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Little Creations is my outlet after 30 years of working in the jewelry trade. I have a background in jewelry repair so all the jewelry sold is in tip top shape and professionally cleaned and tested. I also worked in the vintage clothing and estate jewelry market for 5 years so I have extensive knowledge of what era an item was made in, by relating it to my experience of the overall look of each decade. I know what was usual from each vintage period but I look out for items that have a "little" twist of the unusual.

I have engaged the services of Harold Weinstein Ltd. Gemological Labs one of the labs in North America accredited by the American Gem Society. You will find coral, pearls, jade and many other semi precious and precious materials in my collection appraised by this prestigious firm, as an additional bonus, providing you with extra professional skill and security in buying high end jewelry for your own collections. This extra bonus will provide you with documents for insurance, estate and evaluation purposes. I want to give you absolute trust in what you purchase from Little Creations which is why I go to this extra effort for you, my valued customers.

I also have on call: Donald Mackay gemologist extraordinaire! He has over 40 years of experience and has lived and traveled world wide including London England where he worked as a gemologist in the 1970's. He has even dived a coral reef or two! His wide exposure and hands on experience make him an amazing resource for appraising rare corals and pearls which he has the most knowledge of any gemologist I have worked with. You will find his certified appraisals on some of my top pieces and his appraisals will give
you added security for evaluation and insurance purposes as well.

Another feature of my shop is my on going, world famous 2 for 1 offer....... here is how the 2 for 1 offer works on all items under $100. There are 3 price categories to choose from : under $25, $25-$49, $50-$99. If you choose an item from the highest category ($50-$99) your free item has to be from one of the lower priced category. Choose from the $25-$49 and the free item is from the under $25 . Choose from the under $25 and you can choose another item from the under $25 item. The categories can be accessed on the left hand side after you have pressed the "Sales Items" on my shop page. They are organized in such a way that you can search the price categories to see what is available in each one. Only pay for the higher priced item and one shipping. It's simple. Put 2 items through the check out and I will adjust the purchase order before you pay. The limitations are: newly listed items are not included until they have been in my shop 1 month ; layaways do not include this offer ; offers
made and accepted do not include this offer. You must ask me for the offer on the purchase order as it is not automatic. Happy treasure hunting!!
I am also a greeting card designer so you will find a very well developed and defined aesthetic in my choices of jewelry as a result of exercising my visual creativity over a long period. My hope is that you have a good buying experience by choosing an item from Little Creations. I will treat you like my only customer but I hope you bring friends!
Colleen Newell
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Toronto, ON, Canada
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