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Antique Customs Mirror, Tools, Treen
Antique Flask, Pewter
Bank, Miniature Furniture
Bells, Bronzes
Boxes, Jewellery Boxes
Boxes, Snuff Boxes
Boxes, Snuff Boxes, Treen
Boxes, Treen, Inlaid Boxes
Brass Bell, Figural Bells
Brass, Candle Snuffer
Brass, Candle Sticks
Brass, Desk Accessories, Letter Clips
Bronze Dog, Bronze Borzoi, Small Bronze Figure
Bronze Figure, Bronze Dog, Hunting Dog
Bronze, Dog, Tray
Clockface, Clocks, Time Pieces,Wall Clock, Grandfather Clock
Inkwell, Brass, Desk Accessory
Inkwell, Sterling Inkwell
Lawyers Wig Hanger, Treen, Brass Accessories, Gentlemans Accessories
Letter Box, Desk Accessories, Brass
Military Antiques, Frames, Picture Frames, Ww Memorabilia
Paktong Shoes, Paktong, Shoes, Fire Place Accessories
Pens, Inkwells, Writing Accessories, Desk Accessories
Scales, Brass
Scales, Postal Scales, Brass, Desk Accessories
Silver Plate, String Box
Skirt Lifter, Brass, Dress Accessories
Snuff Box, Pewter
Snuff Boxes, Boxes, Papier Mache
Teething Sticks, Rattles, Baby Accessories
Treen, Woodenware
Wall Box, Brush Box, Treen
Watch Holder, Brass Watch Holder, Watch Stand Pocket Watch Holder

Brass, Kitchenalia, Culinary Items
Bronze Bust, Silvered Bronze
Kitchenalia, Brass
Kitchenalia, Copper
Kitchenalia, Primitives
Medical & Scientific
Miniatures, Brass, Kitchenware, Toys
Molds, Copper, Kitchenware
Primitive Portrait
Silhouettes, Primitives Childs Silhouettes ,Portraits
Tankard,Silver Plate, Georgian Silver Plate
Textiles, Linens
Tree, Miniature Furniture
Vienna Bronze, Bronze
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Wine coaster
Wine coaster
$105 USD Offer
Asparagus tongues
Asparagus tongues
$60 USD Offer
Cheese scoop
Cheese scoop
$57 USD Offer
Meat Cover, Dome
Meat Cover, Dome
$298 USD Offer$298 $149 USD 50% Off
Knife rest
Knife rest
$85 USD Offer
Pastry stand
Pastry stand
$180 USD Offer
Silver plate bachelors set
Silver plate bachelors set
$198 USD Offer

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