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In business since 1984 we specialize in Majolica, Oyster Plates, Sports items & Trophies, 19th C Photography + more

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Our Service Pledge
Everything we offer is researched. All items are dated and described in detail. Our photos are of high quality showing as much detail as possible. We welcome questions pertaining to our listings. Our customer service is legendary. You, the customer, is of the utmost importance to us.
About Us
Welcome to Belladora Antiques where everything is old & guaranteed, where you will find the unique at fair prices. We have been in business since 1984 under Pam Ferrazzutti Antiques. We specialize in Majolica, Oyster Plates, Sporting items & Trophies, 19th C Photography including Civil War era photo albums. We are members of the "Majolica International Society" and the "Daguerreian Society". Shop with confidence and HAVE FUN!

Here are some comments our wonderful customers made:

M.T. from WA graciously sent this note:
"Just received the plates and they are exactly as represented. Thank you! They are lovely and a perfection addition to my collection. I'll continue to check your shop for other antiques!"

REM from TX liked what he bought.

G.V. from TX ....thank you for writing this:
"THE bracelet just arrived. It is gorgeous indeed and very, very special. It is a real beauty. I could not be happier!!! The older malachite is great as are the garnets . All in all, stunning!
Many thanks and warm regards from Texas, a happy customer of yours".

C.S. from NY e-mailed this note of appreciation:
Hi Pam,
The oyster plate arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Thanks
for packing it so well, and sending it so quickly.

J.F., a valued repeat customer from AL wrote this:
Good Morning Pam,
The package arrived yesterday, wonderful packing, BEAUTIFUL ITEM..Love it. THANKS SO MUCH!!
Will be watching.

T.V. of OH was kind enough to write this:
Hi Pam,
I received the lovely CDV album today and was very pleased with it and the
personal attention you gave me. Though it is a bit smaller than my
original, it is in really nice condition and and a good substitute for the
damaged one I lost.
Thank you so much for all your help.
It has been a pleasure.

T.B. a valued repeat buyer from Saskatoon, SK, Canada, wrote this:
Hi Pam;
The lovely shell box arrived safely this afternoon.
It is a super piece and I am very pleased with it and your great service!
Kindest regards and best wishes!

From J.P. of NY, NY:
Thanks Pam - I received my curling stone yesterday, I LOVE it! Great doing business with you.

R.D. from IL kindly made this comment:
Hi Pam. The pieces arrived today, safe and sound. Thanks so much for putting this together with me. I just love them and am very happy to have them. Thanks so much again!

C. G. from CA was a happy customer:
Received the fishing chair yesterday in perfect shape..Absolutely LOVE it! Thanks Pam!

D.L. from NC wrote this:
The package was waiting for me when I got home yesterday. It arrived safe and sound...such an interesting item! Thank you for packing so well.

J.E. from NY, NY wrote:
" I had a quick peek through the looks amazing !!!!!!!! Very precious piece.
Thanks again. It is in best hands!"

V.B. from Palm Springs, CA wrote:
YAY!!! It's HERE!!! And she's BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much Pam...please alert me me if you ever find any more treasures like this!!! LOVE IT!

M.W. from CT wrote this:
WOW! The plates are STUNNING! To say the least! Thanks a zillion for your consideration and working with me. I am thrilled! Thanks too for the fantastic shipping job! VERY safe and secure! My best to you this new year of 2013! Cheers!

Valued customer T.B. from Saskatchewan, Canada, wrote:
Dear Pam; The fascinating butterfly arrived safely this afternoon. It is indeed a unique treasure and it will be fun to figure out its purpose.
As always, it is a pleasure to deal with you.
Until the next time,
Kindest regards, T.B.

L.B. from Illinois:
Hello Pam,
I'm so glad all four albums are available, they are gorgeous! Thank you for adjusting the shipping that's very kind of you. I must tell you, I am elated to have found your shop! Your albums are in such wonderful condition, it is a joy to click through your listings. I will visit again ­to be sure!
Sincerely, L.B.

P.B. from NY:
Bully arrived safe and sound. My goodness you are a good wrapper. When I opened up the box and saw how beautiful he is, I couldn't wait, I gave my husband an early Christmas present. It brought such great memories back to him. I can't thank you enough for parting with Bully".

L.M. from NJ:
Hi Pam! The piece arrived and it is everything and more than I hoped it would be. Thank you and best wishes for a happy holiday!

I wanted to let you know that the urn arrived safe and sound. It is more lovely than I had anticipated! Perry did a FANTASTIC job of packing, I'm sure you know this already, but just wanted to reinforce your faith in his shop's work.
Thank you again, I have thoroughly enjoyed this transaction!
Happy Holidays.

C.I. from the UK wrote this:
Hi Pam,
I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that the album arrived safely. It is incredibly beautiful and exactly what we were looking for! Thank you ever so much for your help and the safe and speedy dispatch. Best wishes....

E.S. from Las Vegas, NV wrote:
Hello Pam:
The album just arrived. It's gorgeous. It will go very well with my Civil War Militaria collection. Thanks much.
Best regards.

C.B. from CT was very pleased with the 2 "Robbies":
Hi, Pam:
Robbie arrived today. Beautifully packed. And his noses are as perfect as you claimed.
Thank you.

H.B. from Florida had generous praise:
Packing was extraordinary and the item was sent quickly. The biscuit barrel was prettier than I expected it to be. You represent all that makes the Ruby Lane customer experience so pleasurable. Will check your shop regularly. Thank you again.

D.S. from NY wrote this:
very dear pam, just a note to let you know that the adorable
stroller has had a very safe and sound arrival, greatly because
of your careful attention and packaging. thank you so much always
for everything. my very best, D.

J.F. from Michigan had this to say:
My Gloves Arrived yesterday, and they are going to be a wonderful addition to my husband's "man cave". Thank you so much again.

D.L. from New Jersey wrote this:
Hi Pam, OMG, the frame arrived yesterday and it is STUNNING!! Thank you so, so much for the layaway, I'm so happy I was able to purchase this beauty. Have a wonderful weekend, and I do hope we do business again in the near future! Kindest regards,D.

B.D. from Vancouver, BC took the time to write:
I was very impressed throughout the whole transaction - your fast response to
my purchase order, your excellent packaging, how quickly you got the item I
purchased in the mail to me and of course, your very friendly e-mail
conversations. I highly recommend you and I'm sure I'll be back to purchase
again soon. Cheers,B

K.I. from Yokohama, Japan, was kind enough to write:
I received wood frame and shell frame today. I like them very much!
I will shop with you again, Thank you.

D.S. from Santa Fe, NM took the time to write this:
Paulo "CANTAGALLI" arrived safely and beautifully -- great packing job! He's even lovelier in person. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

D.W. from Mississippi delighted me with this:
Dear Pam,
Thank you so much! I just could not resist your beautiful bookends. They were clearly chosen with care. One pair will go a granddaughter. The rest will decorate my rare books room, holding some fine books!
Please don't forget me if you have a nice rare good looking pair to come in.

S.L. from New Zealand sent this:
Hi Pam,
The Greatest Packaging ever!!!
It arrived today and in perfect condition. Needless to say I am thrilled.

A.P. from New York was kind enough to write:
I was away and when I returned last night it was there -- beautifully packed and in perfect condition.
Thank you so much.

M.M. wrote this from Kentucky:
Hi, Pam,
The frame arrived safely today. I truly love it! Thanks once again for
packing it so carefully, and for including the framing nails and're so thoughtful. I am completely satisfied with everything!

D.S. from New York wrote:
Very dear Pam, "handsome" was well received today. Even better
looking in person. Thank you very much. Greatest regards, D.

C.G. from Massachusetts was kind enough to let me use these generous words of praise here:
"Hi Pam....These great bookends found their way to their new home! I'm well pleased and so happy to have them. I also want to thank you again for the discount you rendered to me. Nice job packing these....very professional!"

C.H. from Oklahoma kindly wrote the following:
I got my tintypes today and they look great, I love them.

Quoting P.J. from Oklahoma:
Pam, you were right about this dag, it's really a good one. I appreciate your willingness to part with it, it's a beauty for sure.
Best wishes.

L.M. from Ontario wrote:
Dear Pam,
The photo albums arrived safe and sound this morning! Thank you for your quick shipping and careful packing. They are exceptional. I'll keep watching for your latest postings. Thank you.

G.D. from Pennsylvania wrote this:
Just a note to tell you I received the funny lady all in one piece!! I am thrilled with it. I'll visit your site again!! I love your business card!! I hung it on the tree.
Merry Christmas!

N.R. from Idaho wrote:
The trophy arrived and is wonderful!

Valued Customer T.B. from Saskatchewan, Canada, wrote:
Hi Pam;
The fisher boy arrived safely earlier this afternoon. He is just lovely and
I am so very, very pleased with him as well as your excellent service. He
was better packed than some Egyptian mummies!
All best wishes,
Until the next time.

S.M. from Kazakhstan:
Hello Dear Pam
I have received albums, many thanks for such beauty,
they a magnificent and such excellent condition,
amazing for their age!!!

J.C.P. wrote from Spain:
Dear Pam,
Item received in perfect condition.
1000 thanks. A friend in Spain.

R.A. of Massachusetts wrote:
"Grandma" arrived safe and sound just as hurricane Irene started spitting rain. She`s a lovely image.
Thank you.

What S.S. from Washington wrote:
Hi Pam -
I just wanted to let you know I arrived home from vacation and found
the 2 dags waiting for me at the Post Office.
Thank you so much! They arrived in fine shape!
Thanks again!

What J.G. of New York so kindly wrote to us:
Hello Pam! I just received the very well-packed oval frames and they are lovely! Many thanks for sharing them with me. The frames are as beautiful as your Ruby Lane Pictures portrayed! As funds allow, I will continue to shop in your wonderful gallery. All the best.

What B.R. of Virginia wrote:
Hello Pam,
We received it today and it is beautiful. You wrapped it so carefully and it arrived in pristine condition. Please keep me in mind if you come across any interesting related antiques.

What T.M. of Florida said about us:
Hi Pam,
The bookends arrived safely today. They are beautiful. They are
a Christmas present for my husband and I think he will be very
Thank You

What T.B. of Saskatchewan, Canada said about us:
Dear Pam;
The pedestals arrived yesterday and I was able to pick them up today. What a superb job of packing!!
Not one bit of damage. They are lovely and I am very, very pleased.
Until the next time.
Kindest regards.

What T.O. of California said about us:
"I completed a transaction with one of your Sellers, Belladora Antiques (Pam Ferrazzutti) and feel it necessary to let you know how EXTREMELY pleased I was with this transaction. My purchase was an expensive purchase that required expert shipping on a very fragile antique. I could not have been happier and am extremely impressed with the professional way in which this Seller handled every detail of this sale."
Thank you!

What B.W. of London, England said about us:
"Hello Pam,
The wonderful ambro of the little girl was waiting for me when I got back from visiting my sister. Thank you so much she is stunning!"
Thank you!

What D.F. of Virginia said about us:
It has been a great pleasure doing business with you. You made it so easy and took great care from making us feel special to the packaging...thank you.

What D.M. of Illinois said about us:
I just received the photo of "handsome" today. Its just lovely. Thank you so much for the quick delivery. I really appreciate it. Thanks again.

What K.L. of Oregon said about us:
Hi Pam,
Got my trophy yesterday & it is lovely - thank you!! Looking forward to buying something again!!
Sincerely, K.L.