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Austrian, European, Hand Painted, Flowers, Lily, Lillies
Bowl, Jardiniere, Ferner, Vase, Feet, Ornate, Victorian
Charger , Plate, Plaque, Artist, Hand Painted, Rococo, Ornate
Chicago Studio, Artist, Signed, Pickard, Stouffer, Brauer, Yeschek, Donath
Dresser Jar Powder Jar
Dresser Jar Powder Jar Dresser Tray
Dresser Tray, Brush, Comb, Dresser Box Artist
Dresser, Powder, Jar, Box, Pin, Trinket, Mirror, Comb
European, Bavaria, German, Germany, Deco, Nouveau, Coffee Pot, Tea Pot, Teapot, Cocoa Pot
European, French, Limoges, Bavarian, Germany
Ewer, Pitcher, Vase
Factory, Artist, Studio, Signed, Hand Painted
French, France, European, Hand Painted, Handpainted, Roses, Artist
German, Bavaria, Bavarian, European
German, Bavaria, Bavarian, European, Handpainted
Hair Receiver, Dresser Jar, Powder Jar, Powder Box, Dresser Box, Comb, Brush
Handpainted, Hand Painted, Artist, Roses, Vintage, Victorian
Haviland, Limoges, French, Rococo, Ranson, Ornate
Jardiniere, Bowl, Planter, Vase, Hand Painted, Cachepot
Jardiniere, Centerpiece Bowl, Planter, Vase
Limoges, Jennings, Signed, Strawberries, Hand Painted
Limoges,French, Austria, Austrian, Bavarian, German, Hand Painted, Artist, Scenic, Pastoral
Pickard, Stouffer, Brauer, Osborne, Donath
Plate, Charger, Plaque, Aritst, Hand Painted
Pot, Vase, Cachepot, Jard, Handpainted, European
Pot, Vase, Cachepot, Jard, Handpainted, European, Plinth Stand
Punch Bowl, Centerpiece Bowl Artist, French Hand Painted
Scenic, Tray, Platter, Charger, Plaque Floral, Forest, Hand Painted
Tankard, Stein, Mug, Handpainted, Hand Painted, Berries Fruit
Tea Pot Teapot Coffee Pot Chocolate Pot Cocoa Pot Demitasse
Tray, Hand Painted, French, Dresser Jar Hair Receiver Talc Powder
Urn, Vase, Lid, Cover, Cutwork, Handpainted, French, Victorian
Vanity, Dresser Jar, Dresser Box, Brush, Comb

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Decorative & Figurines
Plaque, Painting, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Religious
Plaque, Plate, Portrait, Woman, Figural, Scenic, Turn Of The Century
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SET (4) Vintage Handpainted Buttons; Matching, Pansies, Heavy Gold
SET (4) Vintage Handpainted Buttons; Matching, Pansies, Heavy Gold
$87 USD

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