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Currier & Ives , 1862 , Printmaking , The Boquet Of Roses
Oil , Canvas , Landscape, Cows, Hay Wagon
Oil , Hudson River, Landscape, River Scene
Oil , Oil On Canvas, Landscape
Oil , Oil Painting, Landscape, River Scene, Oil On Canvas
Oil Painting, Girl With Cows
Oil, Canvas, Landscape, River , Lake, Castle, Bridge
Oil, Landscape
Oil, Landscape, W H Brown
Oil, Oil On Canvas, Williamson, Landscape, 1904
Oil, Oil Painting On Canvas, M Kassel, Paris
Painting, Oil , Canvas, Landscape
Painting, Oil Painting, Academy Board, Early, Landscape
Painting, Oil Painting, Academy Board, Seascape, Landscape, Ocean
Painting, Oil Painting, Oil On Canvas, Sheep, Shepherdess
Painting, Oil, Pastoral Scene, Oil On Canvas, G Willis, Landscape
Painting, Painting On Wood Board, Early, Probably 1700's
Pastel, Painting, Drawing

Chagall , Abstract
Abstract, Larry Stratton
Abstract, Reed
Acrylic, Larry Stratton, Impressionism, Landscape, Signed
Enamel On Copper, Cardin, Colorful
Gouache , Watercolor , Acrylic , Winter Scene , Creekside Town Scene
Gouache, Gouache Watercolor, Oriental
Landscape, Oil
Landscape. Carbone
Oil , Abstract , Cubist , Impressionistic , Lady
Oil , Antonio, Landscape, Winter Scene, Signed
Oil , Canvas , Edith Montlack , Listed Artist , Bull , Matador
Oil , Cityscape , South American City , Village , Blanco
Oil , Cityscape, John F Cathcart
Oil , Cows , Landscape
Oil , Harbor , Boats
Oil , Harbor Scene , Tropical , Villa , Mountains, Rofini
Oil , Impressionistic, Birds, Wildlife
Oil , Impressionistic, Flute Player , Music , Carlos Lopez Ruiz
Oil , Landscape , Antonio Tano
Oil , Landscape , Morris Katz , Impressionistic , Listed Artist
Oil , Landscape , Pair
Oil , Landscape , Seascape , Tropical , Rofini
Oil , Landscape , Stone Bridge , Water , Country
Oil , Landscape Hudson River Scene
Oil , Listed Artist , Morris Katz , Impressionistic , Landscape
Oil , Oil On Board , Landscape , Forest , Scary , Impressionistic , Trees , Signed
Oil , Oil On Board , Signed , Seascape , Boat
Oil , Portrait, Peasant Woman , Foreign, Signed
Oil , Signed , Jean Kay , Landscape, Tassel Hill, Waterville Ny , Hay Field
Oil , Signed , Still Life , Impressionistic
Oil , Still Life, Fruit
Oil , Winter Scene , Rumsky
Oil Painting , Wildlife , Ducks, Birds , Landscape
Oil Painting, Oil On Canvas, Sheep, Stable Scene
Oil Painting, Pair, Ellen Nicotra, Abstract, Cityscape
Oil, 1800's, Oil On Canvas
Oil, Abstract , Impressionistic , Knutson
Oil, Abstract, Hall Groat Sr, Listed Artist
Oil, Abstract, Impressionism, Figural
Oil, Abstract, Patricia Friend, Figural, Abstract Expressionism
Oil, Abstract, Ship, Signed
Oil, Barton, Abstract, Impressionism, Impressionistic, Landscape, Architectural, Church
Oil, Canvas, Alex Minewski, Abstract
Oil, Canvas, Betty Hayes, Still Life, Colorful
Oil, Canvas, Landscape, Brass Covered Wood Frame, Long
Oil, Canvas, Mark Baum, Landscape, Architectural
Oil, Canvas, Seascape, Boat
Oil, Canvas, Tiger, Realistic, Hue Chang
Oil, Carlo Mancini , Landscape
Oil, Ciappa, Italian City By The Sea, Landscape, Seascape, Signed
Oil, Deep Walnut Frame
Oil, Ed Wolff , Landscape
Oil, Harbor Scene, Whartenby, Mystic Ct
Oil, Hudson River, Landscape
Oil, Impressionism, Cityscape, Architectural, Paris Scene, Signed
Oil, Impressionism, Landscape
Oil, Impressionism, Landscape, Oil On Board
Oil, Impressionism, Randall, Signed, Landscape
Oil, Impressionistic, Cityscape, Paris Scene, Signed, Heavy Impasto
Oil, Impressionistic, Donck, Signed , Landscape, Cityscape
Oil, Impressionistic, Henri Rogers, Henry Rogers, Paris, Cityscape, Street Scene
Oil, Impressionistic, Impressionism, Landscape, Signed, Oil On Canvas
Oil, Impressionistic, Oriental, Cityscape, City Scene, Street Scene, Market Place
Oil, Landscape
Oil, Landscape , Fall, Autumn , K Judy
Oil, Landscape, Bubble Glass, Metal Frame, Convex Glass
Oil, Landscape, Detailed, Country Cottage
Oil, Landscape, Jean Kay, Signed, Hay Field
Oil, Landscape, Moonlit, Lake Scene
Oil, Landscape, Oil On Canvas, Signed
Oil, Landscape, Seascape, Harbor
Oil, Landscape, Seascape, Heavy Impasto, Ethel Kling
Oil, Landscape, Seascape, Pat Kretchmer
Oil, Landscape, Signed
Oil, Landscape, Unframed
Oil, Landscape, Village, Swiss Village , Durr
Oil, Landscape, Water
Oil, Len Gussow, Landscape, Autumn Colors, Reds
Oil, Linda Fox, Colorful, Island Art
Oil, Oil On Board, S Reed, Signed, Nautical, Buoys, Crab Claw
Oil, Oil On Board, Willard Sauter, Listed Artist, Landscape
Oil, Oil On Canvas, Landscape, Brown
Oil, Oil On Canvas, Landscape, Cows, B M Brown
Oil, Oil On Canvas, Landscape, Signed, Hikmat Hidayat
Oil, Oil On Canvas, Lewis Rubenstein, Impressionism, Landscape, Cityscape
Oil, Oil On Canvas, Pastoral, Landscape, Signed, John Whites
Oil, Oil On Canvas, Signed, Landscape
Oil, Painting On Tin, Landscape
Oil, Pair Of Paintings, Landscapes, Signed
Oil, Paul Blum, Southwest, Landscape
Oil, Paul Kujal, Landscape, Oil On Canvas
Oil, Portrait, Oil On Board
Oil, Portrait, Oil On Canvas
Oil, Rene Caron, City Scene
Oil, Rene Caron, Impressionistic, Paris Scene, Cityscape, Architectural
Oil, Roro, Native Village Scene
Oil, Seascape, Lady In Rowboat
Oil, Seascape, Red Sky, Sunset, Boats, Fishing Boats, Oil On Board
Oil, Seascape, Ship At Sea, Nic Glowacky
Oil, Sesacape, Couple By The Sea
Oil, Signed
Oil, Still Life, Floral
Oil, Still Life, Floral, Signed
Oil, Windmill, Landscape
Painting On Tin Or Brass , Signed M P , Waterlilies
Pastel, Drawing, Chandler, Original Chandler, Signed
Pastel, Drawings, Boonsong, Thai, Dancers
Pastel, Gouache, Thai Dancers , Suwich
Pastel, Landscape, Henry Morse Ward, Candler Contemporary
Pio Centro , Sorrento, Oil , Oil On Canvas, Cityscape, Street Scene
Reverse Glass, Oil, Landscape, Winter In Holland, Ornate Frame
Sculpture , Copper , Enamel , Etching , Wall Hanging , Decorative Arts
Tempera, Louise Reed, Railroad Track Scene
Watercolor , Gouache , Y Gianni , Listed Artist , Landscape , Venice
Watercolor , Landscape , Flower Garden , Cottage , M S Wiggins
Watercolor, Ali, Flower Vendor, Market Scene
Watercolor, F Moller, Landscape
Watercolor, Gropp , Village Scene
Watercolor, Landscape, Country Shed, Signed
Watercolor, Landscape, Joan Stier
Watercolor, Landscape, Ready To Hang
Watercolor, Larry Stratton
Watercolor, M Williams, Landscape, Garden, Flowers
Watercolor, Street Scene, Church, Village, Architectural, Signed

Abstract, Signed
Alvar, Abstract
Barday, Etching, Paris, Signed
Benton Murdoch Spruance , St Jerome
Benton Spruance , Surreal
Benton Spruance, Surreal, Black Friday
Christ In The Temple , Heinrich Hofmann , Signed, Religious
Currier & Ives , Little Brothers
Etching , City Street Scene
Etching , Color
Etching , Eastlake Victorian Frame, Cityscape
Etching , France
Etching , V Roliu
Etching, Ira Moskowitz, Signed, Musicians, Listed Artist
Etching, Karla Gudion, Quartet, Musicians, Violins, Bass, Lute
Etching, Lundberg
Etching, Set Of Three, Landscapes
Jean Gilles , Etching
Pop Art, Abstract, Signed, Fish
Sam Maitin , Abstract
Signed, Limited Edition, Cityscape, Architectural
Woodcut , Eugene Larkin, Listed Artist
Woodcut , Woodblock , Limited Edition, W Swanson, Brooklyn Symphony
Woodcut, Horses, Signed, Limited Edition
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Benton Murdoch Spruance (1904-1967)   . listed artist . St Jerome Print
Benton Murdoch Spruance (1904-1967) . listed artist . St Jerome Print
$850 USD

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