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Thank you for visiting Class Glass, your best source for the sublime.

I am a former antiques auctioneer and glassware dealer with over 30 years of experience and expertise. I specialize in early and vintage Lalique glassware, European porcelains and fine American art glass. Life's too short to waste your time on anything less than EXQUISITE.

My obsession with antiques began at the early age of ten years old. My grandfather gave me an old 1920’s gas heater and a torchiere lamp during a family trip to Texas. At that very moment I was “bit by the bug” that had bitten so many before me, I became a “collector”. I was fascinated by the artistry of these items and quickly recognized them to be superior to the current “groovier” offerings of 1974.

So off I went, scouring flea markets and yard sales for items of yore. I found my first muse, the wind-up phonograph. What a majestic machine it was, its shiny chrome arm, the glorious green felt on the platter and that tiger oak wood case. So for the next five years I restored dozens of these fabulous machines and resold them to collectors throughout the state. It was a labor of love and each new project was more fulfilling than the last.

Then at the age of 18, I attended my first antiques auction. I perused the table of “smalls” and discovered a whole new world of Victorian glassware and porcelain. Again, I marveled at the artistry and the craftsmanship of these delicate treasures. This time, my new passion was now early glassware and porcelains. That new love affair has stayed strong to this day, 32 years later.

My professional relationship with my passion for all things antique began in 1984 when I began buying antique furniture and glassware for the purpose of reselling them. A short three years later, I started my own auction company in California and brought in truckloads of estate items from the New England area and California bound containers loaded to the gills with antiques from Europe. Throughout my years as an auctioneer, in addition to my regularly scheduled antique auctions, I have handled the estates of Hollywood luminaries and have worked with numerous entertainment and sport giants on a philanthropist level. I would have never imagined that the early thrill of thumbing through a box of 78 speed records at a flea market would turn into a profession where I would handle nearly one million estate items from around the globe. In 1994, I moved to Austin Texas where I opened my own Antiques Gallery, “Morgan’s Fine Antiques” and here I am, still to this day, doing what I love.

Even though my business ventures have branched out in many unexpected directions, my main passion is still antique glassware and porcelains. And my main source of gratification is finding new loving homes for my many acquisitions.

Some of the items within my shop are prized possessions from my own collection as I am always mindful to allow room for new acquisitions. What you see within this shop is just the “tip” of the iceberg of items in my inventory and in my collections. If there is a specific Lalique item (contemporary or period) that you are looking for, I more than likely have it as I maintain a collection of over 300 Lalique items at any given time. Besides Lalique glass, I have a strong affinity for Art Nouveau style porcelains and iridescent American art glass, namely Tiffany, Quezal and Steuben.

More than just “who made it”, I look for items that epitomize artistry, elegance and craftsmanship. I never tire of beauty, it is what drives me and it is what makes me feel alive.

If I can help you fulfill your passion or add a little beauty to your life, then all is right in my world.

Thank you for your consideration and for visiting my Ruby Lane shop. Check back often for new additions daily.

Please note that this is the only online shop trading as "Class Glass USA" and this IS that shop. I am not associated with any other shop on Ruby Lane and I am unaccountable for any other shop which uses any part(s) of my shop's name.

AC Morgan III, purveyor of the sublime