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Silver Treasures from France and other unique silver items of virtue!

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Gracing your table and home with Antique French Sterling Silver and silver treasures of virtue!

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ALL OUR ITEMS ARE LOCATED AT We bring you antique silver treasures from France and other silver items of virtue from around the globe. SHOP OUR GALLERY NOW.

The love of silver and gold in the use of fine dining and extravagant events inspired the collection, research, education, appreciation, and ultimately the act of bringing these items to you so they can be used and appreciated! The history behind the silversmiths and the artistry incorporated into these items make each piece an exciting and interesting conversation piece! Functionality and intriguing beauty are the unique combined qualities we look for in each piece, although some items are purely works of art and are just to be admired and arouse emotion and passion. The thrill of the hunt to find the above mentioned is why we are here! We hope we help you find it too!

French Sterling Silver items usually have the most ornate detailing which is our personal favorite, therefor we have chosen to specialize in French Artisans, hence our name, CHATEAU DE SILVER or Silver Castle.

Thank you for visiting our shop. We are importing items from around the world daily. Please come back and stroll thru our gallery of art and history and take a piece home today at our shop home page
Wendy Amland
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