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I have been a collector of antique miniatures from childhood, when my parents had me tag along to auctions, antique shows, shops, markets and museums throughout the United States. My boredom was exquisite at these events and my impatience palpable because these were the days before portable electronic devices and children were never allowed to touch anything. I had little to do in those endless hours of waiting as my parents shopped with inexplicable enthusiasm and pored over what seemed like billions of items for gazillions of dollars while the shopkeepers eyed me with distrustful disdain. There was often a glass enclosed case or counter in every store or booth and they came up just to my eye level so I could peer in, "No fingerprints, please!" and gaze upon the "smalls" locked safely inside. With my hands clasped behind my back, or tucked carefully in my pockets, I learned to look in those cases and take in the tiniest details. And every once in a while, some little trinket would catch my eye, and I might be allowed, as a form of reward, or possibly bribery, to hold a little antique in my little hand, and sometimes, when my patience had been what I considered close to heroic, my parents would allow me to make a purchase and take something home. It was always something miniature, and I always had that feeling that something made in such small detail was somehow miraculous and took me out of that boring moment where I didn't want to be and transported me to a more perfect place. Sometimes it was given to me for "free" by the shopkeeper which made me think it was something they didn't put much value in because of it's size. To me, the diminutive antiques were the most valuable, the most extraordinary, the rarest and most desirable of all. And I am still collecting them. My miniatures managed to survive with me through my teenage years, into college and adulthood, through many happy years of marriage and motherhood, and they have never lost their fascination for me. They have led me on many wonderful adventures in collecting, through London and Paris and far less sophisticated locales which were just as exciting because of the thrill of finding something small and special. How many memories they have made for me! My husband and I can point to an item in our ever-growing collection and relive the moment when we bought it, recall where we were, and how much fun it was to find it. I have reached a time in my collecting career where I am ready to part with some items. I have gone through my collection and carefully selected treasures which are either duplicates picked up along the way, or those that don't fit my current direction in collecting. I have never been a "dealer" never purchased for profit, rather I purchased for love, and I promise to always treat my shoppers the way I would want to be treated as a collector. I am meticulous about accuracy, especially when it comes to authenticity and condition, and I stand behind my descriptions 100%, with years of carefully earned experience and knowledge. I hope you find that "little" something in my store that gives you the same joy of making a discovery, that feeling of being taken to a more perfect place by the magic of miniature antiques.