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Enter the Blue Door

Anything that speaks to you is valuable

About BlueDoor

For me, no matter how common the material, how boring the subject matter, how heedless the artist, an item can still be beautiful. Most of the time I find myself coveting objects others pass by or turn down. I think of the people who looked upon them and liked them, loved and preserved them, then for whatever reason had to leave them behind and instantly the object becomes more than the mere sum of its parts. A story changes everything.

Just a few months ago I have discovered the fantastic world of estate auctions. Now it has become an addiction to go and marvel at the sheer diversity of the items we humans acquire, collect, revere or discard. This fascination has led me to the Blue Door, which is my compilation of items that have appealed to me in my journeys through auctions.

Goofy, rare, beautiful, perfect, broken or plain - they all go into my basket. Then I bring them home, clean them, sometimes fix them to the best of my abilities, research them, and present them here for you.

I hope you like them as much as I did when I first spotted them on a dusty shelf. Welcome to the Blue Door!