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Welcome to my shop. I have always loved collecting things and as collectors know we eventually have to make a decision on what to hold on to and when it is time to pass on for someone else to enjoy. I came to the conclusion that I can have the best of both worlds, hence came the name of my shop "Buy and Bye Antiques And Collectibles". I love searching for just the right pieces(s) that you and I cannot live without. Nothings beats the feeling of finding something unwanted, less than perfect and recognizing its innate value. When my feeling sparks an interest with someone else my day is complete. I really strive to connect people with a back in time childhood memory, strike a spark of interest in days past or perhaps stir an interest to inspire newcomers to the wonderful world of collecting.

I really hope you enjoy your experience shopping with me as much as I have enjoyed in my never-ending quest to find it.