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About Friday's Joy

Our Service Pledge
Service is my top priority at Friday's Joy. I guarantee the authenticity of all merchandise. If there is an issue, I will do my utmost to assure customer satisfaction. Guaranteed response to queries within 24 hours.
About Us
WELCOME! I’ve designed and crafted jewelry since 1965, and collected vintage for nearly five decades. In my Blanche DuBois years, I’m selling my creations and estate for the greater good. 100% of profits goes to charity, mainly the working poor or ecology conservation. Proof on request. So browse! Friday's Joy's inventory is eclectic, and I hope you’ll find a little treasure, or just enjoy reading. Every piece of vintage or antique jewelry has a story and I aim to be that story's teller. You may be surprised by how much one can learn from an old bauble. From forensics to physics, I try to explain interesting details and welcome your email when you know something I don't. I've found that I have very sharp customers and it's always a joy to hear from you.
Customer satisfaction is my top priority; please note reviews.

Co-created custom orders are my pleasure. I often remodel lackluster necklaces for clients who only partly like them into something they love. My bead bank is VAST and the Muse inspires me to plunder it. Inquiries invited. I also restring inexpensively, and Mr. De La Cruz, over at Kiss The Past Antiques, does my knotting. (Check out his agate necklaces to view his work.) Do you have a bracelet you'd rather was a necklace? Or vice versa? Some cherished trinkets you'd like in earrings, or a piece designed to match your style? I involve you in my process, emailing step-by-step photos for your critiques, revisions, or approval. Hubby calls me "The Bead Whisperer." If I can't fabricate what we co-design, my local jeweler or my associate in Jaipur can, from druzies to diamonds, oxidized sterling to high-karat gold. Everything made the old-fashioned way—entirely by hand. Lastly, if you're hunting something rare, I may be able to scout it for you for a 20% finder's fee.

I list items frequently, so subscribe to updates for first choice of new arrivals, which can disappear fast. Stock rotates; if you can’t find something you fancied, message me because I may have shelved it or could have something comparable if it sold. If I don't have it, I'll make or try to find one for you.
With apologies, (and a few exceptions), no layaway.

*ABOUT MY CORALS: I handle (but no longer buy) only vintage and antique corals, typically acquired at auction or imported from friends in Eastern Europe, all harvested at least four decades (sometimes centuries) before coral became a threatened species. I used to believe that old coral was the only ethical kind to buy, but I no longer feel comfortable buying corals at all. Vintage coral is finite. New corals are harvested at grievous cost to the sea. A portion of every coral sale will be donated to coral-forstering programs.

Your purchases will be packaged in recycled, eco-friendly materials whenever possible. To save on shipping, simply request first-class postage instead of priority before or during checkout.
I'm an NGO of one: 100% OF PROFITS GOES TO CHARITY. Proof on demand.
A trained ESL teacher, I offer English lessons pro-bono to interested ones of any age or nation via Skype.
A list of my recipients is available on request, as well as documentation of transfers and just what the donated funds were used for. Typically, groceries, housing, clothing, mosquito nets, medicine, and occasionally livestock (for widows with small farms).
Word's out about me and old jewelry; this year several local seniors and an Apache called to trade beads and items for ready cash. I send appropriate beads to a family in the Kewa Pueblo; another box is currently en route to an Apache reservation. In the current atmosphere of counterfeited jewelry, I will no longer be purchasing from anyone but members of the Indian Nation.
If you have jumbles of junk jewelry, broken necklaces, or baggies of "orphan" beads (the older, the better), mail them to my P.O. box and you have my word as a Ruby Lane vendor in good standing that every bead will be put to good use. What I cannot up-cycle in studio work, I donate to the recovery community's auctions to support taking AA meetings into prisons, etc.
And finally, there is Patrick Mwalua, "guardian of Tsavo" (National Park, Kenya). Of his own volition, Mwalua has for years been driving tankers-full of water to the elephants, giraffes, and myriad wildlife of drought-stricken Tsavo, and now he and an international team of volunteers have planted hundreds of trees to reforest part of the mostly-arid Park. Decorated by the President of Kenya for his valor, Mwalua is steadfastly heroic in the face of financial restrictions and racism. Early in 2021 I established a GoFundMe account for Patrick, and by keeping the updates current & photo-documented, was able to raise for Patrick $8,000. With that he built most of two houses to dorm incoming volunteers, and got a jump on building permanent watering holes lined with cement. When last we spoke, he was also planning a wallow pond where the animals can coat their skins with mud—equatorial sunscreen. Please consider donating to the Mwalua Wildlife Trust, for preserving endangered species and an entire ecosystem. Find Patrick by Googling or on Facebook.
What can just one person do to make a difference? Quite a lot, actually. And today that one person may be YOU.
THANK YOU all, for being such great customers! It seems that the more I give away, the more you support Friday's Joy. My profound gratitude to every single one of you for empowering me to pay it forward.
* * *
All items listed as sterling are known to me either by provenance (if new, usually Rio Grande Jewelry Supply), hallmark, and/or acid testing to be 925 silver. Gold is likewise acid-tested. I proof amber with acetone, coral by crushing or simple lemon juice (calcium carbonate effervesces under acid), and all gemstones with a Presidium machine for positive identification.
I GUARANTEE MY LISTINGS. Quality control is strict: no broken clasps, kinked chains, wonky findings, or undisclosed deep scratches. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase for ANY reason, you may return it for a refund minus shipping and a 10% restocking fee. If the fault is mine, all postage will be refunded and the restocking fee waived.

Happy hunting!
April Friday Reed
(Photo by Esmer Kazvinova; portraits by appointment; msg me.)
April Friday Reed
P.O. Box 4222
Santa Cruz
CA 95063

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