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We are a family of collectors who are "obsessed with the quest"---not unlike so many other collecting enthusiasts out there! Some of our passions include antique fishing lures and vintage hunting gear, sports cards and other memorabilia, and all things western cowboy---yippee ! Those "specialties" notwithstanding, decades of auctions, flea markets, trade shows, and garage sales have resulted in closets stuffed with a wide variety of treasures. Our weekend acquisitions range from the "highly collectible" investment item to the garden variety "gotta-have-it" item----also the "kitschy" to the "nifty", the "strange to the "sublime". We searched and researched, met lots of folks and learned a thing or two along the way--and we always had a ball and loved every purchase ! Still do!

Ruby Lane has long been a favorite shopping venue and we are happy to be a Ruby Lane seller! We are always happy to answer questions and provide as much information as possible about an item's history and condition . In passing on our "finds" to like minded "time travelers", it is fun to know that our customers "enjoy the journey" as much as we do !