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Company Profile
About us, privacy statement, feedback from our customers. We are proud that we have been approved by squaretrade as " Safe, Honest and Guaranteed " shop. That means that our customers are US$ 550 fraud protected or $750 for e-bay auctions. Please let us know if you need more information.

Homepage of collect.at
Many links there - will give you a rough idea what we are offering on both homepages: http://www.collect.at/ and http://curioshop.rubylane.com at Ruby Lane

collect at: Blog for Collectors
Our wordpress blog.

Photos for collectors
Old, unique photos, mostly from China.

Vintage postcards and old antique postcards for postcard collectors and postcard collecting including roadside America, vintage real photo (RPPC) post cards, Canadiana and topical postcards.

Antiques and Collectibles twitter
Antiques and unique collectibles twitter

Stamps: China, Taiwan, Macao and postal history world wide
Stamps from China, Taiwan, Macao...many hundreds of offers

Jewellery Boutiques is a collection of online boutique shops

Postcards of Japan
Postcards of Japan (POJ) is a central repository for information on vintage postcards of Japan and the Japanese. Their focus is the pre-war period.

Old Chinese Photos for Collectors
Old Chinese photos, Cabinet photos, photos used as postcards and more. Important history documents

Chinachill: Meaninful Stay in China
chinachill stands for chilling out in China, it stands for time off on high quality level, for active relaxing.

Pins from China's Cultural Revolution periode
Revolution pins from China's Cultural Revolution periode

Netsukes, snuff bottles and other small collectibles from old China
Netsukes, snuff bottles and other small collectibles from old China

Graphics reflecting old China
China seen by western eyes. Thomas Allom and other European artists sketches and prints reflecting old China

Advertising on paper
advertising on paper, mostly post cards and posters.

Zeppelins: Old postcards, letters, documents
Zeppelin collectibles: photos,cards, covers, documents

Centennial Antiques
General line of quality antiques and collectibles including elegant, depression, 40s 50s 60s, and carnival glass; china, photography, lighting, dolls, furniture and more. Each item is individually pictured and priced.

Autographs - mostly Classical Music
autographs, mostly traditional (classical music )from Europe. Great conductors, soloists and some composers

Old Postcards, mostly China related. Categorized after towns and topics.
Hundreds of Asia related Postcards. Strong in China.

blog: antiques, collectibles, fine arts. Trial phase. No idea if its a good one.

The Beryl Peters Collection of antique paper ephemera
Buy scraps from the on-line store of this site and learn about The Beryl Peters Collection of antique paper ephemera.

Everything for the fan of classic Hollywood!

our curioshop: site index
View all of our items at a glance

German site for postcards

chinasammler: our blog in German
chinasammler: our blog in German, only listing Chinese antiques and vintage collectibles

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