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An array of Antique, Vintage and Collectible treasures acquired in both Europe and the United States

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Inlet Treasure Trove-Our Story

While living in Europe over 40 years ago, at the age of 12, I remember rummaging through "Bunk Houses", barns, markets and antique shops with my Mother. I am one of 7 children. The time I spent with Mom on her "excursions" was our time together.

I was in awe of her ability to spot a "treasure" from across the room. She would point out an item for me to retrieve and add it to her pile. We were not done for the day unless we had completely filled up our Mercury Station Wagon, strapped items on the roof rack and stuffed the hidden well under the rear rumble seat. That is where she hid items that she didn't want my Father to see yet.

When we got home, we would carefully unload the wagon. When the younger ones were asleep, she would have me pull out some of the treasures and we would dust them off and pull out her research books (no internet back then) and learn about the item. She taught herself how to refinish and repair furniture and even how to cane chairs. If it was an item of special value that needed an expert, she sought out the "Meisters". I had never seen her so passionate and it was a passion I shared with her.

Her travels throughout Europe took her to a multitude of villages and towns throughout Germany, Amsterdam, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Sicily, Yugoslavia, and many more. She met interesting people and characters along the way and gained access into places normally not open to the public. The more people she met, the more places she discovered, places that you couldn't give directions to.

It was her dream to come back to the U.S. and open an Antique Shop. But with so many children and a house to run, it was impossible. When Dad retired, they moved to Williamsburg, VA. She started to work on her business, but one thing or another kept delaying her ability to make her dream a reality. Mom sold many of her items privately, other items she sold on consignment with Antique Shops. As the time went on she started giving pieces out amongst the siblings.

Over the years, the joy that I shared with my Mom in "the hunt", I have bought some little "treasures" of my own. We had many discussions about opening a shop on Ruby Lane together and were in the midst of deciding what items she wanted to start with. Sadly to say, Mom passed away a few years ago, before we had the opportunity.

As I open my boxes of things I haven't unpacked from years back with my youngest daughter, Sabrina, we will dust the items off, polish them up and research them together; just like Mom and I did so many years ago. We will look through her notes and talk about the memories that came with them. Although it saddens me to think about letting go, I also think about her "dream", a dream that I can now share with my daughters.

While I am a novice, I was also an "apprentice". I will use Mom's notes (she kept very good notes by the way) and research each item thoroughly so that I can provide you with the most accurate description and background information on each item. Please bear with us as I set up and add items to the shop inventory.

Along the way, just as my Mother and I did so many years ago, we will go "treasure" hunting and continuously add items to our shop. So, it is with great pleasure that I open "Inlet Treasure Trove" and look forward to meeting all of you. I know Mom is looking down on us, proud that we are living her dream and making it ours.