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Gallery-2000 Celebrates 15 Years! Great news! We give 15% discount for all paintings & lithographies! Ask for discounts now!

Original painting - European impressionism, English watercolor, Russian traditional school & more...

About Gallery-2000

Our Service Pledge
We guarantee that all of pieces of art from Gallery-2000 are high quality art works.

We guarantee discounts for purchase of the second painting.
We give the answer to your letter in 24 hours. Orders are processed ASAP!
We successfully work through the Internet fourteenth year worldwide! You can trust us!
About Us
Gallery-2000 Celebrates 15 Years in Business!
Great news! On this occasion, we give all customers 15% discount for all our paintings! Ask for discounts now!
Moreover, for paintings above 3000$ shipping free.

Gallery-2000 sells European and Russian fine art - rare art works.
Gallery-2000 successfully work through the Internet fifteen years worldwide! You can trust us!

Our gallery shows together examples of vivid and stylistically varied art - pointillism, symbolism, avant-garde, expressionism and impressionism.
We do not hide our attraction to the older schools of art. We like well-drawn paintings showing painstaking detail, where you can see not only the exceptional ideas of the artist but also his artistic technique. Although you also can find in our collections very recent works with bold, open colors and temperamental, energetic and very strong technique.

We are proud that we can offer you three original lithographs by well-known Russian artist of the early years of the 20th century Wassily Kandinsky. These lithographs have been made from watercolors around 1917 - 1921. These lithographs are limited edition of 295 pieces only.

In our Rubylane shop we offer new collection of giclees and lithographs from paintings of these well-known European artists.

It is very unique offer because price for these paintings are very expensive till 100 000$! We offer for buyer of our Rubylane shop very favourable price for giclees and lithographs from these paintings till 900$!

Also you can buy original paintings and watercolors reasonably priced.
You can see and buy very interesting collection of lithographs of contemporary artists.
Part of our art works will be sent from Moscow, Russia or Amsterdam, Netherlands.

What is Lithography
Lithography is a transfer of image from a stone to a paper. Lithography is created using a printing technique based on the principle that oil and water do not mix. Each lithography is art work.