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Glass 313
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By Function
Beverage Glass Or Cocktail Mixer
Candle Holder Or Toothpick Holder
Candy Or Sauce Dish Azure Blue
Cb Radio Beverage Glass
Cobalt Blue Perfume Bottle Avon
Crystal Biscuit Barrel From Yugoslavia
Crystal Flower Vase
Crystal Hobnail Salt Cellar Pair
Crystal Relish Dish
Demi-tasse Translucent Set Of 4 Cups For Coffee
Disney Mickey And Minnie Mouse Glasses
German Beer Mug " Die Mosel"
Glass Canning Jar With Oil Spout
Glass Cocktail Shaker And Four Matching Glasses
Glass Cream Bottles
Glass Decanter For Wine Or Spirits
Glass Serving Plate Iridescent Hues
Japanese Oil Lantern
Juice Or Whiskey Glasses Amish Pattern
Milk Glass Candle Holders
Milk Glass Soap Dish
Niagara Falls, Canada Shot Glass
Pair Of Vintage Oil Lamps With Grape Design Hong Kong
Rustic Glass Jug For Cream Or Syrup
Say When Shot Glass Canada
Solar Tea Jar
Vintage Amber Glass Refrigerator Dish
Vintage Floral Juice Glass Set

By Maker
Anchor Hocking 50th Anniversary Glasses
Anchor Hocking And Fire King Set Of Four Tea Cups
Anchor Hocking Burple Bowl And Hobnail Toothpick Holder
Anchor Hocking Fire King Cake Stand
Anchor Hocking Fire King Oven Ware Mug
Anchor Hocking Fire King Turquoise Egg Plate
Anchor Hocking Forest Green Cup And Saucers
Anchor Hocking Forest Green Dinner Plates
Anchor Hocking Forest Green Glass Platter
Anchor Hocking Glass Egg Plate
Anchor Hocking Glass Egg Plate 22k Gold Trim
Anchor Hocking Glass Juicer
Anchor Hocking Golden Anniversary Lemon Jar
Anchor Hocking Golden Harvest Jar
Anchor Hocking Green Dessert/Salad Bowls
Anchor Hocking Green Vases For Spring Flowers
Anchor Hocking Minnie Mouse Mug For Pepsi
Anchor Hocking Peach Luster Egg Plate
Anchor Hocking Pedestal Cake Stand Savannah Pattern
Anchor Hocking Royal Ruby Apothecary Or Candy Jar
Anchor Hocking Strawberry Shortcake Bowl
Anchor Hocking Tang Pitcher
Anchor Hocking Vintage Pattern Milk Glass Bowl
Anchor Hocking Vintage Tang Pitcher White Lily Pattern
Anchor Hocking Water Jug
Anchor Hocking Wexford Glass Goblet Set
Anchor Hocking Wexford Glass Large Canister
Anchor Hocking Wexford Glass Pitcher
Anheuser Bush Beer
Arcopal Milk Glass Mugs Glenwood Pattern
Avon 1953 Buick Skylark With Clint After Shave
Avon Cat Sachet Container
Avon Frog Moonwind Sachet Container
Avon Glass After Shave Pheasant Container
Avon Glass Bell Oland After Shave Container
Avon Milk Glass Sachet Container
Avon Milk Glass Train Mug
Avon Ruby Red Cape Cod Creamer
Bartlett And Collins Glass With Etched Grape Pattern 1950
Blendo West Virginia Glass Cruets And Shakers
Blendo West Virginia Glass Frosted Salad Bowl
Brockway Floral Glass June
Butterfly Gold Cups By Corning Ware Corelle
Carnival Glass Piggy Bank Anchor Hocking
Carnival Glass Wedding Box By Jeanette Glass
Corelle By Corning Crazy Daisy Serving Bowl
Corelle By Corning Ware Butterfly Gold Sugar And Creamer
Corelle Crazy Daisy Dinner Plates And Cup And Saucers
Corelle Crazy Daisy Luncheon And Dessert Plates
Corey Coffee Percolator
Corning Ware 10 Cup On The Stove Coffee Pot "Le Cafe"
Corning Ware Blue Onion Or Old Town Pedestal Mug
Corning Ware Cornflower 9 Cup On The Stove Coffee Pot
Corning Ware Serving Tray
Corning Ware Spice Of Life Casseroles
Corning Ware Spice Of Life Teapot
Crazy Daisy Pattern Sugar And Creamer Made By Pyrex And Corning
Cristal D'arques By Durand French Ruby Flash Glass Set
Culver Glass Bowls 1960s
Culver Glass Ltd Bowl Used
Culver Glass Ltd Set
Culver Glass Ltd. Cocktail Pitcher
Duncan-miller Pressed Glass Egg/Relish Plate
Federal Glass Aries Mug For April
Federal Glass Cancer Zodiac Mug
Federal Glass Candlesticks Pair
Federal Glass Set Of Five State Glasses
Federal Glass Wild Bird Beverage Glasses
Federal Housewares Glass Syrup Jug
Fenton Glass Daisy And Button Top Hat
Fenton Glass Hobnail Milk Glass Compote
Fenton Glass Hobnail Opalescent Vase
Fenton Glass Opalescent Basket Weave Bowl
Fenton Hobnail Glass Basket
Fenton Hobnail Toothpick Holder
Fire King Anchor Hocking Batter Bowl
Fire King Azurite Blue Creamer
Fire King Beaufort Transfer Company Mug
Fire King Bird Mugs
Fire King Chili Or Soup Bowls Pair
Fire King Cup/Saucer Set
Fire King Dinner Plate Golden Anniversary
Fire King Divided Serving Dish
Fire King Fleurette Pattern Soup Bowl Set
Fire King Floral Cup And Saucer Sets
Fire King Gay Fad Casseroles
Fire King Gingham Mug-new
Fire King Glass Server Base
Fire King Golden Anniversary Saucers
Fire King Golden Anniversary Serving Bowl
Fire King Golden Anniversary Sugar And Creamer
Fire King Gravy Boat
Fire King Hot Plate Or Server
Fire King Jadite Bowl Swirl Pattern
Fire King Jadite Creamer
Fire King Jadite Dinner Plates
Fire King Jadite Oven Ware Creamer
Fire King Kimberly Mug Set
Fire King Kimberly Stackable Ovenware Mugs
Fire King Oven Ware Set Of Three Soup/Cereal Bowls
Fire King Peach Lustre Baking Dish
Fire King Peach Lustre Serving Plate
Fire King Peach Lustre Set Of Three Cups And Saucers
Fire King Primrose Pattern Dinner Plate
Fire King Primrose Pattern Sugar And Creamer
Fire King Primrose Starter Set
Fire King Set Of 4 Peach Lustre Custard Cups
Fire King Set Of Six Mugs
Fire King Shell Or Golden Anniversary Cup/Saucer
Fire King Stackable Mug Set
Fire King Striped Green Mug
Fire King Sugar And Creamer Fleurette Pattern
Fire King Vintage Milk Glass Planters
Fire King Wheat 1 1/2 Quart Casserole, Original Box And Directions
Fire King, Anchor Hocking And Galaxy Mugs
Folger's Coffee Glass Juice Jug
Fostoria Amber Glass Coin Vase
Fostoria Glass Candy Dish Or Ashtray Set Of Six
Fostoria Glass Coin Candy Dish In Amber
Four Pyrex Coffee Mugs White With Blue Flowers
Fre King Peach Lustre Sugar And Creamer
Fred Press Beverage Glasses
Friendship Casserole By Pyrex
Galaxy Milk Glass Type Bank Mug
Galaxy Mug Meyer's Station Amoco
Gemco Measuring Glass For Beverages
Glasbake 2 Quart Bowl Blue And White
Glasbake Milk Glass Mug Story Of The Zinnia
Glasbake Soup Or Chili Bowl With Herbs
Golden Harvest Glass Canister By Anchor Hocking
Hazel Atlas Candy Striped Glass Set
Hazel Atlas Cherry Pedestal Mugs
Hazel Atlas Coffee Jar
Hazel Atlas Coffee Mug
Hazel Atlas Florida Mug
Hazel Atlas Glass Coffee Jar
Hazel Atlas Glass Container Vegetable Chopper
Hazel Atlas Jimmy Carter Mug
Hazel Atlas Juice Glasses With Pheasants 1950s
Hazel Atlas Milk Glass Shaker Set
Hazel Atlas Milk Glass Shaker Set Black Rooster
Hazel Atlas Moderntone Cup And Saucer Green Stripe
Hazel Atlas Pair Of Spice Shakers
Hazel Atlas Ruby Red Square Dance Glasses
Hazel Atlas Vintage Auto Beverage Glasses
Hazel Atlas Vintage Glass Coffee Jar
Hazel Atlas Weight Conversion Table Metric Mug
Hofbauer Bryd Glass Crystal Dinner Bell
Hofbauer Bryd Glass Vase German
Hofbauer West German Bryd Crystal Candy Dish
Hoosier Glass Large Green Vase
Indiana Carnival Glass Hen On Nest
Indiana Glass Biscuit Barrel
Indiana Glass Carnival Glass Blue Biscuit Barrel
Indiana Glass Carnival Glass Bowl
Indiana Glass Carnival Glass Compote
Indiana Glass Carnival Glass Pitcher And Water Glass Set
Indiana Glass Carnival Glass Salad Bowl
Indiana Glass Carnival Glass Serving Tray
Indiana Glass Carnival Glass Wine Glass Pair
Indiana Glass Diamond Point Compote
Indiana Glass Fairy Lamp
Indiana Glass Fruit Bowl Blue
Indiana Glass Grape Leaf Snack Set For Four
Indiana Glass Grapevine Compote
Indiana Glass Hobnail Egg Pare
Indiana Glass Marigold Tray
Indiana Glass Open Candy Dish
Indiana Glass Red Fairy Lamp
Indiana Glass Relish Tray In Amber Glass
Indiana Glass Teardrop Scalloped Compote
Indiana Glass Vintage Egg Plate
Inland Glass Coffee Carafe 22 K Gold Trim
Jeanette Glass Crystal Fruit Pattern Set
Jeanette Glass Ruby Flash Wedding Compote
Joe Camel Mug By Luminarc R J Reynolds Tobacco Company
Kentucky Derby Glass 1993 By Libby
Kimiko Beverage Glasses "Mad Men"
Kroger Peanut Butter Jar 1980s
Large Avon Ruby Red Cape Cod Wine Glass
Libbey Beverage Glasses Retro Amber With Daisies
Libby Gold Leaf Glass Set
Libby Gold Leaf Pattern Sugar And Creamer Set
Libby Patriotic Coin Glasses
Madmen Carafe By Silex
Milk Glass Galaxy Mug Advertising
Milk Glass Hands By Avon
Old Spice Shulton Shaving Mug With Brush
Old Town Blue Pattern Sugar And Creamer By Corelle
Owens Glass, Illinois Canister Fleur-de-lis Pattern
Pair Of Fire King Soup Bowls
Porky Pig And Petunia Pig Beverage Glasses By Warner Bros. And Pepsi
Princess House Crystal Basket
Princess House Glass Serving Plate
Pyrex 1 Quart Divided Crazy Daisy Casserole With Lid
Pyrex 8 Cup Carafe With Candlewarmer Model No. 4708
Pyrex Americana Bowl Set
Pyrex Americana Pattern Refrigerator Dishes
Pyrex By Corning Ware
Pyrex Colonial Mist Nesting Bowls
Pyrex Flame Ware Coffee Pot
Pyrex Flame Ware Saucepan 2 Quart
Pyrex Flameware 1 1/2 Quart Saucepan
Pyrex Primary Color Mixing Bowl Set 1950s
Pyrex Sandalwood Pattern Bowl Oven Ware
Pyrex Tableware By Corning Usa
Pyrex Woodland Pattern Set Of 2 Mugs
Ruby Flash Indiana Glass King's Crown Compote
Schmitt Sohen Roemer Glasses
Six Corning Ware Baking Dishes For Individual Serving
Smurf Beverage Glass 1982 By Peyo
Speed E Whipper For Milk Shakes
Strawberry Shortcake Jar By American Greetings Corp
Vintage Hobnail Milk Glass Vases
Visions By Corning Ware 3 Sauce Pans With Lids
Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Beverage Glass
Walt Disney Mug
Wexford Glass Canister Anchor Hocking
Wexford Glass Middle Size Wine Goblets Anchor Hocking

By Type
Bacon Rind Osage Indian Oklahoma Indian Glasses
Barney The Bear Coffee Mug
Carnival Glass Bowl Ruffled Edges
Carnival Glass Candle Holders
Carnival Glass Candy Dish
Carnival Glass Compote Indiana Glass
Carnival Glass Liberty Bell Bank
Carnival Glass Liberty Bell Plate
Cobalt Blue Glass Medicine Bottles
Crystal Candle Sticks
Crystal Creamer Spring Loaded Lid
Daisy & Button Pattern Emerald Glass Slipper
Early American Pressed Glass Basket
Fostoria Glass Goblets Cobalt Blue
Frosted Auto Beverage Glasses
Frosted Juice Glasses French Castles
German Glass Beer Steins 1993
German Wine Toasting Glass "Roemer"
Geronimo Oklahoma Indian Frosted Glass
Green Glass Girl Scout Mug Made In The Usa
Green Vaseline Glass Divided Relish Tray
Hand Painted Vintage Vase
Hen Toh Frosted Oklahoma Indian Glass
Hobnail Milk Glass Pitcher
Jadite Mixing Bowl
Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glass
King's Crown Amber Thumbprint Punch Cups
King's Crown Milk Glass Goblets
Kings Crown Thumbprint Compote
Lusterware Ohio State Mug
Mid Century Decanter Set Gold Trim
Milk Glass Bud Vases For Table Decoration
Milk Glass Bud Vases Or Table Decorations
Milk Glass Candle Holders Grape Design
Milk Glass Coffee Mug Morning Glory
Milk Glass Compote Beaded Edge
Milk Glass Kitchen Prayer Mug
Milk Glass Mug Oats Bus
Milk Glass Pair Of Coffee Or Sherry Mugs
Milk Glass Plate For Decoration Or Serving Candy
Milk Glass Stackable Heart Dish Set
Milk Glass Tumblers
Milk Glass Vases For Table Decorations
Milk Glass Westmoreland Style Vase
Red Orange Cake Plate Stand With Fruit Pattern
Royal Ruby Glass Compote
Ruby Flash Candy Dish
Ruby Flash Kings Crown Wine Glass
Ruby Flash Souvenir Glass Watertown, S. D
Ruby Flash Thumb Print Compote
Ruby Flash Wine Glasses
Sequoyah Cherokee Indian Oklahoma Indian Glasses
Snoopy Beverage Glass Set
Snoopy Surfing Glass
Village Pattern Set Of Beverage Glasses
Vintage Mrs Buttersworth Syrup Bottles

Carnival Glass Indiana Glass Wine Glass Set
Carnival Glass Vase Sowerby Diamond Pattern Marigold
Fire King Custard Cups
Fire King Pair Of Floral Mugs-new
Hazel Atlas Humorous Shot Glass
Mickey Mouse Milk Glass Mug Walt Disney Productions
Moon And Stars Cobalt Blue Toothpick Holder
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Animation Characters
Candy Dish, Soap Dish Or Card Holder
Cat Desk Organizer Japan
Catalina White Vase Usa
Cookie Jars
Coronet Chrome Waffle Iron
Decorative Arts
Elephant Book Ends Teak Wood Thailand
Folk Art
Fraternal Groups
Granite Ware Coffee Pot
Holiday, Seasonal
"The Villa Potato Chipper" Makes Fries
A & J Beater By Ekco Products
Androck Handi Sift 1952 Flour Sifter
Bear's Honey Pot With Spoon For Honey Or Breakfast Jam
Bluffton Slaw Cutter
Bobbs-merrill Company Child's Set 1961
Cake Baking Pans
Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup Mug
Campbell's Soup Mug Children Having Lunch
Campbell's Soup Mug M M M M Good
Campbell's Soup Mugs With Children
Churchill Cup And Saucer England
Climax Grater 1920-1930
Collectible Vintage Kitchen Choppers
Folding Metal Dessert Stand
Foley Food Mill
Gemco Sugar Shaker
Guardian Service Vintage Serving Or Grilling Tray
Hazel Atlas Food Chopper
Holly Hobbie Wooden Recipe Box
Homer Laughlin Rose Pattern Platter
Ironstone Bowl By J. M. & Co. For The Kitchen
J L Clark 1960s Food Carrier
Johann Haviland Blue Garland Gravy/Sauce Boat
Kool Aid Pitcher And Matching Cups
Look Out Mtn Tennessee Coffee Mug
Merry Mushroom Canister Set Sears 1982
Mirro Aluminum Bun Warmer And Vegetable Steamer
Nut Cracking Bowl, Cracker And Picks
Ohio Art Recipe Box
Old Potato Masher
Old Sugar Scuttle With Patina
Otagiri Pig Server For Crackers Or Snacks
Peerless Red Handle Ice Cream Scoop
Pfaltzgraff Village Platter
Red Handle Kitchen Whip Siegler Warm Floor Heaters
Retro Aluminum Bun Warmer For Reheating Bread
Retro Silver Condiment Server
Sad Iron "Victory" By Belmont
Safe T Cone Dipper And Another Vintage Scoop
Silver Plated Meat Holder Carving Tool
Skimmer And Masher With Original Handles
Small Blue Pottery Bowl Usa
Tom And Jerry Mug And Bowl Crown Pottery Company
Tribal Spirit Coffee Mug Laurel Burch
Trio Of Biscuit Cutters Red Handles
Trio Of Vintage Kitchen Tools With Wooden Handles
Vintage Cheese Ball Server With Dome Lid
Vintage Chrome Bird Bottle Opener
Vintage German Serving Tray With Leaves And Grapes
Vintage Green Handle Ricer And Beater
Vintage Green Metal Cake Carrier
Vintage Kitchen Tools Red Handles
Vintage Kroger Spice Tins For Display
Vintage Metal Skimmers For Cooking
Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Utensil Holder
Watkins Dutch Brownie Pie Pan
Watkins Ironstone German Apple Pie Dish With Recipe
Wear-ever Vintage Food Colander And Mallet
West Bend Coffee Carafe
West Bend Ice Bucket And Tongs
West Bend Patio Cooking Set
Wooden Log Nut Cracker Set And Picks

Lugene's Salt And Pepper Set Humorous
Men's Travel Set
National 801 Washboard
Owl Bookends
Owl Figurine
Paintings, Prints
Rodney Kent Aluminum Basket
Sign For A At Home Bar
Silver Two Tier Metal Tidbit Cake Stand
Skunk Figurines
Vanity Items
Vintage Clown Planter
Wash Machine Wringer
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SALE Kleencut Pinking Shears Vintage Acme Shear Company
SALE Kleencut Pinking Shears Vintage Acme Shear Company
$15 USD Offer
SALE Sewing Box and Notions Wicker Rustic
SALE Sewing Box and Notions Wicker Rustic
$12 USD Offer$12 $6 USD 50% Off
SALE Vintage Ball Canning Jar Zinc Lid Full of Buttons
SALE Vintage Ball Canning Jar Zinc Lid Full of Buttons
$22 USD Offer
SALE English Tin Container For Cookies or Needle Work
SALE English Tin Container For Cookies or Needle Work
$12 USD Offer$12 $6 USD 50% Off
SALE Harvey Sewing Basket with Sewing Notions
SALE Harvey Sewing Basket with Sewing Notions
$40 USD Offer
SOLD For Dot Craftsman Pinking Shears in Red Case
SOLD For Dot Craftsman Pinking Shears in Red Case
SOLD Vintage Sewing Rocker with Notions For Small Jobs
SOLD Vintage Sewing Rocker with Notions For Small Jobs

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