mid 1980's Barbie Clothes,Beautiful Wedding Gown And Pink Bridesmaid Dress From "Wedding Party"
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Decorative Arts
Holiday, Seasonal
11 Vintage 1970's Mountain Mist Quilt Pattern Wrappers
2 Cards Vintage Shell/Pearl Buttons, Black Lip Oyster Shell, La Mode
2 Vintage Czech Glass Molded Buttons, Lavender/Mauve With Silver Luster
26 Yd Vintage Claret Colored Grosgrain Ribbon
3 Vintage Cards Of Lady Fashion Genuine Pearl Buttons
4 Vintage Czech Glass Molded Buttons, Mint Green With Gold Luster Flowers
4 Vintage Mid 20th Century Button, Aqua Glass
5 Skeins Vintage Bucilla Tapestry Wool Yarn, Cream Colored
7 Vintage Czech Molded Glass Buttons, Various Colors All With Floral Decoration
Attachments For Vintage Greist Sewing Machines
Collection Of Vintage Sewing Notions, Kirby & Beard "Dial A Needle" Dispenser
Collection Of Vintage Sewing Notions-woolworth, Coats & Clark, La Modern Etc
Collection Of Vintage Sewing Supplies-darning Thread, Machine Attachments
Intage Sears Kenmore Sewing Machine Attachment, Buttonholer
Large Vintage Montana Handkerchief
Owner's Manual For Vintage Kenmore Sewing Machine Model 1941
Set Of 4 Vintage Norwegian Pewter Buttons, Viking Ships, By Nilssen
Set Of 6 Norwegian Pewter Buttons, Elk Or Reindeer, By Nilssen
Set Of 6 Norwegian Pewter Buttons, Mixed Set, By Nilssen
Set Of 6 Norwegian Pewter Buttons, Reindeer, By Nilssen
Set Of 6 Norwegian Pewter Buttons, Roses, By Nilssen
Set Of 6 Norwegian Pewter Buttons, Viking Warrior, By Nilssen
Set Of 8 Vintage Norwegian Pewter Buttons, Wedding Scenes
Singer Professional Buttonholer, For Vertical Needle Zig Zag, Part # 171398
Singer Touch & Sew Fashion Disks, Part # 21976
T'nalak Abaca Fabric From Mindanao Philippines, T'boli Weaving
Vintage 1930's Student's Home Economics Class Scrapbook-quilt Patterns Etc
Vintage 1951 Singer Sewing Machine, 201-2 Operators Manual
Vintage 1960's "Early American Pin Cushion Rocking Chair "Sewing Caddy
Vintage Grooming & Sewing Kit With Mother Of Pearl Handles In Original Case
Vintage Occupied Japan Pincushion / Container
Vintage Red Plastic Thread Caddy, Very Handy
Vintage Sears Kenmore Sewing Machine Attachment, Buttonholer
Vintage Sewing Notions, Singer Brand Snaps, And Mccrory's Paper Needlebook
Vintage Singer Buttonhole Attachment For Slant Shank, Zig Zag Machine, Part #489500z
Vintage Singer Buttonhole Attachment For Straight Shank Machine, Part #121795
Vintage Singer Buttonholer Attachment, Slant Needle Zig Zag Machines, Part # 38115
Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Attachment, Buttonhole Attachment For Model 301
Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Attachments, Stitch Pattern Disks For Automatic Zigzagger
Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Buttonhole Attachment, # 1217
Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Buttonhole Attachment, For Models 221, 222k, 301
Vintage Victorian Black Glass, Silver Luster Button, Buckle Design
Vintage Wooden Rocking Chair Shapes Sewing Caddy

1 1/2 Yd Vintage 1950's Cotton Fabric, Sky Blue With Small Fruit Baskets
1 1/2 Yd Vintage 1950's Floral Print Yardage, Large Blue Rose
1 1/2 Yd Vintage Crocheted Lace Edging, Trees
1 1/3 Yd Vintage 1950's Fabric, Big Impressionist Flowers
1 1/3 Yd Vintage 1950's Juvenile Print Cotton, Yellow With Kittens
1 1/3 Yd Vintage 1950's Juvenile Print Flannel Fabric, Child With Steam Shove
1 1/3 Yd Vintage Flour Sack Fabric, Tan Roses Border Print
1 1/4 Yard Vintage Hand Made Battenburg Lace Trim
1 1/4 Yd Vintage 1920's Juvenile Print Cotton Fabric, Puppies Playing With Abc Blocks
1 1/6 Yard Vintage 1950's Fabric, Border Print With His 'n' Her Poodles
1 2/3 Yards Vintage Crochet Lace Edging, Hearts, Ecru
1 Lb Vintage Crochet Lace Trims And Doilies
1 Vintage 1966 Applique Quilt Block, Parasol Lady
1 Yard Vintage 1930's Juvenile Print Fabric, Small Green Chickens
1 Yard Vintage 1950's Cotton Fabric, Antique Fire Engines In Blue On White
1 Yard Vintage 1950's Flannel, Juvenile Print Of Dancers
1 Yd 8 Inches Vintage Flour Sack Yardage, Sky Blue With White/Gray Flowers
1 Yd Crocheted Pillow Case Edging, Made With "Starter" Trim
1 Yd Vintage 1950's Silk Crepe, Green With Flowers
1 Yd Vintage Feed Sack Fabric, White With Silver Stars, Purple Violets
10 Vintage 1880's Quilt Blocks Hovering Hawks, Lancaster Blue And Others
10 Vintage Crocheted Ecru Butterflies, Very Fine Thread
10 Vintage Fabulous White Linen Luncheon Napkins, Srb Monogram, Nice Lace Edging
10 Yards Vintage Lace Trim, Starter Trim For Crochet And Tatting
100 Vintage 1910's Quilt Blocks, Blue And White Flying Geese
11 Inch Vintage Crochet Pineapple Star Doily
11 Vintage 1890's Quilt Blocks, Bright Pinwheels
11 Vintage 1890-1910 Quilt Blocks, Chips & Whetstones, Blues & Reds
11 Vintage 1930's Beautifully Embroidered Quilt Blocks, Water Lily-lotus Pattern
12 Vintage 1880-90's Quilt Blocks, Ocean Waves, Indigo And Mourning Prints
12 Vintage 1890's Quilt Blocks, Large 4 Patch In Double Pink And Yellow
12 Vintage 1910's Quilt Blocks, Diamond Centered Star, Pink And Black
12 Vintage 1920's Quilt Blocks-bright Roman Stripe
13 Vintage 1875 Bear Paw Quilt Blocks, Crisp And Beautiful
138 Pre Cut Rectangles Vintage 1930's Fabric, Huge Fabric Selection
14 Vintage 1900-10 Quilt Blocks, Small 9 Patches, Stripes And Plaid
14 Vintage 1920-40's Quilt Blocks, Cross/Crown Of Thorns
15 Vintage 1910 Quilt Blocks, Tiny 9 Patch, Cadet Blues
15 Vintage Quilt Blocks, Hourglass With Double Pink
17 Vintage 1870's Quilt Blocks, Bear Paw, Red
18 Vintage 1910 Quilt Blocks, Diamond Centered Star
2 1/2 Yd Vintage 1950's Border Print Organza, Swiss Dancers
2 1/2 Yds Vintage Edging, Made With Rick/Rack And Stitching
2 1/3 Yd Vintage 1960's Juvenile Fabric, Yellow With Pink Baby Animals
2 1/4 Yd Vintage 1950's Pillowcase Print Fabric, Blue With Pink Birds
2 3 1/2 Yd Pieces Of Vintage Filet Crochet Lace Edging
2 5/6 Yd Vintage 1920's Woven Sky Blue Tattersall Cotton Fabric
2 Fine Vintage Crochet Doilies, Rectangular White, 4 Point Stars
2 Large Pieces Vintage Feed Sack, White With Red And Blue Women Doing Old Time Chores
2 Lovely White Linen Hankies, Tatted Edges
2 Small Crocheted White Rectangular Doilies
2 Vintage 1870's Quilt Blocks, Philadelphia Pavement, Madder Brown
2 Vintage 1880's Redwork Embroidered Pillow Shams, Floral Design
2 Vintage 1890's Quilt Blocks, 25 Patch, Several Pieces 1830's Chintz
2 Vintage Crocheted Potholders, Red & White, Little Shorts And Jacket
2 Vintage Filet Crochet Doll Or Baby Size Pieces, Collar And A Pro
2 Vintage Knitted Pillowcase Edgings, 52 Inches Long
2 Yard Vintage 1960's Juvenile Yukata Fabric, Japanese Dolls
2 Yards Vintage 1970's Holly Hobbie/American Greetings Fabric
2 Yards Vintage Hand Made Broderie Anglaise Edging
2 Yards Vintage Knitted Lace Trim
2 Yds Vintage 1940's Cotton Fabric, Light Blue With White Daisies
2 Yds Vintage 1940's Juvenile Print Flannel, Cowboys And Cactus
2 Yds Vintage 1950's Cotton Yardage, Brown With Artsy Flowers
2 Yds Vintage 1950's Crisp Organza Fabric, Light Green Puffball Flowers And Brown Leaves
2 Yds Vintage 1960's Fabric, Bright Paisley Red-orange
2 Yds Vintage Ecru Crocheted Edging, Linked Triangles
2 Yds Vintage Filet Crochet Edging, White, Interlocking Diamond
20 Vintage 1890's Quilt Blocks, Letter H Or I In Piecework, Conversation Prints
20 Vintage 1930 Feed Sack Quilt Blocks, Postage Stamp
20 Vintage 1930 Quilt Blocks, Postage Stamp With Apricot And Tan
20 Vintage 1930 Quilt Blocks, Postage Stamp With Pink
21 Vintage 1920's Quilt Blocks, Pinwheels
22 Vintage 1880-90's Quilt Blocks, Tiny 9 Patch, Lots Of Prints
22 Vintage 1890's Quilt Blocks, 9 Patch In Red And Green
22 Vintage 1900-20's Quilt Blocks, Evening Star, Nice Print Collection
22 Vintage 1920-30's Quilt Blocks, Vibrant Pinwheels
24 Vintage 1890's Quilt Blocks, Churn Dash-lots Of Beautiful Prints
24 Vintage 1890-1900 Quilt Blocks, 4-patch
24 Vintage 1930's Quilt Blocks, Pinwheels
26 Vintage 1870-1910 Quilt Blocks, Double 4 Patch
28 Vintage 1840-50's Quilt Blocks, Flying Birds
29 Packages Vintage "Coronation Cord" Starter Trim For Crochet
3 Beautiful Linen Hankies, Tatted Edging
3 Fabulous Vintage 1870's-80'ds Star Of Bethlehem Quilt Blocks
3 Pcs Vintage Hand Tatted Lace Edging
3 Pieces Vintage Filet Crochet Lace Edging
3 Vintage Crochet Table Mats
3 Vintage Filet Crochet Pillowcase Edgings
3 Vintage Linen Hankies, Wide Tatted Lace Edgings
3 Vintage Plain White Feed Sacks
3 Vintage Tenerife Doilies, Linen And Thread Work
3 Yds Vintage 1950's Cotton Yardage, Goldy Brown With Harps And Flowers
30 Vintage 1900-1910 Quilt Blocks, Churn Dash Pattern
30 Vintage 1920-30's Quilt Blocks, 9 Patch Postage Stamps
30 Vintage 1940s' Quilt Blocks, Blue And White Postage Stamp
35 Vintage 1930-50's Quilt Blocks, Tiny Fans
36 Vintage 1890-1930's Quilt Blocks, 4 Patch
4 1/3 Yd Vintage 1950's Cotton Fabric, Small Bowls Of Fruit And Flowers
4 3/4 Yd Vintage White Crochet Trim
4 Vintage 1860's Quilt Blocks, Beautiful Baskets
4 Vintage 1860's Quilt Blocks, Madder Red Sheep Fold
4 Vintage 1910's Quilt Blocks, Dutchman's Puzzle, Blue And White
4 Vintage 1920-30's Quilt Blocks, Unusual House Pattern
4 Vintage Crochet Doilies With Linen Centers-coasters
4 Vintage Filet Crochet Lace Corners For A Tablecloth
4 Vintage Midcentury Huck Fingertip/Guest Towels, Solid Colors
40 Inch Length Vintage Knitted White Lace, Leaf Design
46 Inches Vintage Crocheted Pillowcase Edging, Hearts
5 Vintage 1790-1800 Quilt Blocks, Modified 9 Patch
5 Vintage 1850's Quilt Blocks, Variable Star
5 Vintage 1860's Quilt Blocks, Large Diamond Stars, Pink & Muslin
5 Vintage 1880-90's Quilt Blocks, Red & Yellow Sampler Blocks
5 Vintage 1890's Quilt Blocks, Large Pinwheel, Red And Yellow
5 Vintage 1900-10 Quilt Blocks, 9 Patch, Nice Blues
5 Vintage Canape Napkins, Spanish Motif-bullfighter And His Lady
5 Vintage Linen Coasters With Hand Made Needle Lace Edging
5 Yd Vintage Red Eyelet Lace Edging
5 Yds Crisp Vintage 1960's Pink Floral Print Dress Rayon Yardage
6 Vintage 1820-60's Quilt Blocks, Mixed Bag
6 Vintage 1880's Quilt Blocks, Crossroads With Indigo/White Stars
6 Vintage Crocheted Demitasse Cups, Pink Lacy
60 Pre Cut Vintage 1930's Fabric Samples, Bright Florals , Salesman's Sample Swatches
63 Vintage 1900 Charm Quilt Hexagon Pieces
7 Vintage 1880's Quilt Blocks, Double 4 Patch, Indigo/Double Pink
7 Vintage 1880's Quilt Blocks, Pinwheels In Red
7 Vintage 1930's Quilt Blocks, Floral Embroidery, Roses
8 3/4 Yards Vintage Lace, Leafy Vines
8 Large Vintage 1880's Quilt Blocks, Double Pink 9 Patch
8 Large Vintage 1880's Quilt Blocks, Pink 9 Patch
8 Vintage 1920's 30's Cotton Butterfly Cutouts To Applique
8 Vintage 1930's Embroidered Penny Squares, Nursery Rhymes & Animals
8 Vintage 1950's Quilt Blocks, Cute Embroidered Donkeys
9 Vintage 1880's Quilt Blocks, Broken Dishes, Indigo
9 Vintage 1890's Quilt Blocks, 9 Patch, Brights On Black
9 Vintage 1920's Quilt Blocks, Bowties
970's Decorative Fabric Panel, Zoo/Jungle In Bright Colors
Adorable Vintage Baby Blanket, Crocheted, Pink And Blue Baby Animals
Baseball Teams Postage Stamp Quilt Top
Beautiful Bride's Hankie, White Linen With Hand Made Lace
Beautiful Crocheted Ecru Doily, Circular With "Pie Slices"
Beautiful Knitted Ecru Doily, 4 8 Point Stars
Beautiful Linen Tablecloth, Pink Roses Cutwork And Croche
Beautiful Star Quilt, 1960's-70's Era
Beautiful Vintage 1950's Rose Wreath Quilt
Beautiful Vintage Crisp White Pillowcase With Rose Embroidery
Beautiful Vintage Doily, Ecru Crochet Swirling Star, 14 Inch Diameter
Beautiful Vintage Doily, Linen And Filet Crochet Floral Pattern
Beautiful Vintage Doily, White Tatted Circle, 14 1/2 Inch Diameter
Beautiful Vintage Doily, White, Spider Web
Beautiful Vintage Knitted Circular Doily, Giant Star
Beautiful Vintage Large Battenburg Lace Doily
Beautiful Vintage Lily Star White Crocheted Doily
Beautiful Vintage Luncheon Table Cloth, Blue Crocheted Edging, Blue Embroidered Flowers
Beautiful Vintage Tatted Edged Oval Linen Mat
Blind Stitch Attachment For Vintage Singer Sewing Machines Model 221, 201
Boxed Set Of 3 Swiss Linen Hankies, Floral Embroidery
Collection Of 5 Pretty Vintage Fingertip Towels, Floral Embroidered Designs
Extra Fine Crochet Doily, Oval With Shell Edges
Extremely Fine Vintage Crocheted Doily, Ecru, 8 Point Swirling Star, 3d Roses
Fabulous Finely Crocheted Doily, 7 Joined Rounds
Fabulous Linen Hankie With Tatted Trim, Mint Green
Fine Crochet Doily, Square With Wavy Edge
Fine Ecru Vintage Crocheted Pineapple Star Doily
Fine Vintage Crocheted Ecru Doily, Rose Windo Pattern
Fine White Vintage Crochet Doily, Spider Web/Wagon Wheel Design
Franklin Mint Vinyl Liz Taylor Burgundy Velvet Gown
Franklin Mint Vinyl Liz Taylor Pink Negligee Set
Gift Bag Made Of Vera Fabric
Large Collection Of Vintage Feed Sack Pre Cut Pieces-squares, Leaves, Triangles, Strips
Large Piece Vintage 1930's Juvenile Print Fabric, Sky Blue With Bunnies With Carts
Large Piece Vintage 1950's Juvenile Print Flannel, Cowboys
Large Piece Vintage 1960's Juvenile Print Fabric, Seersucker With Smiling Turquoise Leopard
Large Piece Vintage Feed Sack, Pink With Daffodils
Large Piece Vintage Feed Sack, Plum Colored Iris And Small Bouquets
Large Piece Vintage Feed Sack, White With Orange Chinese Knot
Large Piece Vintage Feed Sack, White With Weathervanes, Vintage Implements
Large Piece Vintage Feed Sack, Yellow With Printed Cows And Farming Scenes
Large Vintage Ecru Filet Crochet Doily, Basket And Floral Wreath
Large Vintage Filet Crochet Doily, White Easter Bunny Design
Lovely Vintage Embroidered Linen Cardtable Cloth And Napkins, Hollyhocks
Lovely Vintage White Linen Runner, Crocheted Edge
Pair Of Cotton Hankies, Embroidered With Panda, And Cits
Pair Of Large White Cotton Vintage Men's Hankies, J Monogram
Pair Of Vintage 1930's Potholders, Mom And Dad's Shorts
Pair Of Vintage Crocheted Potholders, Little Dresses, Turquoise And Yellow
Pair Of Vintage Embroidered Pillowcases, Pink Flower Vines
Pair Of Vintage Irish Linen Hankies With Beautiful Crocheted Edging
Pair Of Vintage Linen Place Mats, Scandinavian Style Birds And Foliage
Pair Of Vintage Pillowcases With Tatted Edge And Floral Decoration
Pair Of Vintage White Crochet Doilies, Extremely Fine Wagon Wheel Pattern
Pair Vintage White Crocheted Doilies, 6 Point Star, Ruffled Edges
Pretty Vintage Knitted Doily, Golden Yellow, Star
Pretty Vintage Tan Fingertip/Guest Towel With Floral Embroidery
Pretty Vintage White Linen Hankie With Pink Crocheted Basket
Set Of 10 Vintage Mint Green Linen Canape/Cocktail Napkins, Decorated With Embroidery And Drawn Thread Work
Set Of 3 Vintage Applique Fingertip/Guest Towels
Set Of 3 Vintage Hankies In Pretty Box, Embroidered Flowers
Set Of 5 Embroidered Cocktail Napkins, Embroidered With Roosters
Set Of 6 Blue Linen Canape/Cocktail Napkins, With Rooster Lace Edging
Set Of 6 Embroidered Canape/Cocktail Napkins, White Linen With Floral And Wine Glass Design
Set Of 6 Linen Canape/Cocktail Napkins, Ecru With Drawn Thread Decoration
Set Of 7 Hankies From Spain, Embroidered Designs, Different Regional Costumes
Set Of Vintage Deerfield "Blue And White Society" Linen Set, Placemats & Runner
Set Of Vintage Vera Placemats, 3 Napkins, Fall Colors-earth Tones
Single Vera Christmas Napkin, Poinsettias
Strips Vintage 1880-90's Flying Geese Quilt Blocks, 83 Geese
Stunning Vintage 1930's Fan Quilt, Blue And Prints
V1 1/4 Yd Vintage 1950's Juvenile Disney Style Fabric, Mint Green With "Bambi" Characters
V2 1/2 Yards 1950's Juvenile Print Flannel, Pastel Blue With Baby Animals
Valley Queen 25 Lb Flour Sack, Unused
Vera Red Silk Floral Scarf
Very Fine Ecru Vintage Doily, Wagon Wheel Crochet
Vintage 170's Quilt Top, Double T, Madder Red Brown
Vintage 1890-'s 1900's 9 Patch Doll Quilt Top
Vintage 1904 Cotton Embroidered Hankie, St. Louis Exposition
Vintage 1910-teens Quilt Top, Jacob's Ladder With Red Sashing
Vintage 1920's Doll Quilt, 9 Patch Blocks
Vintage 1920's Embroidered Crib Quilt, Nursery Rhymes In Bluework
Vintage 1920's Flannel Tobacco Premium, "Indian Rug", Plains And Nw Coast Indian Designs
Vintage 1920's Sewing Handy, Child's "Romper" Pattern
Vintage 1930's Applique Linen Tea Towel, Cattails
Vintage 1930's Card Table Cloth, Pots Of Flowers Appliqued To Feed Sacking
Vintage 1930's Embroidered Linen Runner, Basket Of Flowers, Tatted Blue Edging
Vintage 1930's Green Linen Side Board Mat Set, Lily Of Valley Embroidery
Vintage 1930's Hat Pincushion, Very Cute
Vintage 1930's Quilt Top, Ruby Mckim Bible Stories, Extraordinary
Vintage 1930's Quilt Top, Spools In Bright Colors
Vintage 1933 Quilt Top, Cute Little Girls In Kerchiefs
Vintage 1940's 50's Child's Chenille Coverlet, Pink And Blue Animals
Vintage 1940's Embroidered Baby Blanket, Flannel With Cute Animal
Vintage 1940's-1950's Small Quilt Top, Bow Tie Set With Mint Green
Vintage 1940's-50's Apron, Sheffield Steel Bandanas
Vintage 1950's Apron, "Mom On Strike"
Vintage 1950's Child's Hankie, Easter Chick In Basket Of Eggs
Vintage 1950's Child's Hankie, Tan With "Friday" And Little Girl Doing Her Friday Chores
Vintage 1950's Doll Coverlet, Juvenile Print Cowboys And Indians, Western Motifs
Vintage 1950's Handkerchief Fabric, Christmas Balls, 5 Printed Hankies
Vintage 1950's Handkerchief Fabric, Dark Blue With Various Floral Prints, 5 Hankies
Vintage 1950's Handkerchief Fabric, Floral Prints With Blues, 5 Hankies
Vintage 1950's Handkerchief Fabric, Man's Hankies, Light Blue With Darker Blue Border, 4 Hankies
Vintage 1950's Hostess Xmas Apron, Applique Poinsettia
Vintage 1972 Printed Linen Tea Towel, 1972 Calendar
Vintage 30's Linen Tablecloth Embroidered With Butterflies
Vintage Apron, Made With Feed Sack, Mailbags And Letters Design
Vintage Campfire Girls Regalia-wig, Pattern And Fabric For "Indian" Gown, Badges
Vintage Child's Hankie, "My Favorite Sports"- Rabbits Playing Football, Tennis Et
Vintage Child's Hankie, Two Cute Embroidered Children
Vintage Child's Printed Cotton Hankie, Little Girls With Garlands Of Flowers
Vintage Circular Linen Doily With Tatted Edging
Vintage Circular Linen Tablecloth, Embroidered With Blue Peacocks
Vintage Cotton Child's Hankie, White, Embroidered Elephant
Vintage Cotton Flat Sheet And 2 Pillowcases With Tatted Trim
Vintage Cotton Hankie, 19th Century Lady Driving Open Coach
Vintage Cotton Hankie, Nautical Signal Flags And Stars
Vintage Cotton Hankie, Romantic Dancers On Blue, With Putti
Vintage Cotton Hankie, Romantic Dancers On Green, With Putti
Vintage Cotton Hankie, State Of Colorado
Vintage Cotton Hankie, State Of Kansas
Vintage Cotton Hankie, State Of Minnesota
Vintage Cotton Printed Hankie, Golden Basket Of Roses
Vintage Cotton Printed Hankie, Missouri
Vintage Cotton Printed Hankie, White With Golden Foliage
Vintage Crochet Doily, Ecru 7 Sisters Hexagon Stars
Vintage Crochet Doily, Ecru Oval Pineapple
Vintage Crochet Doily, Ecru, 8 Point Star
Vintage Crochet Doily, Ecru, Daisy Design
Vintage Crochet Doily, Gold And White, 7 Sisters Stars Center
Vintage Crochet Doily, Lavender Rose Window
Vintage Crochet Doily, Pineapple In Green And White
Vintage Crochet Doily, Pink 12 Point Star
Vintage Crochet Doily, Sunflower In Golden Orange, 11 Inches
Vintage Crochet Doily, White Swirling Star With Pink Floral Border
Vintage Crochet Doily, White, Leaf Pattern
Vintage Crochet Doily-linen Center, Using Starter Trim
Vintage Crochet Tray Doily, Flower Circles
Vintage Crocheted Blue Pineapple Star Doily
Vintage Crocheted Doily, Circular With 8 Pointed Leaves
Vintage Crocheted Doily, Exquisite Tiny White Swirling Stars Mat
Vintage Crocheted Doily, Fine White 6 Point Star
Vintage Crocheted Runner, Ecru With Pink Border
Vintage Crocheted Trivet / Hotpad- covered Bottle Caps
Vintage Dior Red Satin Hosiery/Hankie Case
Vintage Doily Set, Linen Embroidered With Bluebirds
Vintage Doily, Beautiful Fine Swirling Stars
Vintage Doily, Teeny Weeny White Pineapple
Vintage Ecru Circular Doily, 19 Inches
Vintage Ecru Crochet Doily, 7 Sisters Stars
Vintage Ecru Crochet Pineapple Doily, 11 Point Star
Vintage Ecru Crocheted Doily, Circular And Scallop Motif
Vintage Ecru Crocheted Edge Triangles For A Runner
Vintage Ecru Crocheted Place Mat In Leaf Shape
Vintage Ecru Linen Embroidered Tray Cloth, Pink Daisies And Goldenrod
Vintage Ecru Tatted Collar
Vintage Embroidered Cotton Runner, Butterflies, With Tatted Edging
Vintage Embroidered Handkerchief, Pink Floral Bouquet
Vintage Embroidered Hankie, Beautiful "E" Monogram In Pink
Vintage Embroidered Linen Heart Shaped Doily, Floral Design
Vintage Embroidered Linen Vanity Set, Butterflies And Flowers, Blue And White
Vintage Embroidered Pillow Cover, Kitten In Garden
Vintage Embroidered Tea Towel, "Courting Cats"
Vintage Feed Sack Piece, Juvenile / Conversation Print, White With Tiny Circus Figures
Vintage Feed Sack Piece, Maroon With Medium Sized Flowers In Red, And Pink
Vintage Feed Sack, 18th Century Ladies In Fancy Court Dress
Vintage Feed Sack, Green With Small Roses
Vintage Feed Sack, Red With Medium Sized White Poppies
Vintage Feed Sack, Sky Blue With Medium Sized Pink Roses And Daisies
Vintage Feed Sack, Sky Blue With Small White Flowers, And Red Dots
Vintage Feed Sack, Southwestern Motif, Cactus
Vintage Feed Sack, Tan Background With Dark Brown Floral Vine
Vintage Feed Sack, Tiny Pinky Red Roses On White
Vintage Feed Sack, White With "Embroidered" Fruit In Bright Colors
Vintage Feed Sack, White With Blue Bamboo Leaves
Vintage Feed Sack, White With Medium Golden-yellow Flowers
Vintage Feed Sack, White With Pink And Blue Fruit, Cross Stitch Style Figures
Vintage Feed Sack, White With Pink Anemones And Blue Grape Hyacinth Bouquet
Vintage Feed Sack, White With Small Horse Heads, Blue And Turquoise
Vintage Feed Sack, White With Tiny Red Lovebirds And Flowers
Vintage Feed Sack, White, With Large Pink Ribbon Bows
Vintage Feed Sack, Yellow With Gone With The Wind Style Figures
Vintage Feed Sack, Yellow With Juvenile Western Design, Cowboys And Indians
Vintage Feed Sack, Yellow With Large Blue Daffodils
Vintage Feed Sack, Yellow With Medium Gladiolus With Pink Leaves
Vintage Feed Sack, Yellow With Medium Sized Rose Print
Vintage Filet Crochet Chair Protector Set, Schnauzer Dogs
Vintage Filet Crochet Doily, Basket Of Tulips
Vintage Filet Crochet Doily, Ecru, Pennsylvania "Dutch" Bird Design
Vintage Filet Crochet Doily, Lions Rampant
Vintage Filet Crochet Doily, Pair Of Birds
Vintage Filet Crochet Doily, Rose Wreath
Vintage Filet Crochet Doily, Round, Roses, With Blue Crocheted Edging
Vintage Filet Crochet Doily, Schnauzer
Vintage Filet Crochet Doily, White, Aries The Ram Zodiac Sign
Vintage Filet Crochet Doily, White, Butterflies
Vintage Flour Sack, Labeled, Eaco Flour, Minneapolis Minn
Vintage Flour Sack, Tiny Cutout Paper Dolls In Red And Blue
Vintage Hand Made Broderie Anglaise Doily, Butterflies
Vintage Hankie, Pink Embroidered With Calgary Stampede
Vintage Hankie, White Linen, With Hand Made Lace Border
Vintage Huck Fingertip/Guest Towel, Embroidered White Flower
Vintage Linen And Crochet Oval Doily, Uses Starter Trim In The Crochet Work
Vintage Linen Card Table Cloth With Beautiful Crocheted Edging And Corners
Vintage Linen Circular Doily With Fine Crochet Edge
Vintage Linen Hankie, Beautiful Sky Blue With White Flower Applique
Vintage Linen Hankie, Blue Crocheted Lady In Corner
Vintage Linen Hankie, Cutwork Embroidery Decoration
Vintage Linen Hankie, Embroidered, Victoria Bc
Vintage Linen Hankie, Pretty C Embroidered Monogram
Vintage Linen Hankie, Pretty D Embroidered Monogram
Vintage Linen Runner & Mats, Pretty Craftsman Era Embroidery
Vintage Navajo Rug, Two Gray Hills, Gray, Brown, White
Vintage Needle Lace Place Mat, Beautiful White Stars And Net
Vintage Needle Made Net Work Doily
Vintage Netted Star Doily, Very Fine
Vintage Printed Cotton Hankie, Blue Pansy Bouquet
Vintage Printed Cotton Hankie, Blue With Tulip Bouquets
Vintage Printed Cotton Hankie, Bouquets Of Red Tulips
Vintage Printed Cotton Hankie, Bunker Hill Monument Souvenir
Vintage Printed Cotton Hankie, Christmas Poinsettia And White Pine Cones
Vintage Printed Cotton Hankie, Dark Green With Fall Foliage
Vintage Printed Cotton Hankie, Dogwood And Pussy Willow
Vintage Printed Cotton Hankie, Faith Austin, Bright Yellow And Orange Tulips
Vintage Printed Cotton Hankie, Greek Vessels And Sculptured Heads
Vintage Printed Cotton Hankie, Iowa
Vintage Printed Cotton Hankie, Little Ballerinas
Vintage Printed Cotton Hankie, Pink Roses And Leaves On Sky Blue
Vintage Printed Cotton Hankie, Sky Blue With White Daisies
Vintage Printed Cotton Hankie, Stars For Patriotism
Vintage Printed Cotton Hankie, State Of Washington
Vintage Printed Cotton Hankie, Strawberries And Red Flowers
Vintage Printed Cotton Hankie, Yellow With White Daisies
Vintage Printed Cotton Hankie,Blue Christmas, With Red And White Poinsettias
Vintage Printed Linen Tea Towel, Hill Sheep By Lee Perry, For National Trust (Britain)
Vintage Punch Needle, Tufted Pillow Cover, Velvet With Swan
Vintage Round Printed Cotton Hankie, Purple Violets
Vintage Silk Embroidered Hankie, Taiwanese And American Flag Commemorative
Vintage Silk Scarf, Sky Blue With Bright Flowers
Vintage Souvenir Hankie From Alaska, Embroidered Dog Sled
Vintage Souvenir Hankie From Bermuda, Embroidered Passion Flower
Vintage Swiss Cotton Hankie, Red Apples And Blue Picnic Check
Vintage Swiss Kreier Cotton Hankie, Green With White Tennis Rackets
Vintage Tan Circular Finely Crocheted Doily
Vintage Tea Towel With Bias Tape Decoration, Colorful Lady In Her Garden
Vintage Tea Towel With Cross Stitch And Appliqued Design Of Cookpots And Apples
Vintage Tiny Pineapple Crochet Doily
Vintage Vera Napkin, Fall Fern Pattern
Vintage White Cotton Souvenir Hankie, Embroidered, Sea Tac Airport
Vintage White Crochet Doily, 7 Sister Hexagon Stars
Vintage White Crochet Doily, 8 Point Star
Vintage White Crochet Set, 5 Mats, 3 Runners
Vintage White Crocheted Doily, Big Sunflower
Vintage White Filet Crochet Doily,Large Basket Of Flowers
Vintage White Linen Doily With Pretty Filet Crochet Butterfly Corners
Vintage White Linen Hankie With Embroidered Pink Bouquet
White Vintage Crochet Mat, 8 Point Stars

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Collection Of Vintage Hatpins And Stickpins
Large Vintage Pendleton Silk Scarf, Dark Wine With Roses
Pair Of Pretty Vintage Cotton Gloves, By Aris
Pair Of Very Fine Vintage "Grande Prix" Beaded Leather Women's Gloves
Pair Of Vintage Green Flannel Bags From Gucci Shoes
Pair Of White Vintage Crochet Purses, Child Or Doll Size-too Cute
Vintage Crocheted Lace Collar
Vintage Echo Silk Scarf, Red With Black Dots, Blue & Black Border
Vintage Ferragamo Silk Scarf, In Original Package, Brightly Colored Horses Etc
Vintage Gucci Silk Scarf, Dark Green With Harness Pieces
Vintage Italian Chiffon Scarf By Symphony, Navy Blue
Vintage Italian Scarf, Inuit Designs By Jocelyn Mauge On Cream And Blue
Vintage Japanese Silk Scarf By Accompli, Flags With French Titles
Vintage Lace Collar, Ecru, Floral Panels
Vintage Lace Collar, Ecru, Roses Design
Vintage Lace Collar, White, Large Flowers And Curlicues
Vintage Liberty Of London Silk Scarf, Blue With Paisley Design
Vintage Liberty Of London Silk Scarf, Queen's Silver Jubilee, 1977
Vintage Liberty Silk Scarf, Floral With Olive Green Border
Vintage Merlion Singapore Silk Scarf
Vintage Miss Dior Silk Scarf, Bright Colors
Vintage Pendleton Silk Chiffon Scarf, Blue Floral Print
Vintage Silk Chiffon Scarf By Elaine Gold For Collection Xiix, Aqua With Green Leaves
Vintage Silk Chiffon Scarf By Talbots, Blue With Paislies In Reds
Vintage Silk Kenneth Cole Scarf, Graphic Black And Blue Check
Vintage Silk Pendleton Scarf, Buckles And Decorative Brooches Design
Vintage Silk Scarf By Bill Blass, Dark Colors
Vintage Silk Scarf By Hiroko, Design Of Gold Chains And Charms
Vintage Silk Scarf By Hiroko, Ships And Nautical Motifs
Vintage Silk Scarf By Talbots, Maroon With Diagonal Stripes In Blue And Black
Vintage Silk Scarf By Talbots, Navy And Mint Green Basketweave Design
Vintage Silk Scarf By Talbots, Sky Blue With Paisley
Vintage Silk Scarf Decorated With Multicolored Tassels And Cords
Vintage Silk Scarf From Talbots, Cords And Multicolored Tassels
Vintage Silk Scarf Made For Boston Museum Of Fine Arts, Navy, Sky Blue Floral Arabesques
Vintage Silk Scarf, 1988 Us Open Golf Tournament, The Country Club, Brookline, Ma
Vintage Silk Scarf, By Echo-navy Blue With Blue, Magenta, Gold And Green Circles
Vintage Silk Scarf, By Studio D, 18th Century Ships And Nautical Motifs
Vintage Silk Scarf, Echo, Red Straps And Gold Chains
Vintage Silk Scarf, Hand Dyed By Elizabeth Nordgren (New Hampshire Fabric Artist)
Vintage Silk Scarf, Made For Rand Mcnally & Co-explorers And Old Map/Globe
Vintage Silk Scarf, Singapore Airlines, Design Of Colorful Indonesian Batik
Vintage Silk Scarf, Vincente Minetti, Made For Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Beautiful Blue With Chinese Motifs
Vintage Silk Scarf, World Wildlife Fund, 1986-world Map With Animals
Vintage Silver Hatpin, Orb With Swirling Star Patterns
Vintage Talbot's Silk Chiffon Scarf, Black With Multicolored Floral Pattern
Vintage Thai Silk Scarf By Shinawatra, Birds In Jungle, Pastel Colors
Vintage Vera Scarf, Blue With White Flowers, And Copper Elements
Vintage White Lace Collar And Cuffs
Vintage Wool Scarf, Eddie Bauer, Cream With Eastern European Floral Design
Vintage Wool Scarf, Navy Blue With Paisley Design
Vintage Yves St. Laurent Silk Scarf, Bright Green With Blue And Black Lattice, Red Diamonds
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Vintage Cotton Hankie, State of Colorado
Vintage Cotton Hankie, State of Colorado
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