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I will do my best to respond to questions and orders within 24 hours of receipt. I will give you great customer service with wonderful packaging. I will try to ship within 48 hours of receiving your order, but there may be times when the time to mailing is extended out. I won't extend it past seven days. If you need me to ship RIGHT AWAY, I'll do my best to serve you. Let me know in the "response to seller" or "message to seller" box on your invoice at checkout.
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I'm updating this page to tell you about myself, how I started making jewelry, and why it fulfills me so much. Check back. I should be done by Sept. 5.

HERE IS NEAT INFORMATION ABOUT THE BOHEMIA OF THE SOUTH: LITTLE FIVE POINTS IN ATLANTA, GA. IT IS WORTH READING. (THANKS) Lower Manhattan did not have a Greenwich Village before the turn of the second last century. It was the biggest slum in the world. It was known as Big Five Points. Later, of course, it was cleaned up and had a miraculous fifty or more years of creativity. Poets, Non-conformists, folk-singers, Bob Dylan: You know the story. It was known as the Bohemia of the North.

But in Atlanta, Georgia, there was another intersection of five streets at angles that drew creative people to coffee houses. It's still a wonderful, lively, and creative place. Those of us who live here know that is is called "Little Five Points". If you read about it in Wikipedia, you will learn that Little Five Points in Atlanta is "the Bohemia of the South." It's true. I go there to hang out with other creative people whenever I have a chance to take the twenty minute drive into the heart of this great city in Dixie.


Shining Star – Dolphin Designs Artwear (I am the first to ever get this award. It was a peak experience.)
Congratulations to Pamela Brown of Dolphin Designs Artwear.
The Secret Shopper stated: "A good buying experience. Very quickly responded to all communications and the emails were more personal than my other buying experiences both on Ruby Lane and elsewhere. Lovely (Item details removed), personal communication, a 'real person' type of experience."

TESTIMONIALS: I don't want to bore you with too many of these. The testimonials are representative of them all. I'm including them to reassure new buyers that buying from me and my shop will feel great!

There have been over four hundred. I picked a few to include. I care about every one of the four hundred plus, and thank every one who has taken the time to tell me how they feel about my items, my service, my narratives, and my store. THANKS.

Pamela, thank you again for YOU and your incredible customer service.
I loved your narrative. Thank you.

I did look at all the items in your store and was so impressed! I have never seen such unique and colorful pieces! Perhaps when I've saved some more pennies, I can return and gift myself with something special!
I don't think any other owner is as personal about the store as you, it is nice.

Pamela, thank you again for YOU and your incredible customer service.

Dear Pamela,
I keep thinking and feeling so happy that you have been so kind to me, just a stranger in this big wide world.

Pamela, I actually wrote you a short note to say I find your descriptions refreshing and your lack of pretense disarming.

You continue to create very beautiful jewelry. . . . You are a "powerful woman" and you are a spiritual, creative unique person who has the ability to mesmerize with words. You are a true healer, and the healing comes through in your jewelry.

Hi Pamela,
The necklaces arrived. Oh….my….God!!!!!! They are both gorgeous. I opened each box with literal squeals of delight. The Madonna pendant is even bigger than I'd imagined it could be.
The dragon pendant is so beautiful. The beads are even more magnificent than you described. Wherever did you find them?

Pamela, I received this necklace and it is more impressive than
the pictures suggest - it really feels reverential to wear it.

I'll be checking your shop often; your customer service is fabulous and for me, that's a big part of any shopping experience and keeps me
coming back. Have a wonderful day. I'll be talking
to you.

Dear Pamela,
I received the necklace today. So beautiful. Can't wait to wear
it. You are definitely an asset to Ruby Lane. I will be
visiting your shop regularly. Thank you.

Thank you! I have a "thing" for earrings:) I can feel your passion for design and creativity when you describe your pieces! I look forward to wearing each pair:)

Dear Pamela thank you ! thank you ! My box arrived today in
perfect condition. The bears are great and I love my earrings and
your gift is beautiful. I will cherish it always One Jersey girl
to another. Happy Holidays

Dear Pamela,
I'm writing to say thank you so very, very much. The gift was
wrapped beautifully, but nothing could prepare me for how
gorgeous the actual necklace is. I was speechless when my friend
opened the package and showed me. The pictures simply don't do
your work justice -- it was lovely beyond belief!! Needless to
say, my friend was overwhelmed and said it's the most beautiful
necklace she has ever seen. It's so perfect for her, and we're
both now devoted to your work. Your service goes so far beyond
what anyone could reasonably expect. You are absolutely the best
and I appreciate all you did to help me, as well as your patience
with my questions before purchasing.
Thank you again; I look forward to purchasing from you again.

I am going to share your card and your jewelry with all my friends when I return to work next week.
You are a very special individual and it is revealed in your writings, your jewelry, and your willingness to be open to life and other people.

Hello my dearest pamela!!!!
I received my turquoise necklace!!!!!!!!!
The post man brought it in this week tuesday!
It is sooooo beautiful! It feels so lovely and calming in my
hands and I want to keep looking at it so often...
I carry it with me wherever I go...

Dear Pamela,
I just wanted to compliment you on how beautiful your designs are
and very well prices for the materials.

What a great necklace!

Dear Pamela,
I just had to write to tell you how much I love the new necklace and special earrings!!! The necklace is even more beautiful than the picture and has all of my favorite colors. I also love the earrings. They are a perfect match for the necklace. Thank you so much for everything - I hope to be visiting your shop again soon, and I wish you all the best!!!
Take care,

Dear Pamela-
Your pendant / homage to Bob Dylan arrived in Friday's mail. . . . I will wear this piece with pride and gratitude for the great musician.
May you keep on "... like a rolling stone."

Below are facts about the portrait of a Madonna and Child I use in almost all of my religious pendants. The original portrait was rendered by the Italian painter, Ferruzzi, in the last part of the nineteenth century (the 1800s).

The art work began after Ferruzzi saw an eleven year old pauper/peasant girl caring for her baby brother as she foraged for food. She looked hungry and older than her years. Ferruzzi, who lived in a palace, never felt above anyone else, and he had deep feelings of sorrow for the poor.

In the young girl's devotion to her baby brother some think that Ferruzzi witnessed the incarnation of the Virgin Mary deep within the core of his own being.

Perhaps he wanted to MOVE US TO HELP by showing the desperation of hunger. He strengthened the message by pairing the depleted girl with an opposite; trusting, protected, sleeping contentment. The parents agreed to allow these two children to model for the painting. Ferruzzi would have graciously paid the family handsomely in return.

The artist named the work, "Madonnini" (little Madonna). It was displayed for the first time in 1897 and garnered instant fame for both the artist and the painting itself.

Within a short time "the people" (who could easily have included you or me), were calling Ferruzzi's art work, "The Madonna of the Street". Generous in every way, the kind Ferruzzi renamed the painting for us. Uncharacteristically, he created THIS work using an anachronistic style: The genre had been gone for over fifty years. Clearly Ferruzzi was an INDIVIDUAL who didn't care about being in style. That is usually the case with people intimately connected to their souls (What Carl Jung would call "the Self Archetype", the mystical center of every human personality).

I believe the artist was GRIPPED by the Virgin Mary. Some readers might rather I declare, "the Spirit of the Divine Feminine." That's okay with me, though I think the former words are more moving and accurate on the level of soul mentioned above. I sense that the openness and FEELING on the face of the girl came "FROM ANOTHER WORLD". (Bob Dylan lyrics): That extraordinary realm where everything is Eternal.

Rhetorically I ask: Was the ordinary every day working world behind the time lapse in the way Ferruzzi painted Madonnini, and in the surprise he felt when the artist faced the VIRGIN MARY after he finished painting a contemporary pauper girl?

Was the here and now behind all the people unknown to each other calling the art work by a different name than the artist gave it once it awakened THEIR compassion for the poor--- and it was the SAME NAME?

And was carnal reality behind the fact that no one has seen the original painting since 1924, and no one knows where it is, or if it even still exists?
Pamela Brown
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Lawrenceville, GA 30044
(386) 316-3751
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