Ely Greenhut, Bangor, ME   
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Monograms, hearts, animals & many other pendants all personalized crafted by hand.

Personalized jewelry

About Elygoldart

Our Service Pledge
We craft a genuine pendant not found anywhere else. If customer is not happy with their necklace upon its arrival, please return it. A new one or repairs will be made on the customer's necklace or a refund will be given promptly.

All photographs were taken with a Canon mark 3 EOS 5D camera using a micro lens for the front & back of each pendant. None of the photographs were retouched. You are looking at original pictures of all my jewelry.
About Us
Ely was born in Brooklyn New York. As a young boy Ely built small wooden models of boats, houses & much more. When he was in his late teens he started experimenting working with cutting & carving miniature models out of metal. Soon there after Ely started cutting Personalized jewelry out of precious metals.
There are no schools any where that can teach this cutting technique. The jewelry featured here are the magnificent results of many years of work. Ely is self trained, never went to school to learn his profession & is well known in the wholesale jewelry industry as the grand master of personalized jewelry.

With over 40 years of professional experience Ely provides the utmost crafted jewelry. He is one of the most sought after jewelers alive today and his work has expressed inspiration and affection to all of his clients.
Ely won world competitions in Europe, the Orient & in the USA.
Our Quality : All jewelry is exclusively created by Ely. All jewelry are of heavy solid gold or silver & are all hand made. After urgent requests of his clientele, many spread across the globe, in order to attend the demand of clients in Italy, Israel, Canada, and many other parts only a web site could do.

Ely's Specialties: English Pendants, Charms of all types. We have several production collections and we accept custom made jewelry requests.