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1930s Black Lace & Silk Chiffon Column Gown
1930s Silk Chiffon Lace Ball Gown
1940s "Tippy" Hat Velvet & Flowers
1940s Beaded Wool Gabardine Swing Jacket
1940s Mollie Parnis Cocktail Dress Silk
Antique Austrian Hand Painted Petit Point Purse
Art Deco 1920s Rhinestone Evening Purse
Art Deco Calcedony, Sterling, Marcasites, Embroidered Purse
Art Deco Glass Beaded Flapper Dress 90 Glass Beads
By Period
Ca 1870 Victorian Day Dress Bustle Ensemble Silk
Celluloid Frame Purse "Hiawatha" Beaded Embroidered
Celluloid Frame Purse Glass Beaded Body
Chanel Silk Chiffon Gown Full Length
Edwardian Period Hat Ostrich Feathers Ca 1910
Edwardian Satin Couched Stitch Evening Robe
Pane French Silk Velvet 1930s Art Deco Column Gown
Silk Ruffled Victorian Period Collar
Vintage 1950s Alligator Purse
Wallet, Necessaire, Aide D'memoire, Embroidery
Yves St. Laurent Leather Fringe Coat France
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Micro Beaded Purse French Cut Steel Beads Floral Pattern
Micro Beaded Purse French Cut Steel Beads Floral Pattern
$175 USD Offer

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