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Amazing 40 Carats Genuine Pear Cut Midnight Sapphires Drop Earrings
Beautiful Single Strand Raw Emeralds Necklace
Beautifully Made Emerald Necklace In 200 Carats
Drop Shape Mother Of Pearl Earrings
Edwardian Inspired Green And Black Crystals Fresh Water Necklace Set
Egyptian Style Necklace Earrings Cuff Bracelet Set
Elegant Emeralds Lab Created Diamonds Silver Earrings
Elegant Single Knotted Smokey Quartz Necklace
Exquisite 100 Carats Of Azurine Blue Quarts Necklace
Faux Purple Suede Sardonyx Spiral Necklace
Flawless Sapphire Silver Mounted Earrings
Flawless Sodalite And Goldtone Charms Necklace Set
Gorgeous Amethyst Fresh Water Of Pearl Emeralds Necklace
Gorgeous Brass Link Faux Pearls Necklace
Gorgeous Gold Plated Ruby Ring
Gorgeous Orange Carnelian 170 Carats Hand Knotted Necklace
Hand Beaded Chandelier 3d. Shape Earrings
Irresistible Gorgeous Rubies Silver Earrings
Irresistible Midnight Blue Sapphire Pendant
Native American Turquoise Necklace
Pear Shaped 11mm Fresh Water Pearls
Pendants, Lockets
Sardonyx Cabochon Round Oval Necklace Set
Stunning Hand Crafted Murano Glass Necklace Set
Stunning Polished Emerald Necklace
Vintage Artisan Gold Matte Flower Earrings

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SOLD Polished Turquoise, Water Of Pearls, Swarovski  Crystals Earrings.
SOLD Polished Turquoise, Water Of Pearls, Swarovski Crystals Earrings.

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