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My name is Jerry and I am a Mechanical Engineer and father of two. Now you might ask what does a mechanical engineer know about antiques and that would be a very good question, I’m not your stereotypical engineer. Collecting Antiques has become a passion for me that started over 10 years ago.
I’m a transplant from long Island New York that has been in the St Joseph MO area for 3 years moving from the Lancaster Pennsylvania area called the antique capitol of the world, (Adamstown) it is also very German(Pennsylvania Dutch). My passion really started about 25 years ago when my sister who was in the air force and stationed in Germany sent me a German Beer stein for Christmas each year for 5 years, and that’s where my story begins.
Twenty years later living in an area where antique auctions and antique shop are abound, my interest in German beer steins was rekindled. One day my wife Rhonda and I were looking for another adventure to experience together, when she spotted an ad in the local paper for an auction that was selling vintage German beer steins. I went to this auction and bought my first beer stein for $120.00. I can still remember today the Adrenaline rush I got while I was bidding during my first auction acquisition. This is where the fun began and when going to auctions became my passion and addiction.
Every time I went to an auction I would see fantastic things, old things that moved me and stirred my curiosity. I would go home after the auction and research the items I saw. I would ask question like why did that sell for so much, where was it made, who made and how old is it. I would look everywhere for information Barns and Noble, Kovels, EBay, and yes Ruby lane. I spent hours on the internet and I read many books. I subscribed to web sites that offered information about antique items to it members and took pages of notes. I went to antique shops and asked hundreds of questions. The more I learned the greater my addiction became.
I currently have over 200 bookmarked research web sites that I use to confirm, verify and research the items I buy along with a small library of books I have bought at auctions. I have also taken two classes at the local community college (RACC) at there Center for the Study of Antiques and Collectibles. The two classes that I have taken are ceramic, glass and pottery and furniture. These classes opened my eyes and taught me how to identify vintage and antique items and where to go to get the best and most accurate information.
Shortly after taking these classes I started selling items on EBay under the name myangels58, this was when selling on eBay was easy and fun and an honest person could do business. As time went by I realized that selling higher end quality antiques and vintage items on EBay wasn’t for me and started looking else where to sell. That’s when I found Adams Antiques one of the largest antique shops in the area and started leasing a show case. I did this for a year with good success, it paid my rent and made enough money to continue my addiction of going to auctions to buy more stuff to collect and sell. However after a year I realized that running a show case took more time then I was able to give. It was taking to much time from my family and it was starting it interfered with my work, and on days that I would have rather been at an auction I was at the shop updating my show case and replacing items that were sold. So here I am addicted to auctions and antiques with no place to sell my wares. So I went back to eBay and what a mistake that was, and that’s how I ended up here on Ruby Lane. As a note I have sold 200 items on EBay with a positive feed back rating of 200.
I am a honest, passionate, open and outgoing person, I will describe all the items I sell to the best of my knowledge and if I’m wrong I expect to be questioned. I will do my best to make my customers happy, when you are happy so am I. I do this for fun so I have no need to deceive people to make a buck I want you to be happy. My goal is to continue to learn about antiques go to auctions and sell some of the beautiful items I find to people who are not as lucky as me to be living in the antique capitol of the world. I want to sell to people that appreciate the value of antiques and collecting them. I love beautiful artful things and am awe struck when I hold a flow blue plate that is 150 to 175 years old and in excellent condition.
I hope you are as passionate about collecting and exploring my shop as I am about finding the items I offer to you. If you don’t find what your looking for in my shop ask, and I will do my best to find what you are looking for.

You never know
Happy hunting