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Art Glass, Cut Glass, Dorflinger, Yacht
Centerpiece Bowl, Centerpiece, Cut Glass, Crystal, Flint, Irish, English, Anglo, Dish
Cut Glass Crystal Vintage Collectible Kitchenware Decanter Carafe
Cut Glass Crystal Vintage Collectibles Kitchenware Nappy Bowl Dish
Cut Glass, Cologne, Perfume, Scent, Vintage Collectible, Vanity Items, Crystal
Cut Glass, Crystal, C.F. Monroe, Monroe Glass, Vase
Cut Glass, Crystal, Dish, Plate, Hawkes, Kitchenware
Cut Glass, Crystal, Irish, George Ii, English, Urn, Vase
Cut Glass, Crystal, Shot Glass, Cordial, Liquor, Barware
Cut Glass, Crystal, Sinclaire, Libbey, Bowl, Shallow Bowl, Dish, Tray
Cut Glass, Crystal, Wine, Sherry, Cordial, Dessert, Sherbet, Plate, Dish, Irish, Ireland
Cut Glass, Decanter, Hand Blown
Cut Glass, Vanity Items, Vintage Collectibles, Cologne, Perfume, Scent, Bohemian, Moser, Art Glass
Eapg, Early American Pattern Glass, Flint Glass, Pressed Glass, Boston Sandwich Glass, Sandwich Glass, Salt, Master Salt
Early American Pattern Glass Eapg Sandwich Boston Sandwich Pressed Glass Decanter Bottle Carafe Barware Vintage Collectibles
Meriden Glass Company, Theodora Pattern, Cut Glass, Crystal, Relish, Celery, Vintage Collectibles
Moser Bohemian Victorian Rose Bowl, Bowl Vase
Moser, Bohemian, Victorian, Cut Glass, Crystal, Ruby Glass, Vase
Vintage Collectible Decorative Arts Moser Bohemian Art Glass Cut Glass Crystal Bowl
Vintage Collectibles Decorative Arts Kitchenware Bowl

By Function
Art Glass, Centerpiece Bowl, Wall Hanging, Italian, Murano, Studio Art
Boston Sandwich Glass, Sandwich Glass, Early American Pattern Glass, Eapg, Presses Glass, Cut Glass, Whale Oil Lamp, Oil Lamp, Lamp
Carafe, Cut Glass, Mt. Washington, Crystal, Decanter, Barware, Bottle
Carboy, Glass Jug, Glass Bottle, Five Gallon Jug, Crate, Wood Crate, Advertisement, Wine, Beer, Cider
Crystal, Cut Glass, Apothecary Jar, Tobacco Jar, Bottle
Cut Glass Pitcher, Cut Glass Jug, Pitcher, Champagne Pitcher, Crystal, Barware, Kitchenware, Decanter, Carafe, Hunt Glass Company
Cut Glass, Crystal, Bowl, Dish, Nappy
Cut Glass, Crystal, Champagne, Wine, Barware
Cut Glass, Crystal, Decanter, Bottle, Carafe, Art Glass, France, St. Louis
Cut Glass, Crystal, Engraved, Etched, Decanter, Claret Decanter, French, France, Gold, Gilt
Cut Glass, Crystal, Engraved, Etched
Cut Glass, Crystal, Three Ring Decanter, Decanter, Carafe, Bottle, Barware
Cut Glass, Crystal, Vase, Trumpet Vase, English
Decanter, Cut Glass, Crystal, Art Deco, Bohemian, Moser, Carafe, Barware
Decanter, Cut Glass, Crystal, Kitchenware, Vintage Collectibles, Barware, Carafe
Early American Pattern Glass, Eapg, Pressed Glass, Flint Glass, Spooner, Vernon Honeycomb Pattern, Crystal, New England Glass
Lamp Shade, Shade, Kerosene Lamp, Oil Lamp, Boston Sandwich Glass, Sandwich Glass, Victorian
Punch Bowl, Cut Glass, Crystal, Vintage Collectible
Vase, Cut Glass, Crystal, Hawkes, T.G. Hawkes
Vase, Opaque, Opaque Glass, Hand Vase, Victorian, Bohemian, Opaque Vase, Bohemian Vase

By Maker
Baccarat, Baccarat Decanter, Cut Glass, Crystal, Baccarat Ship's Decanter, Ship's Decanter, Decanter, Carafe, Bottle, Baccarat Tallyrand, Tallyrand Pattern
Baccarat, Baccarat Decanter, Cut Glass, Crystal, Decanter, Carafe, France, Art Glass
Baccarat, Baccarat Decanter, Cut Glass, Crystal, French, France, Gold, Gilt
Baccarat, Crystal, Decanter, France, Vintage Collectible
Baccarat, Cut Glass, Crystal, Centerpiece Bowl, Bowl, Dish, France
Bohemian, Moser, Art Glass, Wine Glass, Vintage Collectibles, Kitchenware, Barware
Boston Sandwich Glass, Sandwich Glass, Early American Pattern Glass, Eapg, Flint Glass, Cup Plate, Pressed Glass
Dorflinger, Cut Glass, Crystal, Wine Glass, Cordial Glass, Water Goblet, Barware
Glass, Early American Pattern Glass, Eapg, Vintage Collectibles, Kitchenware, Barware, Claret, Wine, Blown Glass, Sandwich Glass
Josefodol Glass, Caesar Crystal, Bohemian, Moser, Cut Glass, Crystal, Vase, Art Glass
Kosta Boda, Crystal, Cut Glass, Water Goblet, Goblet, Red Wine, Wine
Moser, Bohemian, Cut Glass, Crystal, Vase, Cabochons, Cabochon
Orrefors, Swedish, Sweden, Cut Glass, Crystal, Art Glass, Cordial, Brandy, Sherry, Liquor, Wine, Red Wine, White Wine, Champagne, Barware
Remy Martin Louis Xiii, Remy Martin Baccarat, Remy Martin Decanter, Remy Martin Bottle, Baccarat Bottle, Baccarat Decanter, Decanter, Barware, France
Sevres, Opaline, Sevres Opaline, White Opaline, Dish, Bowl, Ashtray, France, French
Simon Pearce, Simon Pearce Pitcher, Simon Pearce Jug, Pitcher, Jug, Art Glass, Studio Glass
Simon Pearce, Vase, Simon Pearce Vase, Art Glass
Steuben Collectible Cut Glass Crystal Dish Bowl
Steuben, Candlestick, Cut Glass, Art Glass
Steuben, Cut Glass, Crystal, Vase, Trefoil Vase, Art Glass
Tiffany, Candlestick, Candlesticks, Cut Glass, Crystal
Tiffin, Rambler Rose, Water Goblet, Wine Glass, Cordial Glass, Sherry Glass, Port Glass, Iced Tea, Sherbert, Dessert, Gold
Waterford, Cut Glass, Crystal, Biscuit Barrel, Biscuit Jar, Hibernia, Hibernia Pattern, Ireland
Waterford, Cut Glass, Crystal, Bowl, Dish, Heirloom Pattern
Waterford, Cut Glass, Crystal, Bowl, Salad Bowl, Serving Bowl, Centerpiece Bowl, Lismore
Waterford, Cut Glass, Crystal, Wine Glass, Wine Hock, Ashling, Barware
Waterford, Cut Glass, Crystal, Wine Glass, Wine, Goblet, Charlemont Pattern, Charlemont
Waterford, Vase, Cut Glass, Crystal, Museum Collection, Waterford Castle, Castle Collection

By Type
Carboy, Glass Jug, Glass Bottle, Five Gallon Jug, Crate, Wood Crate, Advertisement, Wine, Beer, Cider
Decanter, Decanters, Bottle, Barware, Carafe, Three Ring Decanter, Cut Glass, Crystal, Cordial, Sherry
Vintage Collectible Kitchenware Early American Pattern Glass Goblet Wine
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Art Pottery
By Function
By Maker
Bowl, Dish, Mixing Bowl, Yelloware, T. G. Green, T.G. Green Church Gresley, Gripstand
Kpm, Kpm Porcelain, Kpm Germany, Kpm Charger, Kpm Platter, Kpm Trivet, Charger, Platter, Trivet, Plate
Limoges, Haviland & Limoges, Fish Plates, Dish, Platter
Lladro, Nao, Lladro Nao, Figurine, Statue, Spain, Girl, Young Lady, Goose, Duck
Minton, China, Plate, Plates, Dish, Hand Painted, Minton Plate
Mottahedeh, Pots De Creme, Italy, Mottahedeh Pots De Creme, Cups, Ceramics
Red Wing, Redwing, Red Wing Vase, Vase, Art Pottery
Roseville Pottery, Roseville Vase, Roseville Pottery Vase, Roseville Bittersweet, Vase, Bittersweet Vase
Roseville, Roseville Pottery, Roseville Vase, Roseville Planter, Roseville Jardinere, Vase, Planter, Jardinere, Sun And Moon Pattern
Royal Doulton, Urn Pattern, Urn Smooth Pattern, E7630, Royal Doulton E7630, Dinner Plate, Royal Doulton Dinner Plate, Royal Doulton Plate, Dish
Royal Worcester, Royal Lily
Royal Worcester, Royal Worcester Tropical Fish, Tropical Fish Figurine, Royal Worcester Spade Fish
Thomas Kinkade, Thomas Kinkade All American, Sculpture, Floral Sculpture, Flowers, Flower Painting
Wedgwood, Majolica, Plate, Dish, Majolica Plate

By Type
Studio Pottery, Studio Art, Ceramics, Droll Designs, Centerpiece Bowl, Serving Bowl, Pasta Bowl, Bowl, Pottery
Vintage Collectible Decorative Arts Royal Rudolstadt Austria Housewares
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Decorative Arts
Magazines, Periodicals
Metalware, Kitchenware, Enameled Pan, Enameled, Paella Pan, Garcima, Spain
Paintings, Prints
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SALE 1930's   Tobacco  Humidor  Barrel   Wood Turned
SALE 1930's Tobacco Humidor Barrel Wood Turned
$25 USD Sale

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