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Welcome to Cameo Antiques, here you will find high quality Antiques and Collectibles at affordable prices.

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I have collected antiques all my life - well since I was a teenager. I have a real interest in furniture since my father restored and refinished antique furniture all his life. When I was a kid, I stood by the side of his workbench and watched him methodically perform his miracles. As an adult, I went on to collect and collect and collect. My home looks like a blast from the past - but I love it.

I Have a Wide Variety
Over the years, I have bought and sold. I hope you enjoy my listings where I tried to find items of interest to folks. Since I am downsizing, you can benefit from some of my treasures from yesteryear. I have also included a few goodies that need a new home from the non-vintage era. Happy Shopping !