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My relationship with Ruby Lane started in early 2011.

As you see, my listings are diverse. I specialize in quality Antique clocks, "Smalls" & collectables. The conditions of my items listed are very good to exceptional. Those that are not will be noted.

The categories I list under are huge, therefore a struggle for both knowledge & accuracy in my descriptions. I will do my best, but correct me if you don't agree.

I've been an artist/craftsmen/jeweler for 60+ years, an antique dealer for 31 years. I'm a 5-year graduate of the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts majoring in Jewelry & Silversmithing. For many years I taught jewel making at the Cambridge Center for Adults Education. One of my many interests & hobbies is Contract Bridge of which I've also instructed from time to time.

Presently, I and my wife & best friend display our acquisitions in antique shops in the New England of the USA. My wife has an extensive knowledge of antique Bisque & Ginny dolls, etc! At my age I'm so thankful she still wishes to keep me! When eBay began, she was among the first sellers/buyers to join. Because of her long standing with eBay, from time to time they will contact her for her opinion on the many changes in there website as far as ease & understanding for both buyers/sellers.

My hope is that we can offer to you many collectable items of interest.
In advance, I must thank you for viewing my site.

Queries are always welcome.