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Art Porcelain & Pottery
Art Pottery
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Bookends, Roseville, Ming Tree, Green, Pottery
Brush Porcelain & Pottery Co. "Southern Lady" Planter, 1941
Brush Porcelain & Pottery Co. Flower Frog, 1938-1964, Green
Brush Porcelain & Pottery Co., Ostrich Planter, Peach
Brush Porcelain & Pottery Co.--frog Planter
Condiment, Royal Winton, Silver, Spoon, Dish, Celtic,England
Decorated Standard Glaze Mug Cr. 1920
Hull Butterfly Lavabo--3 Piece Set
Hull Porcelain & Pottery Co. Woodland Vase, No. W- 1, 5 1 / 2- - pre- 1950- - matte Finish
Hull, Corky Pig Bank, Art Pottery
Hull- Open Rose Pattern Vase
Hull- - magnolia Pattern- - teapot- - sugar- - creamer- - pink Gloss- - elegant Dining
Hull--parchment & Pine 3 Piece Tea Set
Iris Bowl, No. 359-9, Pink, Roseville
Mccoy Car Planter-marked-
Mccoy, Cookie Jar, Clown, Pottery, Cookies, Cold Paint
Picture Plate, Maidens, Empire China, Gold
Roseville Porcelain & Pottery Co. Pair Of Silhouette Candle Holders- - pink- - 751- 3"- - circa 1952
Roseville Porcelain & Pottery Co. Pine Cone Vase--brown--1930's
Roseville Porcelain & Pottery Co.-- Rozane Pattern Vase--rose Pink--1940's
Roseville Porcelain & Pottery Co.--white Rose Vase 146-6 Brown/Green
Roseville, Art Pottery, Apple Blossom, Vase, Green
Roseville, Art Pottery, Coffee Pot, Wincraft
Roseville, Art Pottery, Console, Bleeding Heart, Flowers, Bowl
Roseville, Art Pottery, Peony, Vase, Green
Roseville, Art Pottery, Planter, Tulip, Artwood,Gray
Roseville, Art Pottery, Wincraft, Ashtray
Roseville, Pottery, Compote, Florentine 1
Roseville, Pottery, Donatello, Vase, Cherubs
Roseville, White Rose, Pink & Green, Vase
Roseville, Wincraft, Art Pottery, Window Box, Planter
Satsuma Wallpocket, Hand Painted, Japan
Shawnee Bridge Planter--green
Stangl Choc. / Milk / Water / Juice Pitcher
Tea Pot, Sugar Bowl, Creamer, Roseville, Wincraft, Azure Blue
Water Lily Pattern, Ciel Blue, 1943
Weller Cornucopia Vase--wild Rose
Weller Louwelsa Jug Vase--1896-1910 Era--mark
Weller Rudlor Vase--8 Inch--signed
Weller Wild Rose Triple Candleholder

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Decorative & Figurines
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Clocks, Timepieces
Figurine, Charles Dickens, Sebastian
Figurine, Miniature, Hudson, Stove
Folk Art
Fox & Hounds/Jaunting Cart--china & Glass-3 Countries
Glass Insulator, Electric, Telegraph, Hemingray
Lamps, Lighting
Miniature, Figurine, Hudson, Ben Franklin, Colonial
Native Americana
Needlework, Sampler, Embroidery, Clock, Music, Grandfather
Paintings, Prints
"Mary, Joseph And Baby Jesus" By Maxime Dastugue
Adirondack Eastlake / Rustic Tramp Art Picture Frame
Anne Hathaway Cottage- - shakespheare- - print
Chandler, Vintage Print, Winter, Queen Anne, Cottage, Sleigh, Snow
Children, Christmas, Sleeping,Elsley
Clipper Ship Print, Marine, Sailing, Ocean
Clipper Ship Print-full Sail-g.G. Reynaud
Cupid Asleep & Cupid And The Birds
Dogs, Setters, Print, Reneau, Gerlach-barklow Co
Eva And Uncle Tom, Print, Theater Poster, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Harriet B. Stowe
First Kiss, First Love, Margaret Kane, Print
Martha Washington, Portrait, Currier & Ives
Motto, Proverbs 3-6, Calligraphy, Forest Landscape
Mountains, Stream, Cabin, Print Litho., Peaks
Native American, Art, Watercolor, Painting, Southwest, Indian, Navajo, Shepard
Native American, Indian, Maiden, Canoe, Adirondack, Print
Nymphs, Forest, Dancing, Corot, Vintage Print
Nymphs, Print, Dance, Woodland, Corot
Print, Children, Artist Signed
Print, Sepia Tone, Windmill, Dutch, Holland, Ruysdael
Shepherdess, Sheep, Lamb, Children
Venice, Canal, Italian, Briganti, Boats, Waterway
Waterfall- print- postcard- minnehaha Falls
With Working Thermometer

Sebastian Figurine, P. W. Baston, Seven Gables, Penny Shop
Sebastian Figurine, P.W. Baston, Children. Brother, Sister
3 Long Shank Bits--auger--wood Boring--woodworking
Block Plane, Woodworking Tool, American Boy
Camp Ax, Woodworking Tool, Camping, Scouts, Firewood
Clamp, Vise, Wood Jaws, Woodworking Tool
Corner Brace, Millers Falls, Drill, Woodworking Tool
Crate Hammer, Chisel, Nail Puller, Pry Bar
Disston, Rip Saw, Handsaw, Woodworker, Carpenter
E. C. Atkins, Saws, Buck Saw, Saw Blades, Advertising
Fruitwood Plow Plane 1/2 Round Cutter
Keen Kutter, E. C. Simmons, Crosscut Saw, 10 Pt. Panel Saw, Handsaw
Machinists Surface Gage--15 Inches Tall
Marking Gauge, Wedge Lock, Hardwood, Woodworking Tool
Mathieson, Wood Moulding Plane, Woodworking Tool
Millers Falls Reversible Plane Woodworking Tool
Millers Falls, No 182, Brace, Drill, Auger, Combination
Moulding Plane, Ovolo, Tottenham, Woodworking Tool
Ohio Tool Co. Wood Planes, Bead-round
Plane, Molding, Woodworking, Tool, Carpenter, Cabinetmaker
Plane, Rabbet, Wards Master, Woodworking Tool
Plane, Sandusky Tool Co., Bench, Woodworking Tool
Primitive Wood Plane-double Handles
Rip Saw, E. C. Adkins, Skew Back, 5 Point, 1887
Round Bottom Plane, British, 1700's, Woodworking Tool
Round Bottom Plane, British, 1800's, Woodworking Tool
Saw Set, Saw Sharpening, E.C. Stearnes, Handsaw
Scroll Work, Fret, Saw, Woodworking, Tool
Sheneman, Woodworking, Tool, Round, Plane
Spoke Shave, Scraper, Woodworking Tool, Homemade
Squirrel Tail Plane Woodworking Tool
Stanley Bailey, No. 6 Fore Plane, Woodworking Tool
Stanley No. 45, Type 4, Plane, Woodworking Tool, 1890-1892
Stanley No.220, Type 1, Block Plane, Woodworking Tool
Stanley, Defiance,Smooth Plane, Woodworking Tool
Stanley, Tape, Steel, Measure, Woodworking Tool
Starrett Surface Gage--machinists And Toolmakers Precision Tool
Tenon Cutter, Woodworkers Tool, Spoke, Auger
Two Awls- - two Ice Picks- - stanley- - advertising
Vintage Woodworking Tool--wooden Plane-dovetailed Horn
Wood Tongue Plane, 1842-1847, Barry & Way, Woodworking Tool
Wooden Bead Plane, Woodworking Tool, Canadian Plane, A. Monty
Wooden Coffin Plane-ames Tool Co.-woodworking
Woodworking Tool
Woodworking Tool, Compass Plane, Curved, Woodworkers
Woodworking Tool, Plane, Anchor, Grooved
Woodworking Tool, Plane, Sargent
Woodworking Tool, Plane, Transitional, Union Mfg. Co
Woodworking Tool, Round Bottom, Plane, British
Woodworking Tool, Splitter-marking Gauge, Sandusky
Woodworking Tool, Tape Measure, 100 Feet, Keuffel & Esser
Woodworking Tool, Wooden Plane, Wm. Moss, Moulding, Cabinetmaker
Woodworking Tool, Wooden Round Plane, A. Monty
Woodworking, Scroll Saw, Patterns, Cutouts, Book
Woodworking, Tool, British, Plane, Cabinetmaking
Woodworking, Tool, Carpenter, Plane Complex, Groove
Woodworking, Tool, Moir Glasgow, Sash, Ovolo,Plane
Woodworking, Tool, Mortise, Gauge, Zenith
Woodworking, Tool, Plane, L. & I. J. White
Woodworking, Tool, Plane, Wood, Sash, Moulding
Woodworking, Tool, Skewed Rabbet Plane, German, Wood

Writing Instruments
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SALE 48" Panoramic Photo of Camp Cody, Deming, N.M.--1917--WW1--Co. A, Nebr. Nat'l. Guard
SALE 48" Panoramic Photo of Camp Cody, Deming, N.M.--1917--WW1--Co. A, Nebr. Nat'l. Guard
$35 USD Offer

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