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Our curiosity and love of antiques, collectibles and the nice things in life is what we are about

About Cheshire Studios

Our Service Pledge
We strive to provide complete, professional, and discreet sales and customer service.
We do our best to value and describe all objects carefully.
If you have any questions please contact us by e-mail and we will respond back to you as quickly as possible.
All items for sale are very carefully inspected prior to listing and again at the time of shipping.
Our shipping team takes exceptional care in packing your items for shipment.
About Us
Our names are Dennis Brennan and George Cabot whose combined experience is over 90 years of searching, appraising and selling collectibles and antiques.
CHESHIRE STUDIOS was born out of the love and curiosity of collecting antiques, objects of value and collectables. It probably started when we were very small children, pressing our noses against the glass of the china closet to see the pretty things inside. As we grew we learned about history and that started a wanting to collect everything. It developed into finding a special piece that survived for years, and was a remnant of a more gracious era. It’s the thrill in the hunt, the find, and the discovering of items of interest or historical significance. It continued and developed into selling and buying antiques and working with collectors. It’s the pleasure of working with customers, experiencing their excitement, and emotion about their purchases and collections that keeps us going. When people of like mind and interest work together, as the seller and the satisfied customer, it creates a bond which surely becomes a lasting tradition.
Dennis Brennan, first a collector, now an expert and dealer in Irish Belleek combines this knowledge with his love for Asian arts and crafts especially that of ceramic arts, wood carving, fine silks and embroidery. His search for the unusual and unique allows us to find some very unusual and rare items. Dennis also has a keen eye for Holiday items and those special Noritake and Nippon items from specialty wares to completing many a dinner set for demanding customers. He has kept us in a supply of special pieces in Noritake Scenic (Tree in the Meadow), White and Gold (#175) and Raised Gold (#42200). Dennis has the talent of locating those hard to find pieces in these patterns. Dennis brings to Cheshire Studios over 45 years’ experience in buying and selling antiques and collectibles.
George Cabot, a picker as a child, loved to fill his parent’s garage with whatever the neighbors were tossing away. He now has a wide variety of knowledge and experience in the Collectible and Antique fields. His knowledge includes Precious Metals, Ceramic Arts which include, Pottery, Fine China, Porcelains, Glass, fine art and sculpture right down to paper goods and holiday decorations. His experience over the years includes a wide variety of goods working and appraising for an antiques auction company and dealing and selling antiques for over 45 years. George’s highest level of expertise is in English and German Ceramics, Art Glass, Stained Glass, plus American stemware, pottery and china. He also loves to collect and sell vintage Holiday items.
Combine our talents and we have more than 90 years of experience in the business yet there isn’t a day that we see something new and wonderful and learn more about the items we sell.
George Cabot
PO Box 634 352 E Broad St
Trumbauersville, PA 18970
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